Unlocking a Myth (Black Mage)

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  Start NPC:   Zalsuhm - Lower Jeuno (H-9)
  Treasures of Aht Urhgan
  Items Needed:   Mage's Staff, Runic Key
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Ability to use Vidohunir Weapon Skill

  Previous Quest:   
  Next Quest:   None


  • Talk To Zalsuhm with the Mage's Staff equipped to trigger the cutscene begining the quest. He'll ask you to permit him to examine the weapon, just let him.
  • Upon examining the weapon, he'll say, "If you've already come to be in p-p-possession of a Runic Key, you can expect great results." (THIS IS A HINT)
  • Acquisition of the weapon skill Vidohunir occurs after first breaking a "latent" by accumulating an as of yet undetermined number of Weapon Skill Points in the usual fashion as you might have done for a Trial Weapon or for weapons acquired from KSNM 30 fights.
  • Possession of a Runic Key fixes the number of Weapon Skill Points required at 250. This number varies according to the level of Nyzul Isle Investigation your Runic Disc has been cleared through. A lower number of floors cleared will result in more WS points required.
  • Periodically trading the Mage's Staff back to Zalsuhm will result in dialogue where he indicates how much power has been awakened. Zalsuhm however WILL NOT tell you exactly how many Weapon Skill Points are needed. (OPTIONAL)
  • Once you have accrued the proper number, Vidohunir will become visible in your Weapon Skill list. However it will will disappear if you unequip the Mage's Staff.
  • At this point return immediately to Zalsuhm, trading him the now unlocked weapon will trigger a cut scene which will allow you to use Vidohunir with any Staff. You will retain your Mage's Staff after this cut scene.

Game Description

Client: Zalsuhm (Lower Jeuno)
Summary: Self-styled leading researcher of mystical artifacts, Zalsuhm, claims that the weapon you acquired deep within Nyzul Isle conceals immense power. Wielding the now unlocked weapon will cause a magical evolution to take place...eventually.

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