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*[[Soni-Muni]], at the fountain in the Bomingo Round, will give you 1500gil for a [[Scorpion Stinger]].
*[[Soni-Muni]], at the fountain in the Bomingo Round (G-11), will give you 1500gil for a [[Scorpion Stinger]].
:*These drop from [[Labyrinth Scorpion]] and [[Maze Scorpion]]s in [[Maze of Shakhrami]]
:*These drop from [[Labyrinth Scorpion]] and [[Maze Scorpion]]s in [[Maze of Shakhrami]]
==Game Description==
==Game Description==
'''Client''':  [[Soni-Muni]] (Bomingo Round, [[Windurst Woods]])<br>
'''Client''':  [[Soni-Muni]] (Bomingo Round, [[Windurst Woods]])<br>

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  Start NPC:   Soni-Muni - Windurst Woods (H-10)
  Windurst Fame 2
  Items Needed:   Scorpion Stinger
  Title:   Great Grappler Scorpio!?
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   1500g
  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   None.
  Replay Cutscene   
  The Amazin' Scorpio   Bozack Windurst Woods (J-10)


Game Description

Client: Soni-Muni (Bomingo Round, Windurst Woods)

Soni-Muni wants something that will rekindle the passion for adventure in his mate Gottah. Something to do with the legend of the great grappler Scorpio might do the trick.

Game Script

Bomingo Round, Windurst Woods

Soni-Muni: Whoa, looky-wooky...ain't this somethin'? You didn't happen to break this off with your bare hands, now, did you? Hah! Yeah, right...as if...? But anyway, here goes nothin'...

Soni-Muni turns around and hands Gottah Maporushanoh the Scorpion Stinger

Soni-Muni: Oi, Gottah! Getta load of this I've gotta! This here adventurer took out a giant scorpion to get her/his hands on it. Ain't it somethin'?

Gottah Maporushanoh: Ho-hum...

Soni-Muni: Oi, oi! Don't be givin' me no "ho-hums" there, chum! Don't you feel anythin' anywhere in that heart of yours? Think about how this wishy-washy excuse for an adventurer went through all that trouble just to bring back and to show us one of these! Speakin' of which, where did you get your hands on this, mate?

You tell the Tarutaru where you find the Scorpion Stinger.

Soni-Muni: What's that, you say...? North of Tahrongi Canyon in the Maze of Shakhrami? Well I'll be amazed and shock-whammied!

The Tarutaru and the Mithra both look shocked and gasp out in surprise at the same time.

Soni-Muni: Oh!?

Gottah Maporushanoh: Ah!?

Soni-Muni: The pirate king departs his throne
To cross the valley of Deathy
With tattered flesh and splintered bone
He digs till his last breathy.

Gottah Maporushanoh: His eye carved out by a briny blusterrr
His heart pierced by a scorpion's sting
Cloaked in his treasure's golden lusterrr
Beneath the earth sleeps that priate king

Soni-Muni: Who's have thought there were scorpions in the ol' Maze of Shakhrami!? We've gotta go check this out, eh, Gottah!? Oh, and thanks a lot, adventurer.

Soni-Muni begins to run off to go to the Maze, but is stopped by the Mithra.

Gottah Maporushanoh: Hold your horrrses, Soni-Muni! I've hearrrd that maze is no walk in the park. We don't stand a chance at our current level, so we'd better get some trainin' in firrrst!