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All job classes have certain Job Abilities that are tailored to their needs. You can use these abilities by accessing the Job Ability Menu or using /ja "Ability Name" <target> in macros or your text box.

[edit] Job Abilities by Job

[edit] Bard

Soul Voice (Two Hour)
Pianissimo (Level 45)
Nightingale (Merited)
Troubadour (Merited)
Tenuto (Level 83)

[edit] Beastmaster

Familiar (Two Hour)
Fight (Level 1 Pet Command)
Charm (Level 1)
Gauge (Level 10)
Heel (Level 10 Pet Command)
Reward (Level 12 Pet Command)
Stay (Level 15 Pet Command)
Sic (Level 25 Pet Command)
Call Beast (Level 23)
Tame (Level 30)
Leave (Level 35 Pet)
Snarl (Level 45 Pet)
Feral Howl (Level 75 Merited)
Killer Instinct (Level 75 Merited)
Spur (Level 83)

[edit] Black Mage

Manafont (Two Hour)
Elemental Seal (Level 15)
Mana Wall (Level 76)
Enmity Douse (Level 87)

[edit] Blue Mage

Azure Lore (Two Hour)
Burst Affinity (Level 25)
Chain Affinity (Level 40)
Convergence (Level 75 Merited)
Diffusion (Level 75 Merited)
Efflux (Level 83)

[edit] Corsair

Wild Card (Two Hour)
Phantom Roll (Level 5)
Double-Up (Level 5)
Quick Draw (Level 40)
Random Deal (Level 50)
Snake Eye (Level 75 Merited)
Fold (Level 75 Merited)

[edit] Dancer

Trance (Two Hour)
Sambas (Level 5)
Waltzes (Level 15)
Steps (Level 20)
Flourishes I (Level 20)
Jigs (Level 25)
Flourishes II (Level 40)
Saber Dance (Level 75 Merited)
Fan Dance (Level 75 Merited)
No Foot Rise (Level 75 Merited)
Presto (Level 77)
Flourishes III (Level 80)

[edit] Dark Knight

Blood Weapon (Two Hour)
Arcane Circle (Level 5)
Last Resort (Level 15)
Weapon Bash (Level 20)
Souleater (Level 30)
Dark Seal (Level 75 Merited)
Diabolic Eye (Level 75 Merited)
Nether Void (Level 78)
Arcane Crest (Level 87)

[edit] Dragoon

Spirit Surge (Two Hour)
Call Wyvern (Level 1)
Elemental Breath (Level 1 Pet)
Healing Breath (Level 1 Pet)
Remove Breath (Level 1 Pet)
Ancient Circle (Level 5)
Jump (Level 10)
Spirit Link (Level 25)
High Jump (Level 35)
Super Jump (Level 50)
Super Climb (Level 50 Pet)
Deep Breathing (Level 75 Merited)
Angon (Level 75 Merited)
Spirit Jump (Level 77)
Soul Jump (Level 85)

[edit] Monk

Hundred Fists (Two Hour)
Boost (Level 5)
Dodge (Level 15)
Focus (Level 25)
Chakra (Level 35)
Chi Blast (Level 41)
Counterstance (Level 45)
Footwork (Level 65)
Mantra (Level 75 Merited)
Formless Strikes (Level 75 Merited)
Perfect Counter (Level 79)

[edit] Ninja

Mijin Gakure (Two Hour)
Yonin (Level 40)
Innin (Level 40)
Sange (Level 75 Merited)
Futae (Level 77)

[edit] Paladin

Invincible (Two Hour)
Holy Circle (Level 5)
Shield Bash (Level 15)
Sentinel (Level 30)
Cover (Level 35)
Rampart (Level 62)
Fealty (Level 75 Merited)
Chivalry (Level 75 Merited)
Divine Emblem (Level 78)

[edit] Puppetmaster

Overdrive (Two Hour)
Activate (Level 1)
Deploy (Level 1 Pet)
Deactivate (Level 1 Pet)
Maneuvers (Level 1 Pet)
Deus Ex Automata (Level 5)
Retrieve (Level 10 Pet)
Repair (Level 15)
Role Reversal (Level 75 Merited)
Ventriloquy (Level 75 Merited)
Tactical Switch (Level 79)

[edit] Ranger

Eagle Eye Shot (Two Hour)
Sharpshot (Level 1)
Scavenge (Level 10)
Camouflage (Level 20)
Barrage (Level 30)
Shadowbind (Level 40)
Velocity Shot (Level 45)
Unlimited Shot (Level 51)
Stealth Shot (Level 75 Merited)
Flashy Shot (Level 75 Merited)
Double Shot (Level 79)

[edit] Red Mage

Chainspell (Two Hour)
Convert (Level 40)
Composure (Level 50)
Saboteur (Level 83 )

[edit] Samurai

Meikyo Shisui (Two Hour)
Warding Circle (Level 5)
Third Eye (Level 15)
Hasso (Level 25)
Meditate (Level 30)
Seigan (Level 35)
Sekkanoki (Level 40)
Shikikoyo (Level 75 Merited)
Blade Bash (Level 75 Merited)
Sengikori (Level 77)

[edit] Scholar

Tabula Rasa (Two Hour)
Light Arts (Level 10)
Dark Arts (Level 10)
Sublimation (Level 35)
Modus Veritas (Level 65)
Enlightenment (Level 75 Merited)
Libra (Level 76)

[edit] Summoner

Astral Flow (Two Hour)
Assault (Level 1 Pet)
Blood Pact: Rage (Level 1 Pet)
Blood Pact: Ward (Level 1 Pet)
Release (Level 1 Pet)
Retreat (Level 1 Pet)
Elemental Siphon (Level 50)

[edit] Thief

Perfect Dodge (Two Hour)
Steal (Level 5)
Sneak Attack (Level 15)
Flee (Level25)
Trick Attack (Level 30)
Mug (Level 35)
Hide (Level 45)
Accomplice (Level 65)
Collaborator (Level 65)
Assassin's Charge (Level 75 Merited)
Feint (Level 75 Merited)
Despoil (Level 77)
Conspirator (Level 87)

[edit] Warrior

Mighty Strikes (Two Hour)
Provoke (Level 5)
Berserk (Level 15)
Defender (Level 25)
Warcry (Level 35)
Aggressor (Level 45)
Retaliation (Level 60)
Warrior's Charge (Level 75 Merited)
Tomahawk (Ability) (Level 75 Merited)
Restraint (Level 77)

[edit] White Mage

Benediction (Two Hour)
Divine Seal (Level 15)
Afflatus Solace (Level 40)
Afflatus Misery (Level 40)
Martyr (Level 75 Merited)
Devotion (Level 75 Merited)
Divine Caress (Level 83)



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