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[[Image:Mahienuhien.jpg|thumb|Tarutaru Mahien-Uhien]]
'''Type:''' [[Outpost Vendor]]<br>
'''Type:''' [[Outpost Vendor]]<br>
'''Location:''' [[West Sarutabaruta]] (H-6)<br>
'''Location:''' [[West Sarutabaruta]] (H-6)<br>

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Tarutaru Mahien-Uhien

Type: Outpost Vendor
Location: West Sarutabaruta (H-6)
Description: Appears, when Sarutabaruta is under weekly conquest-control by one of the three nations.

  • Sells and buys items of characters, which Allegiance has got the weekly conquest-control of this region.
  • All items, which Standard Merchants normally buy, can be traded by all characters for regional influence points. The points are awarded to the traders current Allegiance.
  • Teleports players, who have previously done a Supply Run for the specific region, to their Allegiance Teleport NPC in one of the three cities.

For further information see Outpost Vendor.

Items sold