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Kazham-Jeuno Airship

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Kazham-Jeuno Airship
Type Outdoor
Map Acquisition None
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies None
Region Areas
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Airship pass for Kazham
Restrictions None
Background music "Airship"
Notes None

Providing access from Kazham to The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, the airships provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. The reopened route to Kazham has recently seen an explosive increase in the number of passengers.


Port Jeuno

[edit] Other Information

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Oslam Airship Lookout
Joosef Airship Captain
Daily Schedule (Vana'diel Time)


Arrives Kazham
(Boarding for Jeuno)

Departs Kazham

Arrives Jeuno
(Boarding for Kazham)

Departs Jeuno

01:48 02:42 04:49 05:37
07:48 08:42 10:49 11:37
13:48 14:42 16:49 17:37
19:48 20:42 22:49 23:37
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