Timbre Timbers Tavern

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Timbre Timbers Tavern

The Timbre Timbers Tavern is perhaps the most frequented shop in all of Windurst. Known for its dynamite cuisine, this restaurant was the place where the Windurst Salad was first invented, the most succulent of which were named after the tavern itself. Having the best grub around is, no doubt, a byproduct of its location, right next to the Windurst Culinarian's Guild.

Location: Windurst Waters (North)

Shop type: Tavern



   Citizen: Windurst Only
   Conquest: Windurst, 1st

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst, 1st, 2nd

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst, Any rank


Name Purpose
Taajiji Standard Merchant
Aramu-Paramu None Known
Yuli Yaam None Known
Yung Yaam None Known
Zabirego-Hajigo Reputation Checker

Starts Quests: Wondering Minstrel


Starts Quests: Eco-Warrior (Windurst)


Involved in Quest:

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