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Hobby in which various items can be harvested by using a sickle at a harvesting point. In order to harvest, all you need to do is use your Sickle in the item list on the Harvesting Point. You can set the following macro in order to speed up the process.

/item Sickle <t>

Sickles can break with use, although the Field Tunica Set or Worker Tunica Set can minimize such breakages.

Most items you'll get will stack, although depending on your available inventory space, you may want to research the value or the various items before you begin Harvesting. Harvesting points are located in the following zones:

Bhaflau Thickets

Item Abundance
Coffee Cherries Uncommon(10.1%)
Eastern Ginger Very Rare(3.5%)
Eggplant Rare(5.8%)
Fresh Marjoram Common(15.1%)
Fresh Mugwort Very Rare(4.3%)
Imperial Tea Leaves Uncommon(10.8%)
Mohbwa Grass Common(15.6%)
Pephredo Hive Chip Uncommon(14.4%)
Red Moko Grass Rare(5.9%)
Simsim Uncommon(10.8%)
Wijnruit Very Rare(3.8%)
Harvesting Map


Item Abundance
Crawler Cocoon Very Rare(1.8%)
Dyer's Woad Uncommon(13.2%)
Flax Flower Uncommon(13.1%)
Fresh Marjoram Uncommon(11.2%)
Fresh Mugwort Very Rare(1.8%)
Grain Seeds Very Rare(2.1%)
Gysahl Greens Very Rare(4.8%)
Herb Seeds Very Rare(1.9%)
Key Item Mistroot Received with quest active
Key Item Savory Lamb Roast Received with quest active
King Locust Very Rare(4%)
Moko Grass Rare(9.4%)
Red Moko Grass Uncommon(13.8%)
Saruta Cotton Uncommon(12.9%)
Vegetable Seeds Very Rare(1.5%)
Wijnruit Very Rare(3.4%)
Windurstian Tea Leaves Rare(5.2%)
Harvesting Map

Grauberg (S)

Item Abundance
Burdock Uncommon(14%)
Grain Seeds Uncommon(11%)
Herb Seeds Uncommon(11.6%)
Lesser Chigoe Uncommon(11.3%)
Moko Grass Common(19%)
Red Moko Grass Common(19%)
Vegetable Seeds Uncommon(14%)
Winterflower Unknown
Harvesting Map

Wajaom Woodlands

Item Abundance
Coffee Cherries More data needed.(8.1%)
Eastern Ginger More data needed.(7%)
Eggplant More data needed.(9.3%)
Fresh Marjoram More data needed.(18.6%)
Fresh Mugwort More data needed.(2.3%)
Imperial Tea Leaves More data needed.(8.1%)
Mohbwa Grass More data needed.(12.8%)
Pephredo Hive Chip More data needed.(12.8%)
Red Moko Grass More data needed.(5.8%)
Simsim More data needed.(15.1%)
Harvesting Map

West Sarutabaruta

Item Abundance
Crawler Cocoon Very Rare(1.9%)
Dyer's Woad Very Rare(4.1%)
Flax Flower Rare(9.5%)
Fresh Marjoram Uncommon(13.5%)
Fresh Mugwort Very Rare(1%)
Grain Seeds Very Rare(1.2%)
Gysahl Greens Rare(6.1%)
Herb Seeds Very Rare(2.5%)
Key Item Savory Lamb Roast Received with quest active
Moko Grass Common(18.4%)
Red Moko Grass Uncommon(11.1%)
Saruta Cotton Uncommon(11.9%)
Skull Locust Rare(5.4%)
Vegetable Seeds Very Rare(3%)
Wijnruit Very Rare(3.2%)
Windurstian Tea Leaves Rare(7.2%)
Harvesting Map

West Sarutabaruta (S)

Item Abundance
Burdock Rare(8.9%)
Flax Flower Rare(9.1%)
Fresh Marjoram Common(16.3%)
Fresh Mugwort Very Rare(3.9%)
Grain Seeds Very Rare(3.7%)
Herb Seeds Very Rare(2.8%)
King Locust Very Rare(3.5%)
Moko Grass Common(15.8%)
Red Moko Grass Rare(8.3%)
Saruta Cotton Common(16.8%)
Skull Locust Rare(5.5%)
Vegetable Seeds Rare(5.4%)
Harvesting Map

Yuhtunga Jungle

Yhoator Jungle

Abyssea - Grauberg

Item Abundance
Burdock Common(16%)
Grain Seeds Rare(9%)
Grauberg Greens Rare(7%)
Herb Seeds Uncommon(13%)
Lesser Chigoe Uncommon(11%)
Moko Grass Common(16%)
Red Moko Grass Common(16%)
Vegetable Seeds Uncommon(12%)
Harvesting Map

Ceizak Battlegrounds

Item Abundance
Felicifruit More data needed.(10.8%)
Fruit Seeds More data needed.(2.7%)
Grain Seeds More data needed.(2.7%)
Herb Seeds More data needed.(13.5%)
Key Item Rockberry Received with quest active
Isleracea More data needed.(8.1%)
King Locust More data needed.(2.7%)
Moko Grass More data needed.(35.1%)
Paprika More data needed.(5.4%)
Skull Locust More data needed.(2.7%)
Vegetable Seeds More data needed.(8.1%)
Wildgrass Seeds More data needed.(8.1%)
Harvesting Map
Ceizak BattlegroundsHarvesting.png

Yahse Hunting Grounds

Item Abundance
Fruit Seeds More data needed.(12.5%)
Herb Seeds More data needed.(25%)
King Locust More data needed.(37.5%)
Moko Grass More data needed.(25%)
Harvesting Map
Yahse Hunting GroundsHarvesting.png

Foret de Hennetiel

Item Abundance
Fresh Marjoram More data needed.(1.6%)
Fresh Mugwort More data needed.(8.1%)
Gnatbane More data needed.(6.5%)
Hemlock More data needed.(11.3%)
Herb Seeds More data needed.(41.9%)
Locust Elutriator More data needed.(12.9%)
Saffron Blossom More data needed.(4.8%)
Wijnruit More data needed.(12.9%)
Harvesting Map
Foret de HennetielHarvesting.png

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