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Ice Arrow

Ice Arrow icon.png
Ice Arrow   
Stack: 99
Level:  45
All Races 
Game Text
DMG:29 Delay:120 Additional effect: Ice damage
DMG:  29  DPS:  14.5
Delay:  120 TP:  4.5%
Additional Effect: Ice Damage
Macro Commands
General Information
Ahicon.png Auction House:
Gil Icon.png Resale Price:
~ 14
OtherResourcesIcon.png Other Resources:
Ahlinkbutton.png  Dblinkbutton.png
Obtained from 1 Recipe
Woodworking (57)  
Earth Crystal icon.png Earth Crystal
1 Ash Lumber icon.png Ash Lumber
1 Ice Arrowheads icon.png Ice Arrowheads
1 Insect Fletchings icon.png Insect Fletchings
Yield: Ice Arrow x33
HQ 1: Ice Arrow x66
HQ 2: Ice Arrow x99
HQ 3: Ice Arrow x99
Alchemy (65)  Woodworking (8)
Ice Crystal icon.png Ice Crystal
1 Cermet Chunk icon.png Cermet Chunk
1 Maple Lumber icon.png Maple Lumber
2 Insect Wing icon.png Insect Wing
Yield: Ice Arrow x33
HQ 1: Ice Arrow x66
HQ 2: Ice Arrow x99
HQ 3: Ice Arrow x99
Other Acquisition
Additional Effect damage based on INT
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