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Eastern Adoulin

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Eastern Adoulin
Type City
Map Acquisition Quest
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Adoulin
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Sacred City of Adoulin"
Notes None
Western Adoulin: C-8 Yahse Hunting Grounds: H-5 Rala Waterways : F-7 ?-?

[edit] Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Thirst for the Ages General Roskin    Eastern Adoulin H-8
Cafe...teria General Yocile    Eastern Adoulin G-8
Children of the Rune Job (Rune Fencer) Octavien    Eastern Adoulin I-8
Don't Ever Leaf Me General Audibert    Eastern Adoulin F-9
Keep Your Bloomers On, Erisa General Erisa    Eastern Adoulin j-8
The Longest Way Round... General Vastran    Eastern Adoulin F-8
Thorn in the Side General Zhaffeld    Eastern Adoulin J-8
Wes...Eastern Waypoints, Ho! General Sharuru    Eastern Adoulin F-8

[edit] Other Information

Eastern Adoulin/Fishing

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Addled Fetters (J-9)
Adelise (J-8)
Alphonserme (G-8)
Amaury (J-11)
Audibert (F-9) Quest
Behsa Alehgo (J-8)
Bernegeois (G-8) Standard Merchant (Snacks&Drinks)
Boffin (E-9)
Celine (G-8)
Chelidoine (J-9)
Chumli-Mojumli (K-10)
Civil Registrar (Scouts' Coalition) (F-9) Coalition Registrar
Civil Registrar (Peacekeepers' Coalition) (F-9) Coalition Registrar
Corpo-Vorpo (F-7)
Craggy Bluff (F-7) Bayld Merchant (Weapons)
Cunegonde (G-11)
Dalish (K-9)
Dimmian (E-6)
Eppel-Treppel (F-10)
Erminold (J-10)
Fariska Lokhmi (G-9) Map Markers
Felmsy (G-5)
Finnigor (G-9)
Fostaig (G-7)
Garembert (F-7)
Glowing Hearth (H-6)
Huss (E-8)
Iyvah Halohm (G-8) Reputation
Irate Destrier (G-9)
Jaded Hawk (H-10) Item Deliverer
Jampiaire (G-8)
Jozhud (G-9)
Krepol (H-6)
Laetitia (J-10)
Lamaron (H-5) Ferry (Yahse Hunting Grounds)
Lola (G-8) Skirmish (Guide)
Malgrom (E-8) Standard Merchant
Name Location Type
Malulu (H-11) Item Deliverer
Maudilyonne (G-6) Traveling Bard
Melvort (J-8)
Ndah Tolohjin (F-9)
Neviyak (K-10)
Nhili Uvolep (I-7)
Octavien (I-8) Job Quest (Rune Fencer)
Oingo-Zoingo (K-9)
Old Bellows (J-7) Standard Merchant (Seeds)
Oscairn (G-7)
Oston (G-8) Skirmish ()
Palomel (G-9)
Penthus (J-9)
Ploh Trishbahk (K-9)
Pudith (F-6)
Quiri-Aliri (G-6) Ionis Dispenser
Rigobertine (J-8)
Risen Hackles (G-6)
Roskin (H-8) Quest
Sharuru (F-8) Quest
Sifa Alani (F-9) Map Merchant
Stavalian (G-8)
Task Delegator (Scouts' Coalition) (F-9) Coalition Tasks
Task Delegator (Peacekeepers' Coalition) (F-7) Coalition Tasks
Tallula (G-6) Standard Merchant(Tools&Ammo)
Terianne (H-10) Auction Manager
Uhlstar (I-9)
Vastran (F-8) Quest
Vesca (F-7) Bayld Merchant (Armor)
Yocile (G-8) Quest
Ysadel (F-6)
Wegellion (F-9)
Zalk (K-9)
Zaffeld (J-8)
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