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Clothcraft Guide by Ctownwoody

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Clothcraft Guide 1.0
By Ctownwoody of Asura
Disclaimer: This worked for me and is based on my research and efforts on Asura. Prices have increasingly normalized in the last 18 months, but I still suggest going to to research your particular server.


[edit] Clothcrafting Tips

1. Raw Materials -> Thread -> Cloth is the basic pattern. Each Cloth represents 4 synths! The more advanced pattern adds Cloth + Thread -> Clothing but this varies in profitability.

2. Selbina is your friend; a few persistent campers aside, it's not as frequently camped as the Windurst Guild. The selection isn't as extensive, but they should carry most of what you would be buying anyway.

3. Fletchings are your friend; they use very cheap materials and are extremely stackable. They usually aren’t profitable, but offer the quickest path between profitable synths.

4. There are times when you will need to make your own thread and cloth as it is cheaper than the Guildshop or AH. There are other times when the Guildshop or AH is much cheaper (and easier), though. Keep your eye out for bargains and try to prepare for major projects by shopping around.

5. Cross-crafting is great here. Leathercraft, Bonecraft and Smithing all can team up with Clothcraft at times for very profitable items and/or Armor Sets, if not much for skill-ups.

6. Cotton Thread and Saruta Cotton are too valuable to synth into Cloth or Thread respectively. Sell them for a good profit in Jeuno, or use them in other recipes. Also, the addition of Ninja-Sneak has raised the price of Cotton Cloth, so beware.

[edit] Guide Itself

[edit] 0-10

  • Cape (8)-Earth Crystal, Grass Thread, Grass Cloth x2—-NPC these back to the guildshop in large chunks, saving one for the cap test. This is usually best done in Selbina, as the guildshop there is only camped for cotton and silk threads, usually. Only make until 6 or 7; Hachimaki are cheaper to make, but save one as a TEST ITEM.

[edit] 11-20

  • Hachimaki (11)-Wind Crystal, Grass Cloth x2--Make these until 11, and then NPC them. This gap sucks because nothing in the gap from grass cloth to linen thread makes any money consistently.
  • Linen Thread (19)-Lightning Crystal, Flax Flower x2--Only buy when they cost under 200 (187 is lowest). The airship vendors only sell them when your nation is in first place, if a Guildshop (all 3 sell them) isn't feasible. This can be a huge jump (8 levels) so get Advanced Support. This and Linen Cloth can be used just as bridges to get your skill up to around 16 or 17 for Yagudo Fletchings, so around 6 stacks of thread (2 stacks of cloth) should do it.

TEST ITEM: Cotton Cape: Earth Crystal, Cotton Cloth x2, Cotton Thread: Get however is cheapest. You can usually get the materials from the Guild but the AH might have a cheaper one.

[edit] 21-30

  • Moblinweave (23)-Earth Crystal, Moblin Thread x3--This is a quirky item because the thread is farmed from Moblins and the cloth is only used in a Gobbiebag quest. Still, profitable and decently selling. Make a stack or two and sell singly to reduce the number of Heko Obi required next.

[edit] 31-40

  • Wool Cloth (37)-Earth Crystal, Wool Thread x3—Take this to 37 as profitable. As they are used in Gobbibag II, you can sell them singly for more gil than in stacks. Or you can use these in Wool Hats or Power Bows if you aren't in anything that resembles a hurry.
    • Update: You can make the Wool Thread yourself as a level 35 synth but the cost of Sheep Wool is now more than the AH price for the thread, so it's cheaper to skip it.

TEST ITEM: Feather Collar: Earth Crystal, Wool Cloth, Bird Feather x7: Most often made for the HQ version (neck piece with +2 Ranged Accuracy for 8-15 Rangers), but should be found cheaply on the AH; the feathers are better used for fletchings.

[edit] 41-50

  • Sanjaku-Tenugui (41)-Earth Crystal, Cotton Thread x2, Cotton Cloth x2--This is a good item to make. They are profitable and sells well in Jeuno.
    • Update: The market for Cotton items has gone up since these were introduced and the only way to make profits with this recipe is to HQ them, but if you are making them for yourself, you'll stay roughly even. Another bridge towards Bird Fletchings.
  • Mohbwa Thread (41)-Lightning Crystal, Mohbwa Grass x2—Another quirky item because the thread is profitable and sells modestly, but the cloth doesn’t even come close. I’m listing it because it is profitable and sells around 2 thread daily on Asura. Use as a profitable bridge at most.
  • Velvet Cloth (45)-Earth Crystal, Silk Thread, Wool Thread x2--It's finally happened. Wool prices have tanked so much that this recipe is now profitable. Used to be that Wool was a profit-maker but prices are currently less than half of what they once were. Velvet is a Gobbiebag item and a very very common ingredient for items made with Clothcraft, either as a main or a sub-skill. However, there is hard-core competition, so please beware and only do this as profitable and as a bridge to Insect Fletchings or the Velvet recipe that uses Cotton Thread, which is cheaper.

TEST ITEM: Wool Bracers: Earth Crystal, Wool Cloth x2, Wool Thread, Saruta Cotton x2: Not a pleasant item to make and not readily available on AHs. Suffer through it...

[edit] 51-60

  • Insect Fletchings (52)-Wind Crystal, Insect Wing x2—Insect Wings are infinitely cheaper than feathers and they sell profitably on AHs. Just watch out for hitting the wall at 50…skill-ups slow down considerably. Power-craft these and sell them in Jeuno or Sandy, just be sure to cap at 52.
  • Silk Cloth (53)-Earth Crystal, Silk Thread x3—This, along with Velvet Cloth should form a major source of income from now until 60. Take this to cap regardless of other projects or plans; it’s that profitable, especially at the near-universal rate of 1k per thread and 10-12k per stack.
  • Green Ribbon (62)-Wind Crystal, Silk Cloth—These NPC for just over 2k each, and are sold on AH for 4-5k. Make your own at around 3k each. Now that you can make silk cloth fairly easily, I suggest making 1 stack of cloth to sell for each stack of cloth used to synth. This will either take a long time that way or simply destroy your gil.

Good luck! --Ctownwoody 11:00 am, 19 January 2008 (PDT)

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