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Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Mhaura
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies Ffxi gld 01.gif
Trans Water.gif
Region Kolshushu
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Mhaura"
Notes None

Carved out of the cliff that faces the Strait of Pamtam, Mhaura is a peaceful port town that is part of the Federation of Windurst. Mhaura was originally a Tarutaru town, but thanks to the tolerant stance of the governor, many craftspeople of all races and nationalities have gathered here.

Buburimu Peninsula: H-5
Ship bound for Selbina: H-10 (to Selbina)
Open sea route to Al Zahbi: H-10 (to Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Cloister of Storms via Lacia with Mini Tuning Fork of Lightning : I-9

[edit] Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Potter's Preference General Nereus    Mhaura I-8
Carbuncle Debacle SMN AF3 Carbuncle    Windurst Walls G-3
Expertise General Take    Mhaura I-8
Fisherman's Heart General Katsunaga    Mhaura H-9
His Name is Valgeir Map Take    Mhaura I-8
It's Raining Mannequins! General Fyi Chalmwoh    Mhaura G-8
Orlando's Antiques General Orlando    Mhaura G-9
Overnight Delivery General Kenapa-Keppa    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Recycling Rods General Keshab-Menjab    Mhaura H-9
Rycharde the Chef General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
The Basics General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
The Clue General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
The Old Lady Subjob Vera    Mhaura G-10
The Sand Charm General Blandine    Mhaura I-9
Trial by Lightning Avatar Ripapa    Mhaura I-9
Trial Size Trial by Lightning Avatar Lacia    Mhaura I-9
Unending Chase General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
Way of the Cook General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
Mission Nation Starter Location
Dawn Promathia 8-4 ---    ---

[edit] Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
Bastore Sardine
10 Sea
Yellow Globe
Pamtam Kelp
Rusty Subligar
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Silver Ring
1 Gil

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Albin (I - 9)
Amalanbraux (I - 8)
Bihoro-Guhoro (G - 9)
Blandine (I - 9)
Celestina (G - 8) Guild Merchant
Condor Eye (I - 9)
Dieh Yamilsiah (H - 10) Adventurer's Assistant
Ekokoko (F - 9)
Emila (G - 9)
Emyr (I - 9)
Explorer Moogle (H - 8) Event NPC
Felisa (I - 9)
Fyi Chalmwoh (G - 8)
Galdo (G - 9)
Graine (H - 8) Standard Merchant
Grimr (I - 9)
Hagain (H - 8)
Hyria (F - 9)
Itzha Delavhitta (H - 9)
Jikka-Abukka (H - 9)
Kamilah (G - 9) Guild Merchant
Katsunaga (H - 9)
Keshab-Menjab (H - 9)
Koh Lenbalalako (F - 9)
Kotan-Purutan (I - 9)
Kupupu (G - 9)
Lacia (I - 9)
Lakom-Lukom (H - 9)
Laughing Bison (I - 9)
Name Location Type
Ludwig (H - 9) Map Dealer
Mathele (H - 9) Event Scene Replayer
Mauh Halaapah (I - 9)
Mauriri (H - 8) Item Deliverer
Maximin (H - 8)
Mololo (G - 9) Guild Merchant
Nereus (I - 8)
Nomad Moogle (H - 8)
Numi Adaligo (F - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Orlando (G - 9)
Panoru-Kanoru (H - 8) Item Deliverer
Pekuku (H - 9) Weather Checker
Phoochuchu (H - 8)
Pikini-Mikini (G - 9) Standard Merchant
Radhika (I - 9)
Ripapa (I - 9)
Runito-Monito (H - 8) Standard Merchant
Rycharde (H - 8)
Somo Aatsula (H - 7)
Standing Bear (I - 9)
Take (I - 8)
Vera (G - 10)
Willah Maratahya (I - 8) Title Changer
Wilhelm (G - 10)
Yabby Tanmikey (G - 8) Guild Merchant
Zexu (I - 9)
Zhon Kihshimo (I - 8)

[edit] Mhaura

Mhaura LocationsBuburimu PeninsulaQuaysidePromenadeUpper WalkwaySea Travel AgencyOrlando's AntiquesWarehouseBlacksmiths' GuildGoldsmiths' GuildGovernor's HouseSailors' StayMain Gate
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