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Scythes are two-handed weapons, and are the primary weapon of the Dark Knight. Beastmaster, Warrior, and Black Mage are also able to use scythes, though they typically favor other weapons.

Scythes are a high damage and delay two-handed weapon, and focus primarily on damage output over enfeebling weaponskills or additional effects. Early on, a scythe wielder may find themselves hindered in making popular skillchains, so it is often recommended that scythe users carry a second weapon in case a certain skillchain is required. Dark Knights will frequently use a Great Sword for this purpose although Great Axe offers the most powerful weapon skill in lower levels.

The scythe's weaponskills are usually single or double hit attacks, although the infamous weaponskills Guillotine and Insurgency are 4-hit attacks. The single hit weaponskills generally have more reliable, although lower average, damage than multi-hit skills, but will benefit greatly from abilities such as Sneak Attack. When using Guillotine or Insurgency, however, it is important to remember that how many hits connecting determines a majority of the damage, so as with all multi-hit weaponskills, accuracy is paramount.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 45 Cap at Level 90
Dark Knight A+ 6 138 361
Warrior B+ 5 132 341
Beastmaster B- 5 132 325
Black Mage E 4 114 255

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

Name Lvl Slot Effects Jobs
Scythe Belt Rare 30 Waist Latent Effect: Scythe Skill +5 All Jobs
Abyssal Earring RareExclusive 72 Ear INT +2, Scythe Skill +5, Dark Magic Skill +5 All Jobs
Justice Torque RareExclusive 73 Neck STR +5, Scythe Skill +7, Great Katana Skill +7 All Jobs
Rekka Hachimaki RareExclusive 78 Head Resist Vs. Fire+10, Accuracy +12, Scythe Skill +5, Conserve TP +5 All Jobs
Bale Burgeonet +2 RareExclusive 85 Head STR +7, DEX +7, Scythe Skill +7, Double Attack +3%, Haste +6%, Set: Attack occasionally varies with HP DRK
Uther's Grip RareExclusive 90 Sub STR +4, Great Axe Skill +4, Scythe Skill +4 All Jobs

Weapon Skills

Name Skill Level Info Modifier
Slice 5 Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP. STR:30%
Dark Harvest 30 Deals dark elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:20% ; INT:20%
Shadow of Death 70
Deals dark elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:30% ; INT:30%
Nightmare Scythe 100 Blinds enemy. Duration of effect varies with TP. STR:30% ; MND:30%
Spinning Scythe 125 Delivers an area of effect attack. Attack radius varies with TP STR:30%
Vorpal Scythe 150 Single-hit attack. Chance of critical varies with TP. STR:35%
Guillotine 200
DRK Only
Four-hit attack. Silences enemy. Duration of effect varies with TP. STR:25% ; MND:25%
Cross Reaper 225
DRK Only
Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP. STR:30% ; MND:30%
Spiral Hell 240 Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP. STR:50% ; INT:50%
Infernal Scythe 300
Deals Dark elemental damage. Decreases enemy's attack. Duration varies with TP. INT Verification Needed
