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For a list of NM's see Voidwatch Notorious Monsters


[edit] Getting Started

[edit] Participation Requirements

[edit] First Step

(Stratum abyssite are permanent key items and need only be obtained once.)

Starting Quest/NPC Location Key Item
Voidwatch Officer - Windurst Windurst Waters North (G-5)
Windurst Waters (S) (G-5)
Jade Stratum Abyssite
Voidwatch Officer - Bastok Bastok Markets (D-11)
Bastok Markets (S) (G-5)
Indigo Stratum Abyssite
Voidwatch Officer - San d'Oria Southern San d'Oria (F-9)
Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-9)
Crimson Stratum Abyssite
Drafted by the Duchy - Jeuno Ru'Lude Gardens (H-6) White Stratum Abyssite
Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing - Outlands - Kieran Norg (I-8) Ashen Stratum Abyssite
VW Op. #050: Aht Urhgan Assault - Aht Urhgan - Camille Wajaom Woodlands (M-7) Amber Stratum Abyssite
VW Op. #026: Tavnazian Terrors - Other Areas - Owain Tavnazian Safehold (H-6) Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite

[edit] Notorious Monsters and Drops

Visit VwNM's for a complete list and visual guide.

[edit] Riftworn Pyxis

There are five lights that enhance the spoils from the Riftworn Pyxis. Their alignment values can be enhanced to produce the following benefits per cell (trade up to 3 cells max/per type):

  • Blue: Quantity of drops +50% (150% max). (Affected by Cobalt Cell)
  • Red: Quality of drops +50% (150% max). (Affected by Rubicund Cell)
  • Yellow: Experience Points Gained +25% (75% max). (Affected by Xanthous Cell)
  • Green: Cruor Gained +25% (75% max). (Affected by Jade Cell)
  • White: Increases chances of Atmacite and Periapt obtainment.

The alignment values for the above can be enhanced via Cells, by triggering the monster’s weakness, Treasure Hunter and by possessing certain alignment-enhancing periapts.

[edit] Ascent Items

Trade “ascent items” to a Planar Rift ahead of a battle. Doing so will enhance alignment values for that player only. Up to three of each cell type can be traded to the Planar Rift.

Ascent items can be obtained in the following ways:

Ascent Items Description Where to obtain Cost
Cobalt Cell Quantity of drops (Blue) Voidwatch Officer 3,000 Cruor
Voidwatch Purveyor 2,000 Conquest Points/Imperial Standing/Allied Notes
Treasure Casket Brown Chest from various areas with a Grounds Tome.
Rubicund Cell Quality of drops (Red) Voidwatch Officer 3,000 Cruor
Voidwatch Purveyor 2,000 Conquest Points/Imperial Standing/Allied Notes
Treasure Casket Brown Chest from various areas with a Grounds Tome.
Xanthous Cell Experience Points (Yellow) Voidwatch Officer 3,000 Cruor
Voidwatch Purveyor 3,000 Conquest Points/Imperial Standing/Allied Notes
Treasure Casket Brown Chest from various areas with a Grounds Tome.
Jade Cell Cruor gained (Green) Voidwatch Purveyor 2,000 Conquest Points/Imperial Standing/Allied Notes
Treasure Casket Brown Chest from various areas with a Grounds Tome.

[edit] Voidwatch Weaknesses

At the start of any Vw fight, 9 weakness triggers are chosen randomly, with 6 being normal, 2 being high, and 1 being extremely vurnerable. These come in the forms of job/pet abilities, weapon skills, and magic spells and can be triggered at anytime during the fight. Once a trigger has been hit, a new trigger will be chosen of the same type that was hit.

  • NOTE: Some monsters are completely immune to certain triggers and this can result in poor lights at the end of the fight.

Striking a VwNM's weaknesses will enhance alignment values for all combatants.

  • Alignment values increased via ascent items are reset when the player opens a Riftworn Pyxis.
  • Alignment values increased by striking enemy weaknesses are reflected in pyxis content and reset at the end of battle.
  • Enhanced values will not benefit combatants who did not expend a Voidstone at the commencement of battle. In this case, the portion of alignment enhanced via ascent items will be carried over.

[edit] Job Ability

Job Weakness Triggers
Black Mage Enmity Douse
Corsair Fire Shot Ice Shot Wind Shot Earth Shot Thunder Shot Water Shot
Dancer Quickstep Stutter Step Box Step Feather Step Violent Flourish Animated Flourish Desperate Flourish
Dark Knight Weapon Bash
Dragoon Jump High Jump Spirit Jump Soul Jump Angon
Monk Chi Blast
Paladin Shield Bash
Puppetmaster Ventriloquy
Ranger Bounty Shot Shadowbind
Samurai Blade Bash
Scholar Modus Veritas
Warrior Provoke Tomahawk

[edit] Pet

Light Blood Pact: Carbuncle's Holy Mist
Dark Blood Pact: Fenrir's Lunar Bay or Diabolos's Night Terror
Fire Blood Pact: Ifrit's Fire IV (Blood Pact)
Ice Blood Pact: Shiva's Blizzard IV (Blood Pact)
Wind Blood Pact: Garuda's Aero IV (Blood Pact)
Earth Blood Pact: Titan's Stone IV (Blood Pact)
Lightning Blood Pact: Ramuh's Thunder IV (Blood Pact)
Water Blood Pact: Leviathan's Water IV (Blood Pact)
Any automation ability or special attack triggers an automaton weakness.
Any Called Beast's special attack triggers a pet weakness.

[edit] Weapon Skill

Any weapon skill of a particular weapon class can stagger enemies EXCEPT Relic/Mythic/Empyrean/Merit Weapon Skills. Quested WS such as Evisceration CAN proc.

