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Category:Zeni Notorious Monsters

Zeni Notorious Monster (ZNM) events are spawned by trading a pop item to ??? around Vana'diel. The pop items are obtained from Sanraku at (E-8) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate in exchange for Zeni. When spawned, the pop item will disappear and the monster can be fought like any other mob in Vana'diel. A full alliance of 18 can engage these ZNMs only using one pop item. This is a normal monster battle, not a battlefield instance.

The amount of zeni that a pop item costs varies with level of demand (a player purchasing a pop item will cause its price to rise, and it will gradually drop back down over time) and with the tier of ZNM (higher tiers cost more zeni). Following a server maintenance, the price for all pop items is set to max; however, it can go higher than the max listed. Price seems to vary based on seals you have currently and supply and demand on pop items Verification Needed

After defeating a ZNM, a "trophy" item bearing the defeated ZNM's name is always dropped. It can be taken back to Sanraku, whereupon he will give you a colored seal key item in return. The seals allow the bearer one chance at purchasing a higher tier pop item (zeni is still required for purchase). These are temporary key items and once you purchase a pop item from Sanraku for a higher tier ZNM the lower tier seal is lost. For example: If you kill Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon in Tier 1 you will get a Maroon Seal upon turning in its Gigiroon's Cape; now you want to kill Iriz Ima in Tier 2. As soon as you purchase the pop item for Iriz Ima your Maroon Seal will be lost. In order to purchase another, you must turn in another trophy item that bestows a Maroon Seal.


[edit] Flow Chart

First Path (Mamool Ja Path) Second Path (Troll Path) Third Path (Lamiae Path)
Vulpangue Chamrosh Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Brass Borer Claret Ob Velionis Chigre Lil' Apkallu
Maroon Seal Cerise Seal Pine Green Seal
Iriz Ima Lividroot Amooshah Iriri Samariri Anantaboga Dextrose Reacton Verdelet Wulgaru Zareehkl the Jubilant
Apple Green Seal Salmon Seal Amber-Colored Seal
Armed Gears Gotoh Zha the Redolent Dea Achamoth Khromasoul Bhurborlor Nosferatu Experimental Lamia Mahjlaef the Paintorn Nuhn
Charcoal Grey Seal Deep Purple Seal Chestnut-colored Seal Copper-colored Seal Gold-Colored Seal Purplish-grey Seal Taupe-colored Seal Fallow-colored seal Sienna-colored Seal
Tinnin Sarameya Tyger
Lilac-colored Seal Bright Blue Seal Lavender-Colored Seal
Pandemonium Warden

[edit] By Tier

[edit] Tier I

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 1000 ~ Maximum 3000+)

Tier I NM Notable Drops Zone / Family Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier II ZNMs Unlocked
Chamrosh Mamook /
Chamrosh's Beak Maroon Seal
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Alzadaal Undersea Ruins /
Gigiroon's Cape
Vulpangue Wajaom Woodlands /
Vulpangue's Wing
Brass Borer Mount Zhayolm /
Brass Borer's Cocoon Cerise Seal
Claret Mount Zhayolm /
Claret Globule
Ob Alzadaal Undersea Ruins /
Ob's Arm
Chigre Aydeewa Subterrane /
Chigre Pine Green Seal
Lil' Apkallu Arrapago Reef /
Lil' Apkallu's Egg
Velionis Arrapago Reef /
Velionis' Bone

[edit] Tier II

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 2000 ~ Maximum 6000+)

Tier II NM Notable Drops Zone / Family Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier III ZNMs Unlocked
Iriri Samariri Mamook /
Maroon Seal Iriri Samariri's Hat Apple Green Seal
Iriz Ima Wajaom Woodlands /
Iriz Ima's Hide
Lividroot Amooshah Bhaflau Thickets /
Amooshah's Tendril
Anantaboga Mount Zhayolm /
Cerise Seal Anantaboga's Heart Salmon Seal
Dextrose Halvung /
Dextrose's Blubber
Reacton Halvung /
Reacton's Ashes
Verdelet Caedarva Mire /
Pine Green Seal Verdelet's Wing Amber Seal
Wulgaru Alzadaal Undersea Ruins /
Wulgaru's Head
Zareehkl the Jubilant Arrapago Reef /
Zareehkl's Neckpiece

[edit] Tier III

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 3000 ~ Maximum 9000+)Verification Needed

Tier III NM Notable Drops Zone / Family Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded
Armed Gears Alzadaal Undersea Ruins /
Apple Green Seal Armed Gears' Fragment Charcoal Grey Seal
Dea Bhaflau Thickets /
Dea's Horn Chestnut-colored Seal
Gotoh Zha the Redolent Wajaom Woodlands /
Mamool Ja
Gotoh Zha's Necklace Deep Purple Seal
Achamoth Halvung /
Salmon Seal Achamoth's Antenna Copper-colored Seal
Khromasoul Bhurborlor Mount Zhayolm /
Bhurborlor's Vambrace Gold-colored Seal
Nosferatu Aydeewa Subterrane /
Nosferatu's Claw Purplish-grey Seal
Experimental Lamia Caedarva Mire /
Amber Seal Experimental Lamia's Armband Taupe-colored Seal
Mahjlaef the Paintorn Caedarva Mire /
Mahjlaef's Staff Fallow-colored seal
Nuhn Arrapago Reef /
Nuhn's Esca Sienna-colored Seal

[edit] Tier IV

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 4000 ~ Maximum 10,000+)Verification Needed

Tier IV NM Notable Drops Zone / Family Seals Required Trophy Seal Rewarded
Tinnin Wajaom Woodlands /
Charcoal Grey Seal Tinnin's Fang Lilac-colored Seal
Deep Purple Seal
Chestnut-colored Seal
Sarameya Mount Zhayolm /
Copper-colored Seal Sarameya's Hide Bright Blue Seal
Gold-colored Seal
Purplish-grey Seal
Tyger Caedarva Mire /
Fallow-colored seal Tyger's Tail Lavender-colored Seal
Taupe-colored Seal
Sienna-colored Seal

[edit] Tier V

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 5000 ~ Maximum 15,000+)Verification Needed

Tier V NM Notable Drops Zone / Family Seals Required
Pandemonium Warden Aydeewa Subterrane /
Lilac-colored Seal
Bright Blue Seal
Lavender-colored Seal
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