Insurgency Dark Knight Only Delivers a fourfold attack. Damage varies with TP. Liberator: Aftermath effect varies with TP. STR:20%; INT:20%
Catastrophe Bec de Faucon, Apocalypse Only Drains target's HP. Additional effect: Haste. INT:40% ; AGI:40%
Quietus Redemption (85), Penitence +1/Penitence+ +2 Only Delivers a triple damage attack that ignores target's defense. Amount ignored varies with TP. Redemption (85): Aftermath. STR:35% ; MND:50%
Entropy 357
Delivers a fourfold attack that convrts damage delt to own MP. Damage varies with TP. INT Verification Needed

Scythes by Level

Name Level Jobs DPS TP/hit Attributes
Ark Scythe icon.png Ark Scythe Exclusive.gif 001Ark_Scythe_+0_________________18563}}1 All Jobs 0.06 18% DMG:1 Delay:999 Enchantment: Costume
Bronze Zaghnal icon.png Bronze Zaghnal  001Bronze_Zaghnal_+0_____________16768}}1 BST DRK WAR 1.75 13% DMG:14 Delay:480
Bronze Zaghnal +1 icon.png Bronze Zaghnal +1  001Bronze_Zaghnal_+1_____________16778}}1 BST DRK WAR 1.91 12.5% DMG:15 Delay:470
Brass Zaghnal icon.png Brass Zaghnal  010Brass_Zaghnal_+0______________16769}}10 BST DRK WAR 3.12 13% DMG:25 Delay:480
Brass Zaghnal +1 icon.png Brass Zaghnal +1  010Brass_Zaghnal_+1______________16772}}10 BST DRK WAR 3.32 12.5% DMG:26 Delay:470
Keen Zaghnal icon.png Keen Zaghnal  010Keen_Zaghnal_+0_______________18067}}10 BST DRK WAR 3.12 13% DMG:25 Delay:480 Enchantment: Accuracy+3
Legionnaire's Scythe icon.png Legionnaire's Scythe  010Legionnaire's_Scythe_+0_______16780}}10 BST DRK WAR 3.27 13.5% DMG:27 Delay:495 STR+2 VIT-1
Serpette icon.png Serpette  012Serpette_+0___________________18956}}12 DRK 3.64 14.4% DMG:32 Delay:528
Serpette +1 icon.png Serpette +1  012Serpette_+1___________________18959}}12 DRK 3.86 14% DMG:33 Delay:513
Plantreaper icon.png Plantreaper  014Plantreaper_+0________________16783}}14 BST DRK WAR 3.75 13% DMG:30 Delay:480 Additional effect vs. plantoids: "Bind"
Bastokan Scythe icon.png Bastokan Scythe  015Bastokan_Scythe_+0____________18038}}15 BST DRK WAR 3.5 13% DMG:28 Delay:480 MP+4 STR+2 VIT-1
Republic Scythe icon.png Republic Scythe  015Republic_Scythe_+0____________18039}}15 BST DRK WAR 3.74 12.3% DMG:29 Delay:465 MP+6 STR+2 VIT-1
Lucent Scythe icon.png Lucent Scythe  018Lucent_Scythe_+0______________18062}}18 DRK 4.32 14.4% DMG:38 Delay:528 Enchantment: Delay:475
Scythe icon.png Scythe  018Scythe_+0_____________________16774}}18 DRK 4.32 14.4% DMG:38 Delay:528
Scythe +1 icon.png Scythe +1  018Scythe_+1_____________________16781}}18 DRK 4.56 14% DMG:39 Delay:513
Cruel Scythe icon.png Cruel Scythe Rare.gif 020Cruel_Scythe_+0_______________16773}}20 DRK 4.68 14% DMG:40 Delay:513 INT+2 MND-2 Element: Light-2 Element: Dark+2 Additional effect: Impairs evasion
Platoon Zaghnal icon.png Platoon Zaghnal  020Platoon_Zaghnal_+0____________18045}}20 BST DRK RUN WAR 4.34 12.5% DMG:34 Delay:470
Zaghnal icon.png Zaghnal  020Zaghnal_+0____________________16770}}20 BST DRK WAR 4.38 13% DMG:35 Delay:480
Zaghnal +1 icon.png Zaghnal +1  020Zaghnal_+1____________________16779}}20 BST DRK WAR 4.6 12.5% DMG:36 Delay:470
