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Melody Minstrel

Past Event Watchers make it possible to re-watch past cutscenes that you have seen in that zone. These are similar to the Goblin Footprints that can be found through Vana'diel. Where Goblin Footprints are found in enemy territory, Past Event Watchers are found in towns.

Past Event Watchers are easily recognizable because they are all playing an instrument while dressed in a Choral Roundlet, a Blue Cotehardie, Choral Cannions, and Moccasins.

In Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Lower Jeuno, and Upper Jeuno, a second Melody Minstrel has been added due to the amount of cutscenes available to view in the area. These Melody Minstrels are dressed differently.

To watch a past scene, just talk to Past Event Watcher NPC. A list of the available past events will be listed for you to choose from. It will cost 10 gil to watch a past scene.

NPC Zone Position
Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens G-9
Battal Selbina H-8
Beyzen Kazham F-8
Bozack Windurst Woods J-10
Chaloutte Chateau d'Oraguille I-9
Chimh Dlesbah Lower Jeuno G-9
Colleraie Norg H-9
Dabbio Port San d'Oria H-9
Dalba Port Bastok D-7
Dienger Windurst Waters F-5
Dohhel Port Jeuno F-8
Gehuha Nashmau G-9
Geuhbe Lower Jeuno G-9
Gevarg Windurst Waters (S) F-5
Gizel Southern San d'Oria H-8
Gorvik Bastok Mines I-9
Heumila Bastok Markets (S) I-8
Jufaue Northern San d'Oria J-10
Juvillie Windurst Walls D-6
Lamepaue Bastok Markets I-8
Latteaune Tavnazian Safehold H-6
Mashua Heavens Tower ?-?
Mathele Mhaura H-9
Mhao Kehtsoruho Upper Jeuno G-6
Prillaure Aht Urhgan Whitegate E-8
Taulluque Metalworks I-8
Tinjue Upper Jeuno G-6
Tsih Kolgimih Aht Urhgan Whitegate E-8
Tonule Port Windurst B-5
Zidalf Southern San d'Oria (S) H-8
Zungutt Rabao E-8
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