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|style="padding-left:1em;" align="left"|[[Awaheen]]
|style="padding-left:1em;" align="left"|[[Awaheen]]
|[[Imperial Merchant]]
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|- style="background:#d5d9ff;" align="center"
|style="padding-left:1em;" align="left"|[[Belligerent Sheep]]
|style="padding-left:1em;" align="left"|[[Belligerent Sheep]]

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Table of Contents:
Connecting Areas | Quests/Missions | NPCs

After striking north from the Imperial capital, a perilous voyage across the roiling seas of the Cyan Deep will bring travelers to Azouph Isle. This mist-shrouded island is home to the solitary settlement of Nashmau. Once a supply base for the Imperial navy, it was abandoned after a plague descended upon its population; the Qiqirn have since taken the town as their own. The diminutive beastmen have reopened a section of the port in order to trade with fishermen and other visitors to the Arrapago Islands. To the east of Nashmau lies a stretch of mudlands known as the "Deadmist Marsh."

Connecting Areas

Aht Urhgan Whitegate via Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi (Port Ephramad) at (I-5)
Caedarva Mire at (F-7), (H-6), (H-8)

Involved in Quests/Missions






  Cook-a-roon? General Ququroon   H-6   
  Totoroon's Treasure Hunt Totoroon      
  What Friends Are For Map Tsetseroon   G-6   
  Not Meant to Be Fhe Maksojha   H-6   

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Abihaal H-9
Awaheen G-9 Imperial Merchant
Belligerent Sheep H-9
Bellowing Scout H-9
Buburoon G-9
Chuchuroon G-8
Dnegan H-6
Fhe Maksojha H-6
Gehuha G-9 Event Scene Replayer
Guhyun H-8
Habadim H-9
Jajaroon G-7 Standard Merchant
Jijiroon H-8
Jojoroon H-8
Kyokyoroon H-7
Leleroon G-7
Loloroon G-7
Mamaroon H-7 Standard Merchant
Memeroon G-8
Mimiroon H-7
Momoroon G-6 Auction House Representative
Mumuroon H-9
Nabihwah H-6
Name Location Type
Nadeeha H-7
Nanaroon H-7 Item Deliverer
Neneroon H-7 Item Deliverer
Nomad Moogle H-7 Nomad Moogle
Nomad Moogle G-6 Nomad Moogle
Pipiroon H-6 Standard Merchant
Poporoon G-7 Standard Merchant
Pupuroon H-9 Auction House Representative
Ququroon H-6
Sajhra H-9
Sisiroon G-6
Tataroon G-8
Totoroon G-8
Tsetseroon G-6
Tsotsoroon H-8
Tsutsuroon G-7 Tenshodo Merchant
Viviroon G-9
Wafeeyah G-7
Wata Khamazom H-9 Standard Merchant
Yohj Dukonlhy H-10 Adventurer's Assistant
Yoyoroon G-6 Standard Merchant
Yuyuroon G-6
Zazaroon G-9