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Hobby in which various items can be harvested by using a pickaxe at a Mining Point. In order to harvest, all you need to do is use your pickaxe in the item list on the Mining Point. You can set the following macro in order to speed up the process.

/item Pickaxe <t>

Pickaxes can break with use, although the Field Tunica Set or Worker Tunica Set can minimize such breakages.

Because ores don't stack, your inventory can become full very quickly. If you have sufficient skill in Smithing or Goldsmithing, bring Fire Crystals along to craft the ores into Ingots. You can also take Wind Crystals and Lightning Crystals to desynth the beastmen items.

  • Due to an update, characters under level 25 cannot procure items from mining in Mount Zhayolm.
  • There are only allowed to be a set number of mining points at one time. If you're in a secluded area and know that there are an abundance of people in another area filled with mining points be patient; they will use up their mining points and the ones near you will spawn.

Mining points are located in the following zones:

Gusgen Mines

Item Abundance
Colored Rocks Very Rare(4%)
Copper Ore Common(15.1%)
Darksteel Ore Rare(6%)
Gold Ore Very Rare(0.8%)
Iron Ore Uncommon(14.6%)
Silver Ore Rare(8.2%)
Pebble Common(19%)
Sturdy metal strip Received with quest active
Tin Ore Uncommon(14.6%)
Zinc Ore Common(16.7%)
Mining Map
GusgenMinesMining1.png GusgenMinesMining2.png GusgenMinesMining3.png GusgenMinesMining4.png

Please be Aware that the Pebble Data is not Accurate, as there are 2 Pebble results, a Bunch of 10, and a single pebble, and the data includes both results.

Ifrit's Cauldron

Item Abundance
Flint Stone Unknown (Uncommon)
Iron Ore More data needed.(50%) (Uncommon)
Sulfur Unknown (Uncommon)
Bomb Arm Unknown (Rare)
Bomb Ash Unknown (Rare)
Iron Sand More data needed.(50%) (Rare)
Adaman Ore Unknown (Very Rare)
Darksteel Ore Unknown (Very Rare)
Orpiment Unknown (Very Rare)
Orichalcum Ore Unknown (Very Rare)
Colored Rocks Unknown (Very Rare)
Sturdy metal strip Unknown
Mining Map
IfritsCauldronMining1.png IfritsCauldronMining2.png IfritsCauldronMining3.png ICminingmaproutes.jpg


Item Abundance
Aht Urhgan Brass Very Common(20.1%)
Bomb Ash Uncommon(10%)
Flint Stone Common(17.2%)
Gold Ore Very Rare(2.9%)
Iron Sand Uncommon(14.4%)
Luminium Ore Very Rare(0.5%)
Moblin Armor Very Rare(4.3%)
Moblin Helm Very Rare(4.3%)
Moblin Mail Very Rare(4.8%)
Moblin Mask Very Rare(2.9%)
Orichalcum Ore Very Rare(1%)
Sulfur Uncommon(12%)
Troll Pauldron Very Rare(4.8%)
Troll Vambrace Very Rare(3.3%)
Mining Map

Mount Zhayolm

Item Abundance
Sulfur Very Common(22.5%)
Iron Ore Very Common(29.9%)
Iron Sand Common(15.9%)
Flint Stone Common(15.4%)
Bomb Ash Uncommon(13.4%)
Moblin Mail Rare(9.6%)
Moblin Helm Uncommon(11.5%)
Moblin Armor Very Rare(4.5%)
Troll Pauldron Very Rare(3.8%)
Troll Vambrace Very Rare(4.5%)
Moblin Mask Very Rare(4.3%)
Demon Horn Very Rare(2.1%)
Adaman Ore Very Rare(1.4%)
Khroma Ore Very Rare(0.3%)
Slab of Plumbago Common(15.6%) (Quested)
Mining Map

Newton Movalpolos

Item Abundance
Copper Ore More data needed.(22.2%)
Tin Ore More data needed.(16.7%)
Zinc Ore More data needed.(11.1%)
Igneous Rock More data needed.(16.7%)
Silver Ore More data needed.(5.6%)
Aluminum Ore Unknown
Iron Ore More data needed.(22.2%)
Darksteel Ore Unknown
Mythril Ore Unknown
Gold Ore More data needed.(5.6%)
Platinum Ore Unknown
Mining Map

North Gustaberg (S)

Item Abundance
Copper Ore Common(18.7%)
Zinc Ore Common(19.3%)
Tin Ore Uncommon(15%)
Pebble Uncommon(13.4%)
Silver Ore Rare(8.6%)
Iron Ore Uncommon(11.8%)
Mythril Ore Rare(7.5%)
Moblin Mask Very Rare(2.1%)
Moblin Helm Very Rare(1.1%)
Moblin Mail Very Rare(1.1%)
Moblin Armor Very Rare(0.5%)
Platinum Ore Very Rare(1.6%)
Mining Map

Oldton Movalpolos

Item Abundance
Igneous Rock Uncommon(11.5%)
Zinc Ore Uncommon(11.4%)
Copper Ore Uncommon(11.1%)
Tin Ore Uncommon(11.1%)
Silver Ore Uncommon(10.6%)
Iron Ore Rare(9.9%)
Moblin Mail Rare(6.9%)
Moblin Helm Rare(6.4%)
Moblin Mask Rare(5.9%)
Goblin Die Rare(5.7%)
Moblin Armor Rare(5.7%)
Darksteel Ore Very Rare(0.8%)
Mythril Ore Very Rare(0.8%)
Gold Ore Very Rare(0.7%)
Platinum Ore Very Rare(0.7%)
Mining Map

Palborough Mines

Item Abundance
Zinc Ore Uncommon(11.3%)
Iron Ore Rare(9.4%)
Pebble Uncommon(10.4%)
Tin Ore Rare(9.7%)
Mythril Ore Rare(9%)
Silver Ore Rare(9%)
Copper Ore Rare(8%)
Platinum Ore Very Rare(1%)
Sturdy metal strip More data needed.(7.7%)
Mine Gravel (Mythril Seams) More data needed.(47%)
Mining Map
PalboroughMinesMining1.png PalboroughMinesMining2.png PalboroughMinesMining3.png

Yughott Grotto

Item Abundance
Copper Ore Uncommon(14.6%)
Iron Ore Common(16.5%)
Tin Ore Uncommon(13%)
Pebble Uncommon(11.4%)
Zinc Ore Uncommon(13.2%)
Flint Stone Rare(8.4%)
Silver Ore Very Rare(3.6%)
Colored Rocks Very Rare(1.7%)
Darksteel Ore Very Rare(1.5%)
Gold Ore Very Rare(1.1%)
Sturdy metal strip More data needed.(4%)
Mining Map

Zeruhn Mines

Item Abundance
Iron Ore Very Common(24.5%)
Pebble Common(18%)
Copper Ore Common(18.6%)
Zinc Ore Uncommon(13.1%)
Tin Ore Uncommon(11.2%)
Snapping Mole Rare(5.5%)
Silver Ore Very Rare(1.9%)
Darksteel Ore Very Rare(0.4%)
Sturdy metal strip More data needed.(3.1%)
Mining Map

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