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{{Merchant|<merchant type>|<region/guild>}}
  • The first parameter ("merchant type") will be automatically formatted for "standard", "regional", and "guild".
  • The second parameter ("region/guild") is only used for regional and guild merchants.
  • The following parameters can also be used, but are optional:
  • nation, conquest: The nation and conquest standing required for this merchant to sell the item. (standard merchant only)
  • hours: The hours this shop is open.
  • holiday: The day or days that this shop is closed.
  • restocked: "true"/"yes" if this item will be automatically restocked every day or "false"/"no" if it is only stocked by players selling items to the merchants. Only use this parameter if the merchant has limited stock, like a guild.
  • note: Any additional note for the merchant.


Code Result
{{Merchant|Standard}} Standard Merchant
{{Merchant|Standard|nation = San d'Oria|conquest = 1st}} Standard Merchant
San d'Oria Conquest: 1st - citizens only
{{Merchant|Standard|nation = Windurst|conquest = 2nd}} Standard Merchant
Windurst Conquest: 1st / 2nd
{{Merchant|Regional}} Regional Merchant
{{Merchant|Regional|Zulkheim}} Regional Merchant
Zulkheim region
{{Merchant|Guild}} Guild Merchant
{{Merchant|Guild|Alchemy}} Alchemists' Guild
{{Merchant|Guild|Alchemists'}} Alchemists' Guild
{{Merchant|Guild|Weavers'|hours = 6:00 - 21:00
|holiday = Firesday|restocked = true}}
Weavers' Guild
Open 6:00 - 21:00
Closed Firesday
Automatically restocked.
{{Merchant|[[Starlight Celebration|Special Event Merchant]]}} Special Event Merchant
{{Merchant|[[Starlight Celebration|Special Event Merchant]]
|note = Only available during the Starlight Celebration event.}}
Special Event Merchant
Only available during the Starlight Celebration event.
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