[edit] Magic

Magic Type Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
Black Magic Fire II Stone II Water II Aero II Blizzard II Thunder II Drain
Fire III Stone III Water III Aero III Blizzard III Thunder III Drain II
Fire IV Stone IV Water IV Aero IV Blizzard IV Thunder IV Aspir
Firaga Stonega Waterga Aeroga Blizzaga Thundaga Aspir II
Firaga II Stonega II Waterga II Aeroga II Blizzaga II Thundaga II Absorb-STR
Firaga III Stonega III Waterga III Aeroga III Blizzaga III Thundaga III Absorb-DEX
Firaja Stoneja Waterja Aeroja Blizzaja Thundaja Absorb-AGI
Flare Quake Flood Tornado Freeze Burst Absorb-VIT
Flare II Quake II Flood II Tornado II Freeze II Burst II Absorb-INT
Stun Absorb-CHR
Poison Blind II
Poison II Dispel
Poisonga Bio II
Burn Rasp Drown Choke Frost Shock Bio III
Pyrohelix Geohelix Hydrohelix Anemohelix Cryohelix Ionohelix Luminohelix Noctohelix
Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
White Magic Addle Slow Paralyze Banish II
Slow II Paralyze II Banish III
Banishga II
Dia II
Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
Ninjutsu Katon: Ichi Doton: Ichi Suiton: Ichi Huton: Ichi Hyoton: Ichi Raiton: Ichi Kurayami: Ichi
Katon: Ni Doton: Ni Suiton: Ni Huton: Ni Hyoton: Ni Raiton: Ni Kurayami: Ni
Katon: San Doton: San Suiton: San Huton: San Hyoton: San Raiton: San Yurin: Ichi
Hojo: Ichi Dokumori: Ichi Jubaku: Ichi
Hojo: Ni Aisha: Ichi
Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
Bard Songs Ice Threnody Lightning Threnody Fire Threnody Earth Threnody Wind Threnody Water Threnody Dark Threnody Light Threnody
Battlefield Elegy Magic Finale
Carnage Elegy
Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
Blue Magic Firespit Sandspin Acrid Stream Hecatomb Wave Infrasonics Temporal Shift Actinic Burst Death Ray
Heat Breath Magnetite Cloud Maelstrom Mysterious Light Ice Break Mind Blast Radiant Breath Eyes On Me
Thermal Pulse Cimicine Discharge Corrosive Ooze Leafstorm Cold Wave Charged Whisker Blank Gaze Sandspray
Blastbomb Bad Breath Cursed Sphere Reaving Wind Frost Breath Blitzstrahl Light of Penance


[edit] Battle Information

In order to obtain items you must posses a Voidstone. When gathered at a Planar Rift, everyone in the alliance with a voidstone will lose their stone. Those who do not posses a stone will still receive experience and cruor. You can fight NMs in both the present and the past, depending on which stage you are on.

There is a 30-minute time limit on all battles. Signet and Sigil have no effect and you will receive Voidwatcher status during the battle. Each person who possessed a Voidstone at the start of battle will have their own reward in the chest. To enhance the drops, you can trade Ascent Items before the battle starts (these only affect the individual who made the trade). If you fail to defeat the monster due to everyone dying or to timing out, your Ascent Items will be saved at that Planar Rift. They will also be saved upon zoning and if you go to a different zone and fight/defeat a new Voidwatch Monster. To ensure that the monster is not popped before everyone is ready, any person who checks the Planar Rift will be given a drop-down menu similar to popping Key Item Notorious Monsters in Abyssea. Once popped the monster will automatically engage the person who popped it. Once engaged the monster can give hints to trigger !! weaknesses and can give multiple triggers.

  • Be aware that if you stray too far from the location of the Planar Rift during the battle you will be stripped of your Voidwatcher status and be unable to aid your party.

After defeating the monster, a Riftworn Pyxis will appear where the Planar Rift was. Each person must check the Riftworn Pyxis to receive their reward(s). The items are NOT pooled together like a normal, defeated monster and thus items received can only be obtained by each individual. If the Riftworn Pyxis is not checked within a certain amount of time (3min), it will disappear with the treasure still inside.

[edit] Rewards

Upon expending a Voidstone, a player will receive items, exp, cruor, and possibly a Atmacite or a Periapt. Below is the base level of xp and cruor per stage and will be multiplied by a players yellow/green spectral alignment at the end of the battle.

[edit] Three Nations Region

Tier Experience Cruor Periapt or Atmacite
Stage I 5,000 5,000 Periapt
Stage II 5,500 5,500 Periapt
Stage III 6,000 6,000 Atmacite
Stage IV 6,500 6,500 Atmacite

[edit] Jeuno Region

Tier Experience Cruor Periapt or Atmacite
Stage I 6,000 6,000 Periapt
Stage II 6,500 6,500 Periapt
Stage III 7,000 7,000 Atmacite & Periapt
Stage IV 6,500 6,500 Periapt
Stage V 7,000 7,000 Periapt
Stage VI (S) 7500 7500 Atmacite
Stage VI 10,000 10,000 Atmacite & Periapt

[edit] Zilart Region

Tier Experience Cruor Periapt or Atmacite
Stage I 5,000 7,000 Periapt
Stage II 5,000 7,500 Atmacite
Stage III 5,000 8,000 Atmacite

[edit] Aht Urhgan & Tavnazia

Tier Experience Cruor Periapt or Atmacite
Stage I 7,500 7,500 Periapt & Atmacite
Stage II 10,000 10,000 Periapt & Atmacite


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