Webcutter icon.png Webcutter Rare.gifExclusive.gif 024Webcutter_+0__________________18040}}24 BST DRK WAR 5 13% DMG:40 Delay:480 Enhances effect of "Resist Slow" Additional effect vs. vermin: "Stun"
Frostreaper icon.png Frostreaper  027Frostreaper_+0________________16784}}27 BST DRK WAR 5.25 13% DMG:42 Delay:480 Element: Ice+6 Additional effect: Ice damage
Mercenary Captain's Scythe icon.png Mercenary Captain's Scythe  030Mercenary_Captain's_Scythe_+0_16776}}30 DRK 5.8 14.4% DMG:51 Delay:528
Federation Scythe icon.png Federation Scythe  034Federation_Scythe_+0__________18037}}34 DRK 6.39 13.5% DMG:53 Delay:498 In areas outside own nation's control: MP+12
Windurstian Scythe icon.png Windurstian Scythe  034Windurstian_Scythe_+0_________18036}}34 DRK 6.08 14% DMG:52 Delay:513 In areas outside own nation's control: MP+10
Harvester icon.png Harvester  037Harvester_+0__________________16785}}37 BST DRK WAR 6.62 13% DMG:53 Delay:480 Additional effect vs. plantoids: Weight
Beluga icon.png Beluga Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Beluga_+0_____________________18953}}40 BLM BST DRK WAR 7.54 13.6% DMG:63 Delay:501 HP+12 MP+12 Additional effect: Water damage
Mutilator icon.png Mutilator Rare.gif 040Mutilator_+0__________________18046}}40 DRK 7.41 13.7% DMG:62 Delay:502 Accuracy+3
Mythril Scythe icon.png Mythril Scythe  040Mythril_Scythe_+0_____________16775}}40 DRK 7.27 14.4% DMG:64 Delay:528
Mythril Scythe +1 icon.png Mythril Scythe +1  040Mythril_Scythe_+1_____________16782}}40 DRK 7.6 14% DMG:65 Delay:513
Mythril Zaghnal icon.png Mythril Zaghnal  042Mythril_Zaghnal_+0____________16796}}42 BST DRK WAR 7.25 13% DMG:58 Delay:480
Mythril Zaghnal +1 icon.png Mythril Zaghnal +1  042Mythril_Zaghnal_+1____________16797}}42 BST DRK WAR 7.6 12.3% DMG:59 Delay:466
Raven Scythe icon.png Raven Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 043Raven_Scythe_+0_______________16798}}43 DRK 7.73 14.4% DMG:68 Delay:528 STR+2 INT+2
Antlion Sickle icon.png Antlion Sickle  046Antlion_Sickle_+0_____________18051}}46 BLM BST DRK WAR 8.33 13.3% DMG:68 Delay:490
Jet Sickle icon.png Jet Sickle  046Jet_Sickle_+0_________________18945}}46 BLM BST DRK WAR 8.02 13.6% DMG:67 Delay:501 Enchantment: TP+10
Mandibular Sickle icon.png Mandibular Sickle  046Mandibular_Sickle_+0__________18050}}46 BLM BST DRK WAR 8.02 13.6% DMG:67 Delay:501
Falcastra icon.png Falcastra  047Falcastra_+0__________________16771}}47 BST DRK WAR 8.5 12.3% DMG:66 Delay:466 DEX+4 AGI-4
Barbarian's Scythe icon.png Barbarian's Scythe  049Barbarian's_Scythe_+0_________16786}}49 DRK 8.64 14.4% DMG:76 Delay:528 Accuracy-5 Attack+25
Bone Scythe icon.png Bone Scythe  053Bone_Scythe_+0________________16794}}53 DRK 9.32 13.7% DMG:78 Delay:502
Bone Scythe +1 icon.png Bone Scythe +1  053Bone_Scythe_+1________________16795}}53 DRK 9.69 13.3% DMG:79 Delay:489
Smiting Scythe icon.png Smiting Scythe  054Smiting_Scythe_+0_____________18957}}54 DRK 9.2 14.4% DMG:81 Delay:528 "Weapon Bash"+8
Smiting Scythe +1 icon.png Smiting Scythe +1  054Smiting_Scythe_+1_____________18960}}54 DRK 9.59 14% DMG:82 Delay:513 "Weapon Bash"+10
