Fires of Discontent

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Start NPC: Engelhart, Bastok Markets (S) (K-10)
Complete Better Part of Valor
Items Needed: None
Title: None
Repeatable: Unknown
Reward: 10,000 gil

Previous Quest: Better Part of Valor
Next Quest: Light in the Darkness


  • Talk to Engelhart at (K-10).
    • You will need to zone and wait one game day from completing the previous quest.
  • Talk to Pagdako at (H-9).
  • Return to Present Time Vana'diel and go to the Metalworks.
    • Head to the President's office and talk to Iron Eater at (J-8).
    • You may need to talk twice to trigger the cutscene with Iron Eater.
  • Return to the past and go back to Bastok Markets (S) and speak with Engelhart at (K-10).
    • You can not receive the cut scene during a Campaign Battle inside Bastok being that Engelhart is not there.
  • Make your way to Grauberg (S).
  • Inside a cave at (I-6), there's a ???. Check it for cutscene.
    • The entrance to the cave is at the southeast corner of (H-5).
    • Cutscene may be received during a Campaign battle.
  • After the cutscene return to Bastok Markets (S).
  • Talk to Engelhart at (K-10) again.
  • Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6).
  • Talk to Engelhart at (K-10) again for your last cutscene.
    • He rewards you 10,000 gil.

Game Description


Engelhart(Harmodios's Music Shop, Bastok Markets (S))


Chairman Pale Eagle is planning to fan the growing fire of Galkan anger into a full-scale uprising. Gather as much information you can.
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