Dragon Scales (BCNM)

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Type: BCNM
Zone: Chamber of Oracles
        Level: None
        Members: 6
        Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Deimos Orb (50 Kindred's Crests)












  • The Red Dragon is susceptible to both Slow, Blind, and Paralyze II.
  • The Black Dragon is susceptible to both Paralyze, Blind and Slow II.
  • The Mobs will Rage when they are further than 10% HP Apart. I.E You need to kill the together. Keep their HP within 10% of each other and the fight is easy.
  • Both dragons share party hate. If you wipe, make sure you all wipe out of range. If someone raises up and gets hate and aggros the dragons, then someone else raises up, the second person will become aggroed, regardless of distance.
  • Paladin recommended to tank the Red Dragon. The lack of direct damage it deals compared to the Black dragon is advised.
  • Dancer/Ninja or Ninja/Dancer recommended for the black dragon, due to its high Double Attack Rate and the higher Evasion will help keep the tank alive.

Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Zero to one of:
Calmecac Trousers (???%)
Jingang Hose (???%)
One to Two of:
Dragon Heart (???%)
Dragon Meat (???%)
One to Two of:
Empyrean armour seal (???%)

Unknown grouping of:
Tenebrite (???%)
Dragon Scales (???%)
Mythril Ore (???%)
Adaman Ore (???%)
Bloodwood Log (???%)
Mahogany Log (???%)
Beech Log (???%)
Strength Potion (???%)
Agility Potion (???%)
Ancient Beast Horn (???%)
Jadeite (???%)
Darksteel Ingot (???%)
Gold Ingot (???%)
Icarus Wing (???%)
Phrygian Gold Ingot (???%)
Gold Thread (???%)
Sunstone (???%)
Jacaranda Log (???%)


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