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Dynamis - Valkurm

Outdated.jpgThe picture and/or information in this article is currently out of date and needs to be updated based on a recent update.
Notes: September 19, 2011 update - NMs are changed and bosses are accessed differently
  Hieroglyphics:   Valkurm Dunes (G-7)
  Requirements:   Key Item Vial of Shrouded Sand
  Boss:   Cirrate Christelle
  Title:   Dynamis-Valkurm Interloper
  Repeatable:   Yes (once every earth day)
  Reward:   Key Item Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver

[edit] Time Extensions

Key Item Location Time Extension Statue
Azure Granules of Time (?-?) 10 min
Amber Granules of Time (?-?) 10 min
Alabaster Granules of Time (?-?) 10 min
Crimson Granules of Time (?-?) 10 min
Obsidian Granules of Time 20 min Goblin Statue (?-?)
Adamantking Image (?-?)
Avatar Idol (?-?)
Warchief Tombstone (?-?)
  • Time extension key items can only be earned once per visit, and will be lost when you leave the zone.

[edit] Treasure

  Ancient Currency/Relic+2 Items:   Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Montiont Silverpiece
  One Byne Bill
  One Hundred Byne Bill
  Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Forgotten Touch
  Items:   Ginuva's Battle Theory
  Gold Beastcoin
  Relic Weapons:   None
  Relic Armor:
  (Level 71 Relic)
  (Drops from all Beastmen)
  Abyss Sollerets (DRK Feet)
  Argute Bracers (SCH Hands)
  Assassin's Bonnet (THF Head)
  Bard's Slippers (BRD Feet)
  Cleric's Duckbills (WHM Feet)
  Commodore Culottes (COR Legs)
  Duelist's Boots (RDM Feet)
  Etoile Bangles (DNC Hands)
  Koga Hakama (NIN Legs)
  Melee Gaiters (MNK Feet)
  Mirage Charuqs (BLU Feet)
  Monster Helm (BST Head)
  Pantin Churidars (PUP Legs)
  Saotome Sune-Ate (SAM Feet)
  Scout's Bracers (RNG Hands)
  Sorcerer's Sabots (BLM Feet)
  Summoner's Spats (SMN Legs)
  Valor Leggings (PLD Feet)
  Warrior's Calligae (WAR Feet)
  Wyrm Brais (DRG Legs)
  Relic Accessories:
  (Drops from specific Nightmare Monsters)
  Assassin's Cape (THF)
  Bard's Cape (BRD)
  Cleric's Belt (WHM)
  Commodore Belt (COR)
  Etoile Cape (DNC)
  Koga Sarashi (NIN)
  Mirage Mantle (BLU)
  Monster Belt (BST)
  Saotome Koshi-Ate (SAM)
  Sorcerer's Belt (BLM)
  Summoner's Cape (SMN)
  Valor Cape (PLD)
  Warrior's Stone (WAR)
  Relic Armor -1:
  (Head Piece)
  (Drops from Nightmare Monsters)
  Abyss Burgeonet -1 (DRK)
  Argute Mortarboard -1 (SCH)
  Assassin's Bonnet -1 (THF)
  Bard's Roundlet -1 (BRD)
  Cleric's Cap -1 (WHM)
  Commodore Tricorne -1 (COR)
  Duelist's Chapeau -1 (RDM)
  Etoile Tiara -1 (DNC)
  Koga Hatsuburi -1 (NIN)
  Melee Crown -1 (MNK)
  Mirage Keffiyeh -1 (BLU)
  Monster Helm -1 (BST)
  Pantin Taj -1 (PUP)
  Saotome Kabuto -1 (SAM)
  Scout's Beret -1 (RNG)
  Sorcerer's Petasos -1 (BLM)
  Summoner's Horn -1 (SMN)
  Valor Coronet -1 (PLD)
  Warrior's Mask -1 (WAR)
  Wyrm Armet -1 (DRG)

[edit] Monsters Found Here

Goblins - Orcs - Quadav - Yagudo - Nightmare

[edit] Goblins

Name Job Notes
Goblin Replica Simulacrum Shell IV, Protect IV
Goblin Statue Simulacrum Time extension
Vanguard Alchemist White Mage
Vanguard Ambusher Ranger
Vanguard Armorer Paladin
Vanguard Dragontamer
Vanguard's Wyvern
Vanguard Enchanter Red Mage
Vanguard Hitman Ninja Beware Mijin Gakure
Vanguard Maestro Bard Nearly impossible to silence him without Elemental Seal.
Vanguard Necromancer
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Vanguard Pathfinder
Vanguard's Slime
Beastmaster Slime casts Paralyga
Vanguard Pitfighter Monk
Vanguard Ronin Samurai
Vanguard Shaman Black Mage
Vanguard Smithy Warrior
Vanguard Tinkerer Dark Knight
Vanguard Welldigger Thief

