Confessions of a Bellmaker

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Start NPC ??? - Riverne - Site #A01 (C-7)
Requirements An Eternal Melody completed
Items Needed Key ItemOrnamented Scroll
Giant Scale x4
Repeatable No
Reward Minstrel's Dagger


  • Go to Riverne - Site #A01 and head towards Monarch Linn. On the last island (the one with all the Cloud Hippogryphs) don't go to the gate that zones to the small island before Monarch Linn; instead, go a little further to the other distortion. On the last island, there is a Stone Monument at C-7; select that for a cutscene. At the end you will obtain an Key ItemOrnamented Scroll.

May be required to select monument again after CS

  • Go to Bastok Markets and talk with Reinberta (I-8) inside the Goldsmith's guild for a cutscene.
  • Go to Northern San d'Oria and talk with Mevreauche (E-6) for a cutscene.
  • Return to Riverne - Site #A01 and select the Stone Monument for another cutscene.
  • Select it again to spawn the Fomor NM, Arcane Phantasm.
    • All party members with quest flagged receive credit for killing NM.
  • Select the Stone Monument again for a cutscene to complete the quest.
Each time you go to the Stone Monument, you will need two Giant Scales that drop from the wyverns in Riverne. A total of four are needed to complete the quest.

Game Description[edit]

??? (Stone Monument, Riverne - Site #A01)
A mysterious figure has requested your help repairing an old bell damaged in recent earthquakes.
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