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[[{{SUBST:Ceciliotte}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Ceciliotte}}|   ]]
Gender: Female
Race: Elvaan
Affiliation: Inventors' Coalition
[[{{SUBST:Ceciliotte}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Ceciliotte}}|   ]]
Type: Inventor's Coalition Reward Bayld Vendor NPC
Location: Western Adoulin (J-9)



Please note: higher coalition ranking yields lower prices.
Item Bayld Used on Effect
Arborscent Seed 300 Garden Furrow May be planted in your furrow
Arborfruit Seed 450 May be planted in your furrow
Garden Worm 300 Increases yield
Grove Humus 450 Reduces time needed to mature plants
Coalition Humus 7500 Increases chance of harvesting rare items
Grow-M-Good 50000 Instantly matures plants
Grove Worm 900 Arboreal Grove Increases yield
Grove Mulch 1350 Increases number of logging attempts
Grove Cuttings 1800 Eliminates weed-pulling
Entisyrup 2250 Eliminates logging
Coalition Fertilizer 12800 Increases chance of finding rare items
Stone Serum 900 Mineral Vein Increases yield
Vein Serum 1350 Increases number of mining attempts
Auserum 1800 Increases chance of mining precious metals
Smelting Serum 2250 Increases chance of mining metals
Coalition Serum 12800 Increases chance of mining rare items
Sardine Sphere 300 Pond Dredger Increases yield slightly
Bass Sphere 450 Increases yield moderately
Shrimp Sphere 600 Increases yield greatly
Baitball 750 Increases yield vastly
Super Baitball 7500 Increases chance of pulling up rare fish
Sardine Chum 300 Coastal Fishing Net Increases yield slightly
Bass Chum 450 Increases yield moderately
Shrimp Chum 600 Increases yield greatly
Mincemeat Chum 750 Increases yield vastly
Coalition Chum 7500 Increases chance of pulling up rare fish
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