A Jeweler's Lament

Start NPC Wahid (S) - Bastok Markets (S) (J-9)
Items Needed Jadeite
Repeatable No
Reward Trainee Burin


  • Talk to Wahid in Bastok Markets (S) (J-9) and he will ask for an Aquamarine, a Sunstone and a Jadeite.
  • Trade him the stones, and you'll be prompted with a choice in CS.
    • He offers you 50,000 gil for all 3 stones.
    • "On second thought..."
  • Whichever option you choose, you will get a CS.
    • Once the CS is over, you get all three gems back.
  • Zone out and back. Talk to him again.
  • Zone into North Gustaberg (S) for a small CS. You must zone in directly from Bastok Markets (S); warping there will not give you the cutscene.(May have to zone more than once for proper cutscene)
  • After this, head to (J-4/J-5 line, south east corner along the wall) (near the entrance to Palborough Mines; be careful as there are goblins around J-5). Against the wall in some bushes examine the ??? for a CS.
    • It is possible to get a different cutscene here, one that starts the quest Better Part of Valor. If so, zone back in and out of town again to get the correct one.
  • Check the ??? a second time for an Unadorned ring (Key Item).
  • Return to Wahid for a CS and multiple choices:
    • To show him the Unadorned ring or not to.
    • To tell him the bad news or not to.
  • Zone then talk to Wahid again for a short CS and your reward. Using Retrace counts as a zone.

Game Description[edit]

Wahid (S) (Gem Shop, Bastok Markets (S))
His line of supply cut off due to the worsening war climate, the pompous gem merchant Wahid has entrusted you to find a sunstone, an aquamarine and a jadeite to replenish his inventory.
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