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|startnpc=[[Odasel]] - [[Lower Jeuno]] (H-9)
|startnpc=[[Odasel]] - [[Lower Jeuno]] (H-9)
|requirements=[[A Vessel Without a Captain]]
|requirements=[[:Category:Chains of Promathia Missions|Chains of Promathia Mission]] 3-2: [[A Vessel Without a Captain]]
|items=[[Chameleon Diamond]]
|items=[[Chameleon Diamond]]
|title=Pick-up Artist
|title=Pick-up Artist

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de:Liebesgrüße aus Jeuno

Start NPC Odasel - Lower Jeuno (H-9)
Requirements Chains of Promathia Mission 3-2: A Vessel Without a Captain
Items Needed Chameleon Diamond
Title Granted Pick-up Artist
Repeatable No
Reward 4800 Gil


  • Talk to Matoaka for a further cutscene (optional).

Game Description

Odasel (Gems by Kshama, Lower Jeuno)
Odasel wants to find out which of the three beauties in the gem store has feelings for him. According to a passing Elvaan girl, a jewel known as the "Chameleon Diamond" could help solve his dilemma...