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Dynamis - Windurst

Outdated.jpgThe picture and/or information in this article is currently out of date and needs to be updated based on a recent update.
Notes: May 9, 2011 update- NMs are changed and bosses are accessed differently
  Trail Markings:   Windurst Walls (C-12)
  Requirements:   Key ItemVial of Shrouded Sand
  • Level 65 or higher.
  • Completion of Mission 5-2 for your nation.
  Boss:   Tzee Xicu Idol
  Title:   Dynamis-Windurst Interloper
  Maximum players:   18 per group. Unlimited groups may enter at once.
  Repeatable:   Yes (after 24 hours real time)
  Reward:   Key ItemHydra Corps Lantern

[edit] Treasure

  Ancient Currency:   Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Items:   Colossal Skull
  Lancewood Log
  Relic Iron
  Sparkling Stone
  Gold Beastcoin
  Infinity Core
  Mythril Beastcoin
  Divine Bijou (Boss pop item)
  Relic Weapons:   Relic Dagger (BRD/RDM/THF)
  Relic Knuckles (MNK)
  Relic Maul (WHM)
  Relic Sword (PLD/RDM)
  Relic Armor:   Abyss Gauntlets (DRK Hands)
  Argute Loafers (SCH Feet)
  Assassin's Bonnet (THF Head)
  Cleric's Duckbills (WHM Feet)
  Etoile Bangles (DNC Hands)
  Koga Hatsuburi (NIN Head)
  Mirage Charuqs (BLU Feet)
  Monster Helm (BST Head)
  Pantin Dastanas (PUP Hands)
  Saotome Haidate (SAM Legs)
  Scout's Bracers (RNG Hands)
  Sorcerer's Gloves (BLM Hands)
  Summoner's Spats (SMN Legs)
  Valor Leggings (PLD Feet)
  Warrior's Mask (WAR Head)

[edit] Monsters Found Here

Name Job Notes Proc
Avatar Icon Simulacrum Casts AoE elemental magic. Does not appear to do anything special post-patch. N/A
Manifest Icon Simulacrum Casts Sleepga II, Hastega, Dispelga, Paralyga, and Slowga N/A
Vanguard Assassin Ninja Beware Mijin Gakure Job Ability
Vanguard Chanter Bard Harder to silence than other mage type Dynamis monsters. Magic
Vanguard Exemplar Paladin Hardest of the Dynamis mobs to sleep due to the resist sleep trait of Paladin. Weapon Skill
Vanguard Inciter Dark Knight Weapon Skill
Vanguard Liberator Thief Job Ability
Vanguard Ogresoother
Vanguard's Crow
Beastmaster Crow casts Silencega Job Ability
Vanguard Oracle
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off. Magic
Vanguard Partisan
Vanguard's Wyvern
Dragoon Vanguard's Wyvern can be Aspired. Weapon Skill
Vanguard Persecutor Samurai Weapon Skill
Vanguard Prelate Black Mage Magic
Vanguard Priest White Mage Kill Last as Benediction will wake slept mobs nearby. Magic
Vanguard Salvager Ranger Job Ability
Vanguard Sentinel Monk Hundred Fists can be very dangerous. Sleeping mob during 2 hr or Paladin tanking using Sentinel or Invincible is stongly advised. Job Ability
Vanguard Skirmisher Warrior Weapon Skill
Vanguard Visionary Red Mage Magic
Avatar Idol Simulacrum These are the new Time Extension mobs of Windurst. Refer to the New Dynamis - Windurst map for time value. Not to be mistaken for Icons. N/A
Xoo Kaza the Solemn Black Mage NM - Time spawn ~15 minute Magic
Haa Pevi the Stentorian Summoner NM - Time spawn above auction house ~15 minute repop. Magic
Wuu Qoho the Razorclaw Monk NM - Time spawn ~15 minute Job Ability
Loo Hepe the Eyepiercer Red Mage NM - Time spawn ~15 minute Magic
Muu Febi the Steadfast Paladin NM - Spawned by mega boss Weapon Skill
Maa Febi the Steadfast Paladin NM - Spawned by mega boss Weapon Skill
Tzee Xicu Idol Simulacrum Mega Boss - Force pop with Divine Bijou @ J-14. Magic
As of update, not all monsters are True Sight.
  • Note: All the Yagudo NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack: Doom. The countdown is 10 seconds, but if the NM is slain before that time the victim will likely "[Player name] narrowly escapes impending Doom!"
New Dynamis - Windurst

[edit] Game Script

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