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This chain of tiny islands off the west coast of Quon was once home to the proud nation of Tavnazia.

Before the Great War, this region was actually a peninsula connected with the mainland. However, a devastating explosion caused by a secret weapon of the beastmen resulted in the disintegration of a large portion of the surrounding landscape. The explosion also sent the nation's capitol, a city built on the profits of its thriving trade business, into ruin.

The remnants of the beastman army remain in control of the archipelago. Until now, it was thought that none of the Tavnazian people had survived.

[edit] Outpost

The outpost of this region is located in Lufaise Meadows at E-8.

The Tavnazian Archipelago Supplies can only be obtained after returning to Tavnazian Safehold during the mission Sheltering Doubt.

[edit] Regional Vendor

Bastok Merchant San d'Oria Merchant Windurst Merchant Goods
Bastok Mines G-6
Port San d'Oria G-8
Port Windurst D-6

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