[edit] Orcs

Name Job Notes
Serjeant Tombstone Simulacrum
Warchief Tombstone Simulacrum Time extension
Vanguard Amputator White Mage
Vanguard Backstabber Ninja Beware Mijin Gakure
Vanguard Bugler Bard Nearly impossible to silence him without Elemental Seal.
Vanguard Dollmaster
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Vanguard Footsoldier Warrior
Vanguard Grappler Monk
Vanguard Gutslasher Samurai
Vanguard Hawker
Vanguard's Hecteyes
Beastmaster Hecteyes casts Dispelga and other BLM spells, almost immune to Sleep/Soporific
Vanguard Impaler
Vanguard's Wyvern
Vanguard Mesmerizer Black Mage
Vanguard Neckchopper Dark Knight
Vanguard Pillager Thief
Vanguard Predator Ranger
Vanguard Trooper Paladin
Vanguard Vexer Red Mage

[edit] Quadav

Name Job Notes
Adamantking Effigy Simulacrum
Adamantking Image Simulacrum Time extension
Vanguard Beasttender
Vanguard's Scorpion
Beastmaster Scorpion frequently casts Breakga
Vanguard Constable White Mage
Vanguard Defender Paladin
Vanguard Drakekeeper
Vanguard's Wyvern
Vanguard Hatamoto Samurai
Vanguard Kusa Ninja Beware Mijin Gakure
Vanguard Mason Ranger
Vanguard Militant Monk
Vanguard Minstrel Bard Nearly impossible to silence him without Elemental Seal.
Vanguard Protector Red Mage
Vanguard Purloiner Thief
Vanguard Thaumaturge Black Mage
Vanguard Undertaker
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Vanguard Vigilante Dark Knight
Vanguard Vindicator Warrior

[edit] Yagudo

Name Job Notes
Manifest Icon Simulacrum Casts Sleepga II, Hastega, Dispelga, Paralyga, and Slowga
Avatar Idol Simulacrum Time extension
Vanguard Assassin Ninja Beware Mijin Gakure
Vanguard Chanter Bard Nearly impossible to silence him without Elemental Seal.
Vanguard Exemplar Paladin
Vanguard Inciter Dark Knight
Vanguard Liberator Thief
Vanguard Ogresoother
Vanguard's Crow
Beastmaster Crow casts Silencega
Vanguard Oracle
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Vanguard Partisan
Vanguard's Wyvern
Vanguard Persecutor Samurai
Vanguard Prelate Black Mage
Vanguard Priest White Mage
Vanguard Salvager Ranger
Vanguard Sentinel Monk
Vanguard Skirmisher Warrior
Vanguard Visionary Red Mage

[edit] Nightmare

Name Job Notes
Nightmare Goobbue
Nightmare Manticore
Nightmare Treant
Drops WHM, SAM, THF, BLM and BST accessories
Drops Tukuku Whiteshell (Procs: 0:00~8:00 JA, 8:00~16:00 WS, 16:00~0:00 MA)
Nightmare Hippogryph
Nightmare Sabotender
Nightmare Sheep
Drops NIN, WAR, BRD and SMN accessories
Drops Ordelle Bronzepiece (Procs: 0:00~8:00 WS, 8:00~16:00 MA, 16:00~0:00 JA)
Nightmare Fly
Nightmare Flytrap
Nightmare Funguar
Drops BLU, COR, DNC and PLD accessories
Drops One Byne Bill (Procs: 0:00~8:00 MA, 8:00~16:00 JA, 16:00~0:00 WS)
Dragontrap NM - Reduces Cirrate Christelle's Putrid Breath and Nightmare Morbol pets
Fairy Ring NM - Reduces Cirrate Christelle's Miasmic Breath and enhanced movement speed
Nant'ina Monk NM - Reduces Cirrate Christelle's Fragrant Breath and reduces Charm frequency
Stcemqestcint NM - Reduces Cirrate Christelle's Vampiric Lash
Nightmare Morbol NM - Summoned by Cirrate Christelle
Cirrate Christelle Beastmaster NM - Mega Boss, spawned by trading Creeper's Juju to ??? at (?-?)
Lost Fairy Ring NM, spawned by trading Nightmare Log to ??? at (?-?)
Lost Nant'ina Monk NM, spawned by trading Nightmare Bud to ??? at (?-?)
Lost Stcemqestcint NM, spawned by trading Nightmare Water to ??? at (?-?)
Arch Christelle NM, spawned by trading Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 to ??? at (?-?)

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Enemies link according to the normal agro for their family. Goblins agro and link on sight, hippogryphs are true-sight, etc.
Dynamis - Valkurm.jpg
Dynamis - Valkurm (map 1)
Dynamis - Valkurm (map 2)

[edit] Game Script

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