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Double Attack

[edit] Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: May double your attacks.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Rate of activation is ~10%. Source
      • Each upgrade of Double Attack Rate (WAR Group 1) increases the rate of activation by 1%. These upgrades do not affect WAR as subjob.
    • Rate of Double Attack activation has no difference between Warrior as main job and Warrior as sub job unless merited.

[edit] Effect Overview

  • Double Attack effects from gear, food or buffs may activate without native access to the job trait.
  • "Double Attack"+1, "Double Attack"+1% or Enhances "Double Attack" effect are all different wordings of the same effect and will stack.
  • Additional attacks produced by Triple Attack, and to a degree, Occasionally Attacks X Times weapons are not affected by Double Attack, and only one of these effects can process at once.
    • Example: Joyeuse will never attack more than 2 times, and the 2nd attack will never be subject to Double Attack. Furthermore, Kraken Club is never affected by Double Attack if its "Attacks 2 to 8 Times" effect processes, though it will increase the amount of hits per round.
  • Double Attack can trigger on both weapons when Dual Wielding, both hands when using H2H weapons and both attacks on virtue stone weapons.
    • Example: Faith Baghnakhs can produce an additional attack on both hands (consuming 2 virtue stones), and each of these 4 attacks are subject to Double Attack.
    • When using a normal H2H weapon, the double attack will only appear on the screen on the left hand. When both fists trigger a Double Attack, both are done with the left hand on the screen. When using Faith Baghnakhs, double attack from extra swings can appear on left and right hands.
  • May activate during weapon skills.
    • On multi-hit weapon skills, Double Attack can process on any hit of the weapon skill. Note, however, that Double Attack cannot process to induce a weapon skill to attempt to hit more than 8 times.
    • TP return for weapon skills will increase by 1 TP every time double attack activates during the weapon skills.
  • May activate during Jump and High Jump
  • Not to be confused with Zanshin, which may trigger similar behavior especially under the effect of Hasso.

[edit] Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set the two following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
77 Acrid Stream 3
80 Demoralizing Roar 4
87 Empty Thrash 3

[edit] Equipment that Enhances this Effect

Name Skill Increase
+9% +7% +5% +4% +3% +2% +1%
Enchu +1Augment* CheckCheck
EnchuAugment* CheckCheck
Ursine ClawsAugment* CheckCheck
Ares's Cuirass Set CheckCheck
Brutal Earring CheckCheck
Drake Earring (L) CheckCheck
Juogi +1 CheckCheck
Rune Halberd (L) CheckCheck
Juogi CheckCheck
Ravager's Mask +2 CheckCheck
Epona's Ring CheckCheck
Hachiman Jinpachi +1 (L) CheckCheck
Ravager's Mask +1 CheckCheck
Valkyrie's Fork CheckCheck
Agrona's Leggings CheckCheck
Ares's Flanchard CheckCheck
Askar Korazin CheckCheck
Aurore Doublet CheckCheck
Ferox Vizor CheckCheck
Hacchonenbutsu Dangozashi (H)Verification Needed CheckCheck
Hachiman Jinpachi (L) CheckCheck
Mirke WardecorsAugment* CheckCheck
Nocturnus Helm CheckCheck
Nuevo CoseleteAugment* CheckCheck
Pole Grip CheckCheck
Ravager's Gorget CheckCheck
Royal RedingoteAugment* CheckCheck
Sadhu Bracelets (L) CheckCheck
Soldier's Ring (L) CheckCheck
Tau Ring (S) CheckCheck
Anguinus Belt CheckCheck
Fighter's Calligae +1 CheckCheck
Fighter's Calligae CheckCheck
Niokiyotsuna CheckCheck
Scarecrow Scythe CheckCheck
Shenlong's Baghnakhs CheckCheck
Sukesada CheckCheck
Wamoura Axe (A and S) CheckCheck
Warrior's Cuisses +1 CheckCheck
Warrior's Cuisses CheckCheck
Aesir Mantle (3% on Darksday) CheckCheck
Twicer (E)

* Requires you to choose the appropriate augment on item creation.

[edit] Food that Enhances this Effect

(** With rice ball enhancing equipment)

[edit] Status effects that Enhance this Effect

Ifrit's Favor
Fighter's Roll

[edit] Double Attack

Double Attack Rate: 10%

Double Attack Rate: 7%

Double Attack Rate: 5%~40% (Varies by Maneuvers)

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