His Bridge, His Beloved

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Start NPC Cheupirudaux (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Western Encampment)
Requirements Level 2 Fame
Items Needed Viscous Spittle
Repeatable Yes
Reward Crimson Abyssite of Lenity, 800 Cruor and possibly one of the following:

Aoidos' Seal: Feet (???%)
Creed Seal: Feet (???%)
Mavi Seal: Feet (???%)
Tantra Seal: Feet (???%)


  • Talk to Cheupirudaux (A) at the Western Encampment at E-7.
  • If you're doing this quest for the first time, he'll give you a Woodworker's Belt Temporary Key Item and two jars of Viscous Spittle.
  • With those in hand, proceed to the bridge directly northeast of here (on the way to Veridical Conflux #8) and examine the bridge.
  • Check the woodworker's belt, and trade the correct amount of solution to the bridge to complete the quest.
  • Return to Cheupirudaux (A) for your reward.
    • If you're repeating this quest, you're required to farm your own Viscous Spittle, but also you're not limited to just the bridge from the first attempt.

Game Description

Cheupirudaux (A)
The bridges across the inlet are in a state of dire disrepair. Go repair them, that a sensitive woodworker's heart may again rest easy.
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