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Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Norg
Type City
Map Acquisition Mission
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Elshimo Lowlands
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Airship pass for Kazham
Restrictions None
Background music "Norg"
Notes None

An ancient smuggler port located off the northern tip of Elshimo Island. Norg has long been known as a stronghold for the pirates that roam the Bastore Sea. The bustling port sees many a pirate crew restocking supplies or recruiting new blood, and pirate vessels brim with smuggled goods and plunder. Norg is a black market specializing in the bladed weapons of the Far East (the sale of which is prohibited in most of Vana'diel). Rumor has it that the survivors of the Marquisate of Tavnazia may have escaped to Norg.

Sea Serpent Grotto: H-10
Yuhtunga Jungle: F-11 (Via Chocobo; Exit only)

Cloister of Tides: H-9 via Verctissa with Mini Tuning Fork of Water

[edit] Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Thief in Norg!? SAM AF3 Jaucribaix    Norg K-8
An Undying Pledge General Stray Cloud    Norg H-9
Apocalypse Nigh Epilogue Esha'ntarl    Ru'Lude Gardens
Ayame and Kaede Job: Ninja Ensetsu    Port Bastok I-5
Black Market General Muzaffar    Norg I-8
Bugi Soden Weapon Skill Ryoma    Norg H-8
Chasing Dreams General Zoriboh    Rabao F-6
Everyone's Grudge General Magephaud    Norg I-8
Forge Your Destiny Job: Samurai Jaucribaix    Norg K-8
I'll Take the Big Box NIN AF2 Ryoma    Norg H-8
It's Not Your Vault Spell Scroll Keal    Norg H-8
Like a Shining Subligar Spell Scroll Heiji    Norg I-7
Like Shining Leggings Spell Scroll Heizo    Norg I-7
Mama Mia General Mamaulabion    Norg G-6
Secret of the Damp Scroll Spell Scroll Shivivi    Norg J-8
Stop Your Whining Spell Scroll Washu    Norg J-8
The Potential Within Weapon Skill Jaucribaix    Norg K-8
The Sacred Katana SAM AF1 Jaucribaix    Norg K-8
The Sahagin's Stash Spell Scroll Laisrean    Norg H-7
Trial by Water Avatar Edal-Tahdal    Norg H-9
Trial Size Trial by Water Avatar Verctissa    Norg J-9
True Will NIN AF3 Ryoma    Norg H-8
Tuning Out General Leepe-Hoppe    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Yomi Okuri SAM AF2 Jaucribaix    Norg K-8
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Pirate's Cove Bastok 6-2 Bastok Gate Guard    Bastok
The New Frontier Zilart --    --
Welcome t'Norg Zilart --    --
The Hall of the Gods Zilart --    --
The Sealed Shrine Zilart --    --
Awakening Zilart ---    ---
Enemy of the Empire (I) A Shantotto Ascension ---    ---

[edit] Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
Cobalt Jellyfish
5 Sea
Bastore Sardine
Coral Butterfly
Pamtam Kelp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Copper Ring

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Achika (I - 8) Tenshodo Merchant
Aeka (I - 8)
Agatsum (G - 6) Auction House Representative
Ailee (H - 8)
Atrevaux (G - 6) Auction House Representative
Chiyo (I - 8) Tenshodo Merchant
Colleraie (H - 9) Event Scene Replayer
Comitiolus (K - 8)
Corlotte (J - 8)
Deigoff (H - 7)
Edal-Tahdal (H - 9)
Enishi (I - 7)
Eunsoo (H - 9)
Fouvia (F - 7) Wyvern Name Changer
Gabide (H - 8)
Gilgamesh (L - 8)
Gimb (H - 9)
Gofufu (G - 6) Auction House Representative
Gottna (G - 7)
Hayris (J - 8)
Heiji (I - 7)
Heillal (I - 8)
Heizo (H - 7)
Jaucribaix (K - 8)
Jirokichi (I - 8) Tenshodo Merchant
Kamui (L - 8)
Keal (H - 8)
Koetsu (H - 9)
Laisrean (I - 8)
Name Location Type
Louartain (J - 8)
Ludiault (I - 9)
Magephaud (I - 8)
Mamaulabion (G - 6)
Marilleune (H - 9) Chocobo Renter
Muzaffar (I - 9)
Nomad Moogle (G - 7) Nomad Moogle
Odilinia (G - 7)
Ogugu (H - 8)
Oruga (I - 8)
Paito-Maito (G - 6)
Paleille (G - 7) Item Deliverer
Parlemaille (H - 9)
Quntsu-Nointsu (G - 7) Title Changer
Rafid (I - 8)
Ramon (G - 7)
Ranemaud (I - 7)
Repat (H - 8) Lucky Roll Gambler
Ryoma (H - 8)
Shidzue (H - 9) Weather Checker
Shivivi (J - 8)
Sohyon (J - 8)
Solby-Maholby (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Spasija (F - 7) Item Deliverer
Stray Cloud (H - 9)
Vaultimand (H - 8) Fame Checker
Verctissa (H - 9)
Vishwas (J - 8)
Vuliaie (H - 8) Tenshodo Merchant
Washu (J - 8)
Zoldba (G - 6) Auction House Representative

[edit] Historical Background

Norg is a small, very old village in the province Drenthe, in the Netherlands. The oldest known remains of a settlement in the area date from about 650-750 BC.

NORG was also a character from Final Fantasy VIII.

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