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Moat Carp

Moat Carp icon.png
Moat Carp   
Stack: 12
Game Text
This freshwater fish is found in lakes and marshes all over Vana'diel.
Consumable Effects
Fish (Raw Fish) (Food (Status Effect).png Duration: 5 minutes)
Dexterity: +2
Mind: -4
General Information
Ahicon.png Auction House:
Food → Fish
Gil Icon.png Resale Price:
~ 10
Ffxi gld 01.gif Guild Points:
30 / 1,280   (42.7 items)
OtherResourcesIcon.png Other Resources:
Ahlinkbutton.png  Dblinkbutton.png
Sold by 1 Merchant
Merchant Price Location
Babubu 91-192 gil Port Windurst (C-8)
Closed on Lightningday. Opening hours: 3:00 - 18:00. Limited stock.
Other Acquisition
Used to Synth 1 Item
Item Skills HQs
Slice of Carp icon.png Slice of Carp x2 Ffxi gld 06.gif (17)
Other Uses

Guild test item for Recruit rank (level 8 and higher).


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