Demonslicer icon.png Demonslicer  055Demonslicer_+0________________16787}}55 BST DRK WAR 9.25 13% DMG:74 Delay:480 Element: Dark+12 Additional effect: Darkness damage
Ivory Sickle icon.png Ivory Sickle  057Ivory_Sickle_+0_______________18054}}57 BLM BST DRK WAR 9.58 13.6% DMG:80 Delay:501 INT+1 Converts 10 HP to MP
Ivory Sickle +1 icon.png Ivory Sickle +1  057Ivory_Sickle_+1_______________18055}}57 BLM BST DRK WAR 9.92 13.3% DMG:81 Delay:490 INT+2 Converts 15 HP to MP
Vassago's Scythe icon.png Vassago's Scythe Rare.gif 058Vassago's_Scythe_+0___________16788}}58 DRK 9.55 14.4% DMG:84 Delay:528 HP-5% Accuracy+5
Rusty Zaghnal icon.png Rusty Zaghnal  060Rusty_Zaghnal_+0______________18962}}60 BST DRK WAR 7.5 13% DMG:60 Delay:480
A l'Outrance icon.png A l'Outrance Rare.gifExclusive.gif 062A_l'Outrance_+0_______________18041}}62 BST DRK WAR 9.5 13% DMG:76 Delay:480 Additional effect vs. beasts: Darkness damage
Darksteel Scythe icon.png Darksteel Scythe  065Darksteel_Scythe_+0___________16789}}65 DRK 10.11 14.4% DMG:89 Delay:528
Darksteel Scythe +1 icon.png Darksteel Scythe +1  065Darksteel_Scythe_+1___________16790}}65 DRK 10.53 14% DMG:90 Delay:513
Ascention icon.png Ascention Rare.gifExclusive.gif 067Ascention_+0__________________18042}}67 BST DRK WAR 9.88 13% DMG:79 Delay:480 Element: Fire+8 Element: Light+8 Additional effect vs. undead: Fire damage
Blackjack icon.png Blackjack  069Blackjack_+0__________________18066}}69 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.78 13.6% DMG:90 Delay:501 MP+20 INT+4 Dark magic skill +5
Faucheuse icon.png Faucheuse Rare.gif 069Faucheuse_+0__________________18952}}69 BST DRK WAR 10.88 13% DMG:87 Delay:480 Physical damage taken -5% Set: Increases Evasion and HP recovered while healing Reduces Enmity
Vendetta icon.png Vendetta Rare.gif 069Vendetta_+0___________________18951}}69 DRK 11.02 14.4% DMG:97 Delay:528 Enhances "Beast Killer" effect Set: Increases STR, Attack, Ranged Attack, "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Goshisho's Scythe icon.png Goshisho's Scythe  070Goshisho's_Scythe_+0__________16792}}70 BST DRK WAR 10 13% DMG:80 Delay:480 Vs. undead: Accuracy+7
Havoc Scythe icon.png Havoc Scythe Rare.gif 070Havoc_Scythe_+0_______________18047}}70 DRK 10.64 14% DMG:91 Delay:513 STR+2 VIT-2 INT+4 Additional effect: MP drain
King Maker icon.png King Maker Rare.gif 070King_Maker_+0_________________18048}}70 BST DRK WAR 10.62 13% DMG:85 Delay:480 MP+20 CHR+5
Moliones's Sickle icon.png Moliones's Sickle Rare.gif 070Moliones's_Sickle_+0__________18947}}70 DRK 11.38 13.6% DMG:95 Delay:501 STR+3 Set: Increases Accuracy Enhances "Souleater" effect
Naigama icon.png Naigama  070Naigama_+0____________________18941}}70 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.18 13.6% DMG:85 Delay:501 Additional effect: MP drain
Naigama +1 icon.png Naigama +1  070Naigama_+1____________________18942}}70 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.53 13.3% DMG:86 Delay:490 Additional effect: MP drain
Volunteer's Scythe icon.png Volunteer's Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Volunteer's_Scythe_+0_________18064}}70 DRK 11.02 14.4% DMG:97 Delay:528 Assault: DMG:99 Attack+6
