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|reward=10,000 gil
|reward=10,000 gil
|previous=[[Better Part of Valor]]
|previous=[[Better Part of Valor]]
|next=[[Light in the Darkness]]
|next='''Mission:'''<br>[[Cait Sith (Mission)|Cait Sith]]
'''Quest:'''<br>[[Light in the Darkness]]

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de:Politische Motivefr:Au loin sonne le glas

Start NPC Engelhart, Bastok Markets (S) (K-10)
Requirements Warning Letter
Repeatable No
Reward 10,000 gil
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Better Part of Valor Mission:
Cait Sith

Light in the Darkness


Game Description

Engelhart (Harmodios's Music Shop, Bastok Markets (S))
Chairman Pale Eagle is planning to fan the growing fire of Galkan anger into a full-scale uprising. Gather as much information you can.