Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)

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Start NPC Norejaie - Southern San d'Oria (K-6)
Requirements Level Cap: 25
San d'Oria Reputation 1
Eco-Warrior (Bastok) and Eco-Warrior (Windurst) NOT currently active
Items Needed Key ItemIndigested Stalagmite
Title Granted Vermillion Venturer
Repeatable Yes
Reward Dragon Chronicles


Ordelle's Caves (Map shows incorrect spawn location)
  • Talk to Norejaie in the Lion Springs Tavern. She asks you to help with the extermination of a monster infesting Ordelle's Caves.
    • If you cannot get the quest Norejaie will tell you either:
      • Something about the food (Already completed Eco-Warrior this conquest period)
      • "...Can I have a moment of your time? Oh, but you look busy..." (Eco-Warrior from another nation is logged)
  • Assemble a party or alliance. See notes below for preparation.
  • Go to Ordelle's Caves using the entrance at the south end of the ravine at F-7 in La Theine Plateau. The Atmacite Refiner's warp to Ordelle's Caves works well.
  • Talk to Rojaireaut to have him apply the ointment. This caps your level at 25, but buffs do not wear off, so apply strong, lasting buffs before receiving the ointment.
    • Make sure everyone gets the ointment. If any alliance member does not receive it, then the monster will not spawn.
  • From Rojaireaut take the path to the left (head east, through the puddle) and take the long corridor.
    • Use Circumspection from the Grounds Tome to receive sneak and invisible.
  • The room here opens up at (G-7). Enter the tunnel at G-8.
  • The ??? is located in the southwest corner of a small room on a stalagmite. The ??? is at (G-9) of the first map, northeast corner. The designated tank/puller should spawn the NM Necroplasm by touching the ???.
    • This ??? used to be at G-10. It was moved in a version update.
  • Defeat the Necroplasm. For this fight, only those with the level cap can assist in this fight. Anyone else trying to help will receive a message telling them they cannot.
  • Examine the ??? to receive an Key ItemIndigested Stalagmite.
  • After the battle, you may want to remove your level cap to cast Raise or Teleport. To do this, you need to do one of the following:
    • Logout/Login (probably easiest)
    • Talk to Rojaireaut
    • Zone
  • Talk to Norejaie complete the quest.


  • You can only have one Eco-Warrior quest active at any time. This includes Eco-Warrior (Windurst), Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) and Eco-Warrior (Bastok).
  • Eco-Warrior quests cannot be deactivated.
  • Only one Eco-Warrior quest can be completed once per Conquest Tally.
  • All members must have accepted the quest.
  • With a number of high-damaging jobs (SMN, RNG, or even WAR or SAM, etc.) using their 2 hour abilities and level 99 buffs from before receiving the ointment, the NM can be defeated by as few as 2-3 people. Astral Flow Inferno is the most damaging attack to this NM. However, this Eco-Warrior boss has the most HP of all Eco-Warrior NMs, so be careful.

Game Description[edit]

Norejaie (Lion Springs Tavern, Southern San d'Oria)
Norejaie wants you to exterminate an ecological threat, and bring her evidence of the feat.
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