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Distant Beliefs

Mission Name Distant Beliefs
Number PM2-3
Items Needed Bronze Key or a Thief with Thief's Tools
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The Lost City An Eternal Melody


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Minotaur Fight

  • It is recommended but not necessary to have at least 2 characters for a later part of this mission to open a door.
  • Make your way to (J-3) of the second map where the Minotaur spawns.
    • The Minotaur can be easily defeated solo by characters at around level 75, and more or less lower. (see testimonials)
    • The Minotaur will attack from extremely far away (about triple the distance that of a regular monster). It stares down the path leading to him, and attacks anyone low level enough the moment one is in the line of sight. Do not venture even remotely close to it until everyone is prepared.
      • The Minotaur is not aggressive towards level 75+ characters.
    • Once a player in a party/alliance aggravates the Minotaur, the entire party/alliance, regardless of where they are on the map, will be drawn in (unless they are in a ladder cutscene).
      • All members must be on the Map 2. Simply being in the area will not draw one in.
      • Pets and even monsters that are currently engaged will be drawn in as well.
    • The Minotaur will re-spawn in 10 minutes after being defeated.

[edit] Video

See the Video page.

[edit] After the Battle

  • Make your way to the Iron Door at (G-8).
    • Be sure not to drop into the water at (G-8), otherwise you will have to make your way around again.
    • You will either need a Thief who can pick the lock or someone with a Bronze Key (obtained by defeating the Fomors in the Aqueducts).
  • Continue on to the Wooden Ladder at (E-8) for a cutscene (choose either option) and climb up.
  • On the next map, take the north corridor.
    • The southern room/path has no true exit, and only has one-way access from the corridor.
    • There are two Stegotaurs in the corridor, which possess true sight. They are close to impossible to evade unless your level is high enough not to anger them.
  • Make your way to the ??? in the southwest corner of the room at (F-7). Click the ??? to open a hidden door at the south wall.
    • Make sure to click the correct ???. There is another one-way door in the east wall, which leads to a dead end. The only exit from this room is via a trapdoor in the floor, unless someone opens the door and lets you back out.
  • Behind the southern door is a passage at (F-8), where you must solve a puzzle involving the Oil Lamp found there.
Firesday: Fire and Ice
Iceday: Ice and Wind
Windsday: Wind and Earth
Earthsday: Earth and Thunder
Lightningsday: Thunder and Water
Watersday: Water and Fire
Lightsday: Light and Dark
Darksday: Dark and Light
  • Examine the correct Oil Lamps simultaneously to open the door.
    • This is where having more than one player character around becomes handy, but not a necessity. One can do this solo as long as the lamps needed are close enough to each other, or/and the character possesses an enhanced movement speed.
  • After completing the puzzle, go through the hidden door at the western wall. Don't get this confused with the southern wall which opens with a switch.
    • It can be opened from the other side by someone that has already passed through.
  • Pass through one Ornate Gate and go to the second Ornate Gate to receive the final cutscene.
  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold and talk to Justinius on the upper level, at (J-6).

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have volunteered to journey into the Phomiuna Aqueducts to defeat the minotaur. It appears that Nag'molada has set off ahead of you.

[edit] Game Script and Cutscene Video

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