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Melzas is an ancient and powerful demon. Though he was imprisoned long ago by the Guardians of the Seal, he has returned and is terrorizing the villagers of Inoa.

[...] Alundra has a mysterious dream where a strange being named Lars tells him that he is a wizard and one of the guardians of the seal. Suddenly, Alundra sees a vision from the village of Inoa. After that, Lars calls Alundra 'Releaser' and tells him that north of the village there is a dark lake and below it there has lied a demon for over 1000 years and now the demon has awakened once more. After telling this, a creature named Melzas appears and points out that nobody has the power to stop him, especially not a human like Alundra.

Family Information
Type: Elvaan
Subfamily/ies: Elvish Daemon
Common Behavior: A, L, H, T(S)
Weak to: Resist Vs. Light
Strong to: Resist Vs. Dark
Common Job(s): Black Mage,White Mage,Scholar
Charmable: Able to be charmed
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Susceptible to Aspir (Mage jobs only)
Drain: Susceptible to Drain
Notes: Linkshells: Antagonists, Silmarillion; Server Diabolos (Server)

[edit] Special Attacks

Special Abilities Original and Zilart Areas Promathia Areas Aht Urhgan Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas Pankration
Manafont: Infinite MP for 1 minute CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck XX
Earth Crusher: Earth Elemental TP attack CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Sunburst: Light/Dark Elemental TP Attack XX CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck XX
Shell Crusher: Defense Down XX CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck XX
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

[edit] Notorious Jobs of Char

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Melzas (BLM) 85 Abyssea - Attohwa

[edit] Jobs of Char

Name Level Zone
Melzas (WHM) 54-55 North Gustaberg (S)
Melzas (SCH) 38-41 Crawlers' Nest
Melzas (RDM) 40-44 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Melzas (THF) 14-15 Valkurm Dunes
Melzas (BST) 13-14 Konschtat Highlands
Melzas (DRG) 11-12 North Gustaberg

[edit] Mules of Char

Name World Zone
Lower-Jeuno AH Mule
Diabolos Lower Jeuno
Bastok Mines Alchemy and LL-Gear Mule
Diabolos Bastok Mines (I/J-8)
Diabolos Windurst Waters
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