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|startnpc=[[Raibaht (A)]] - [[Abyssea - Konschtat]]
|startnpc=[[Raibaht (A)]] (I-13) - [[Abyssea - Konschtat]]
|requirements=[[Abyssea - Konschtat]] access, [[Reputation]] 1
|requirements=[[Abyssea - Konschtat]] access, [[Reputation]] 1
|items=[[Vat of martello fuel]]<br>[[Empty fuel vat]]
|items=[[Vat of martello fuel]]<br>[[Empty fuel vat]]

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Start NPC Raibaht (A) (I-13) - Abyssea - Konschtat
Requirements Abyssea - Konschtat access, Reputation 1
Items Needed Vat of martello fuel
Empty fuel vat
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward None, possibly fame Verification Needed
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Hope Blooms on the Battlefield Refuel and Replenish (Konschtat)
Rose on the Heath


  • Speak with Raibaht (A) and he will give you a key item Vat of martello fuel to go and refuel the Martellos.
  • The Martello is located just past the ward.
  • First you choose to start replenishing. When checking again you get a choice to replenish from a direction (aka North, East). Choose that option.
    • When successful the message will be something like:
      • The martell's energy has recovered by 200!
      • The replenishment effort was an unparalleled success!
    • This quest is like a practice for the Refuel and Replenish quests. In this quest alone, the Martello does not have to be missing a certain amount of energy to be refueled.
  • Report back to Raibaht (A) to complete the quest.
  • This quest cannot be repeated. It is a practice quest. The next quest, Refuel and Replenish (Konschtat), can be repeated.

Game Description

Raibaht (A) (Central Command) Abyssea - Konschtat
The engineer overseeing martello maintenance has tasked you with replenishing the energy store of one of these curious magical structures. Acquire a supply of fuel, deposit it in the camp's martello, and report back when the operation is complete.

de:Energie für das Bollwerk