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"Rhapsody in Azure"


  • 30% bonus to experience and limit points gains III.

Unity Concord and Records of Eminence

  • 30% bonus to Unity accolade gains.


  • Removal of the lockout on reentering Dynamis.


  • Reduction of the amount of time between issuance of imperial army I.D. tags to ten minutes (Earth time).


  • Reduction in the time limits between purchasing remnants permits to one hour (Earth time).


  • Reduction in the cost of purchasing smouldering lamps to 1,000 gil.
  • Reduction of the lockout on participating to one hour (Earth time).

Zeni Notorious Monsters

  • Removal of the maximum amount of Soul Plates Sanraku will hold.
  • 90% reduction in the cost of the following items:
    • Sicklemoon Salt / Silver Sea Salt / Cyan Deep Salt


  • Addition of items for sale by moogles located in the three nations III.
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