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Ru'Lude Gardens

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Ru'Lude Gardens
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies None
Region Jeuno
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Ru'Lude Gardens"
Notes None

The grounds of Kam'lanaut's grand estates, the Ru'Lude Gardens were named by the archduke himself and opened to the population as a place of respite in times of peace. Unfortunately, during the Crystal War, the gardens, the estate, and the bridge on which they were built were all destroyed by boulders thrown by gigas. After the war was over, the Ru'Lude Gardens were reconstructed on the roof of the residential tower on an even grander scale for all the people of Vana'diel to enjoy.

Upper Jeuno: H-11
Dynamis - Jeuno via Trail Markings: I-9

[edit] Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
Apocalypse Nigh Epilogue Esha'ntarl    Ru'Lude Gardens
Chameleon Capers Fellow Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno G-8
Ducal Hospitality General Taillegeas    Ru'Lude Gardens I-7
Empty Memories General Harith    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Lure of the Wildcat (Jeuno) General Ajithaam    Upper Jeuno F-5
Northward Map Radeivepart    Ru'Lude Gardens H-9
Recollections BLM AF2 Chumimi    Heavens Tower --
Save the Clock Tower General Derrick    Lower Jeuno H-7
Shadows of the Departed General Esha'ntarl    Ru'Lude Gardens
Storms of Fate General Esha'ntarl    Ru'Lude Gardens
Unlisted Qualities Fellow Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno I-10
In Defiant Challenge Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Atop the Highest Mountains Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Whence Blows the Wind Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Riding on the Clouds Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Shattering Stars Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
New Worlds Await Limit Break Nomad Moogle    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Expanding Horizons Limit Break Nomad Moogle    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Beyond the Sun Limit Break Maat    Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
Mission Nation Starter Location
A New Journey Windurst 3-3 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Magicite (Windurst) Windurst 4-1 Pakh Jatalfih    Ru'Lude Gardens
Appointment to Jeuno San d'Oria 3-3 San d'Orian Gate Guard    San d'Oria
Magicite (San d'Oria) San d'Oria 4-1 Nelcabrit    Ru'Lude Gardens
Jeuno (Mission) Bastok 3-3 Bastok Gate Guard    Bastok
Magicite (Bastok) Bastok 4-1 Goggehn    Ru'Lude Gardens
Below the Arks Promathia 1-2 ---    ---
A Vessel Without a Captain Promathia 3-2 ---    ---
The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid    Metalworks H-8
For Whom the Verse is Sung Promathia 6-1 --    --
A Place to Return Promathia 6-2 ---    ---
More Questions Than Answers Promathia 6-2 ---    ---
Flames in the Darkness Promathia 7-2 ---    ---
Dawn Promathia 8-4 ---    ---

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Adolie (G - 9)
Ajahkeem (G - 7) Fellow Enhancements
Akta (H - 10)
Albiona (H - 9)
Anoop (H - 7)
Archanne (G - 9) Event Scene Replayer
Arenuel (I - 6)
Assai Nybaem (G - 10) Abyssite Merchant
Auchefort (H - 7)
Baran (H - 5)
Chapi Galepilai (H - 7)
Colti (H - 6)
Crooked Arrow (G - 8)
Dabih Jajalioh (F - 9) Standard Merchant
Diradour (F - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Dugga (G - 8) Item Deliverer
Explorer Moogle (H - 9) Mog Tablet Tracker
Falreze (H - 4)
Ghye Dachanthu (F - 9) Item Deliverer
Goggehn (H - 10)
Harith (H - 5)
High Wind (H - 6)
Kayle (I - 9) Map Viewer
Laityn (G - 9)
Leis (H - 5)
Name Location Type
Maat (H - 5) Job Master
Macchi Gazlitah (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Magian Moogle (H - 5) Trial of the Magians
Main-Harmain (H - 6)
Marshal (I - 9) Marshal
Morlepiche (H - 10) Conquest Overseer
Muhoho (H - 7)
Nelcabrit (G - 9)
Neraf-Najiruf (G - 7)
Nomad Moogle (H - 5) Adventurer's Assistant
Nuria (I - 10) Map Marker
Pakh Jatalfih (I - 9)
Perisa-Neburusa (I - 10) Residence Renter
Petva (H - 8)
Pherimociel (G - 6)
Pitenorelieu (G - 8)
Pursuivant (I - 8) Pursuivant
Radeivepart (H - 9) Quest Giver
Rainhard (H - 6)
Sitting Ram (H - 7)
Taillegeas (I - 7)
Tillecoe (I - 8)
Tsugumi (I - 9)
Venessa (H - 10) ENM Activator
Yavoraile (I - 6)
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