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[[Category:Outlands Quests]]
[[Category:Outlands Quests]][[de:Abyssus-Wacht - Streng geheim]]
| startnpc = [[Kieran]] - [[Norg]] (I-8)
| startnpc = [[Kieran]] - [[Norg]] (I-8)

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de:Abyssus-Wacht - Streng geheim

Start NPC Kieran - Norg (I-8)
Requirements Level 75+
Key ItemAdventurer's Certificate
Items Needed Key ItemAshen Stratum Abyssite
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
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Game Description

Kieran (Storage Area, Norg)
The Voidwatch has begun conducting secret operations outside of Jeuno and the three nations. Receive briefings from agents in Kazham and Rabao, then join the fight against the Voidwalkers!