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The Colosseum

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name The Colosseum
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies None
Region West Aht Urhgan
Expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Requirements The Road to Aht Urhgan
Restrictions None
Background music "Bustle of the Capital" (normal)
"The Colosseum" (Pankration)
Notes Pankration Zone

For years The Colosseum was the delight of the city of Al Zahbi until the Beastmen assault on the capital forced it's closure. However after being swamped with petitions for it's re-opening, the Empress of Aht Urhgan once again made the facilities of The Pit, where vicious beasts fight to the death in Pankration for the patrons amusement availible to the pulic.


Aht Urhgan Whitegate at ( I - 10 )

[edit] NPCs Found Here

[edit] Annihilation Cage (main entrance, NW)

Name Location Type
Zandjarl (F-7) Jetton/Soultrapping vendor
Kaheema (G-6/7) Battlecage Registrar
Kanawawa (F-7) Cage Teleporter
Bebo Jhatabia (G-7)
Garawham (G-7)
Abhrem (G-7) Soul Reflector Manager
Kadjayhal (G-7) Official soul screener
Walzharn (H-7) Red command platform guard
Hamgahn (H-7) Blue command platform guard
Doel-Demiel () Annihilation Cage fight announcer

[edit] Bloodlust Cage (SW)

Name Location Type
Rayeewa (G-8) Battlecage Registrar
Kumumu (F-9) Cage Teleporter
Ghasherd (G-9)
Masya Rhaliduva (G-9)
Idjham (G-9) Soul Reflector Manager
Ghalizham (G-9) Official soul screener
Djiahlm (H-9) Red command platform guard
Wahrouzam (H-9) Blue command platform guard
Flapping Gums () Bloodlust Cage fight announcer

[edit] Carnage Cage (NE)

Name Location Type
Tadeewa (J-7) Carnage Battlecage Registrar
Nalpupu (J-7) Cage Teleporter
Saco Alyahka (I-7)
Rhamurya (I-7)
Biwhal (I-7) Soul Reflector Manager
Wharoub (I-7) Official soul screener
Sazahlam (H-7) Red command platform guard
Zhayard (H-7) Blue command platform guard
Pihk Khalatikal () Carnage Cage fight announcer

[edit] Diablo Cage (tournament cage, SE)

Name Location Type
Salyadh (J-9) Battlecage Registrar
Niwawa (J-9) Cage Teleporter
Vyki Parabuji (I-9)
Yassham (I-9)
Whashai (I-9) Soul Reflector Manager
Zhashdi (I-7) Official soul screener
Habhayam (H-9) Red command platform guard
Ghadjuyan (H-9) Blue command platform guard
Juvenal () Diablo Cage fight announcer
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