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Leathercraft 0-60 by Ctownwoody

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Leathercrafting Guide 1.0
by Ctownwoody of Asura
Sons of Valkrum Linkshell
Disclaimer: This worked for me and is based on my research and efforts on Asura. Prices have increasingly normalized in the last 18 months, but I still suggest going to to research your particular server.


[edit] Leathercrafting Tips

1. The guildshop in Sandy is rarely camped for good reason. You can get better prices at the AH most of the time. Dhalmels and Windurstian Tea Leaves aside, there's nothing you'll need that's not within 3 zones (Selbina or Jugner Forest) to get you all the way to 60.

2. Skins and Bones are great joint farming. I generally frown upon farming for synth materials, since the idea is to add value to the ingredients using your skill. However, Leathercraft and Bonecraft, especially in the 0-60 range, share a lot of the same mobs for drops, and the mobs in question have generous drop-rates. If you do go farming, be sure to bring the materials to synth in the field as needed because skins usually don't stack, but leathers do. Rams, Dhalmels, Tigers, and Sheep are the most commonly-farmed mobs, in order of popularity.

3. Leather-making uses either Windurstian Tea Leaves or Willow Logs. Tea leaves are better because they are cheaper and stack, except with Ram Leather, where you can get one extra level of Skill out of Willow Logs on a profitable synth, which makes it a legitmate concern.

4. Leathercrafting is used to make gloves/boots and as a subcraft in basically every Armor-set that you can craft. While not a lot of these armor sets are very profitable or sell particularly well, there are a lot of these armor sets and you may want to make some of these sets yourself for the outside shot at skill or HQs.

5. Leather-making Skins are not stackable (and non-Leather-making Skins are). When farming for skins for leather, bring along the stackable materials (Tea Leaves, Water and Dark Crystals) to make leather and then stack the leather to save inventory space.

6. Leather-crafting is a subcraft in important Smithing, Goldsmithing, Clothcraft, and Bonecraft recepies. Skill-ups come more slowly, but the lack of good recepies in some stretches can be overcome in this fashion.

[edit] The Guide Itself

[edit] 0-10

  • Sheep Wool (4)-Wind Crystal, Sheepskin x2--These recently are no longer worth the effort because prices have tanked for Wool Thread and Wool Cloth. You can make these if you want (if you are going slowly or trying to use random drops), but it might just save time and gil to skip ahead.

[edit] 11-20

  • Solea (11)-Wind Crystal, Sheep Leather x2--You can try desynthing these to get the leather back or you can NPC them. Your choice, but make them to cap. Nothing good (stackables, sells quickly and/or profitably) or cheap between 7 and 21.
  • Wolf Fur (19)-Wind Crystal, Wolf Hide x3--These used to stink but demand for them is decent now that Wolf Felt, a Clothcraft 75 synth that requires 3 of these, is used for more items. Hides are 483 at the Guild, which will most-likely be your source as the AHs typically have too few of them. Either sell to a Clothcraft friend, or put up on Jeuno AH. You want to get to around 15+ at least to be able to do Dhalmel Leather.

Test Item: Lizard Cesti (17)-Earth Crystal, Lizard Skin, Cesti-Pretty easy to make, Cesti are available at the Weapons Store in South Sandy, and people make these for skill and NPC/AH them cheaply.

[edit] 21-30

TEST ITEM: Dhalmel Mantle: Ice Crystal, Wool Thread, Dhalmel Hide: Plenty to be had as a cheap synth many use to skill up and as a common back armor.

[edit] 31-40

TEST ITEM: Magic Belt: Wind Crystal, Ram Leather, Mercury, Toad Oil: Because of the expense of Toad Oil, I'd suggest checking the AH first.

[edit] 41-50

  • Waistbelt (43)-Wind Crystal, Ram Leather x2, Grass Thread--If you farm at least half the Ram Skins yourself, this is the most profitable/break-even bridge between Ram and Tiger leathers, so cap on these. NPC these in batches and go back to farming to let the price go back up at the guildshop.

TEST ITEM: Cuir Bouilli: Water Crystal, Leather Vest, Beeswax, Ram Leather x2: Not incredibly expensive in Sandy, where the vest can be bought from an NPC.

[edit] 51-60

  • Hard Leather Ring (62)-Wind Crystal, Tiger Leather--You might have more Tiger Leather than you care to unload at the AH, either in stacks or singles, especially if you are just taking this craft to 60 (and not taking either Clothcraft or Smithing beyond 60), so this is a good combo for getting rid of your Tiger Leather while getting a bit more skill. These NPC for around 600, so it is a loss, but you'll be making a ton and a half of the Leather, which will let you get a net profit for the 50's, if not the entire 0-60 run.


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