Invisible (Status Effect)

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Invisible (Status Effect).png Invisible is a beneficial status effect that obscures a player's body until it wears off or is removed. Benefitting characters are harder to detect by sight. This makes a character practically immune to being detected by sight. The exception to this is monsters with the True Sight ability.

How to remove the effect

  • This effect can be removed manually.
  • Being the target of an aggressive attack, spell or ability will remove this effect.
  • Activating a job ability or casting a spell will remove this effect.
  • Use of Trick Attack will not remove this status effect.
  • Use of Fight will not remove this status effect.

How the effect is inflicted/gained


Job abilities

  • Note: This ability also grants Sneak.




Though much like Hide (Status Effect), the two are different status effects.
Hide (Status Effect) and Invisible (Status Effect) however do not stack.

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