Fourth Zaghnal icon.png Fourth Zaghnal Rare.gif 071Fourth_Zaghnal_+0_____________18946}}71 BST DRK WAR 10.72 12.5% DMG:84 Delay:470 Accuracy+7 Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect
Scythe of Trials icon.png Scythe of Trials Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Scythe_of_Trials_+0___________16793}}71 BST DRK WAR 10.25 13% DMG:82 Delay:480 Latent effect: HP+20 Element: Thunder+10 Element: Light+10
Senior Gold Musketeer's Scythe icon.png Senior Gold Musketeer's Scythe Rare.gif 071Senior_Gold_Musketeer's_Scythe_+016799}}71 BST DRK WAR 10.38 13% DMG:83 Delay:480 Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect Citizens of Bastok: Accuracy+7
Storm Zaghnal icon.png Storm Zaghnal Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Storm_Zaghnal_+0______________18065}}71 BST DRK WAR 10.88 13% DMG:87 Delay:480 Depending on day: Increases elemental weapon skill damage
Zareehkl Scythe icon.png Zareehkl Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Zareehkl_Scythe_+0____________18949}}71 DRK 10.34 14.4% DMG:91 Delay:528 Latent effect: Increases rate of "Triple Attack"
Garuda's Sickle icon.png Garuda's Sickle Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Garuda's_Sickle_+0____________18063}}72 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.78 13.6% DMG:90 Delay:501 AGI+4 Latent effect: Accuracy+13
Martial Scythe icon.png Martial Scythe  072Martial_Scythe_+0_____________18056}}72 DRK 10.45 14.4% DMG:92 Delay:528 TP Bonus
Mighty Zaghnal icon.png Mighty Zaghnal  072Mighty_Zaghnal_+0_____________18049}}72 BST DRK WAR 10.45 13.4% DMG:86 Delay:494 INT+2 On Windsdays: DMG:94 Element: Air+15
Y's Scythe icon.png Y's Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Y's_Scythe_+0_________________18057}}72 DRK 10.76 14% DMG:92 Delay:513 HP-5% Accuracy+5
Blizzard Scythe icon.png Blizzard Scythe  073Blizzard_Scythe_+0____________18060}}73 DRK 11.02 14.4% DMG:97 Delay:528 Accuracy+2 Magic Accuracy+2 Enchantment: "Blizzard"
Death Scythe icon.png Death Scythe  073Death_Scythe_+0_______________16777}}73 DRK 11.02 14.4% DMG:97 Delay:528 Additional effect: HP drain
Death Scythe +1 icon.png Death Scythe +1  073Death_Scythe_+1_______________16791}}73 DRK 11.46 14% DMG:98 Delay:513 Additional effect: HP drain
Gravedigger icon.png Gravedigger Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Gravedigger_+0________________18053}}73 BLM BST DRK WAR 9.06 13.3% DMG:74 Delay:490 Latent effect: DMG:87 Critical hit rate +6%
Lyft Scythe icon.png Lyft Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Lyft_Scythe_+0________________18958}}73 DRK 11.14 14.4% DMG:98 Delay:528
Orichalcum Scythe icon.png Orichalcum Scythe  073Orichalcum_Scythe_+0__________18058}}73 DRK 11.02 14.4% DMG:97 Delay:528 Accuracy+2 Magic Accuracy+2
Perdu Sickle icon.png Perdu Sickle Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Perdu_Sickle_+0_______________18943}}73 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.54 13.6% DMG:88 Delay:501 Latent effect: DMG:93
Triton's Scythe icon.png Triton's Scythe  073Triton's_Scythe_+0____________18059}}73 DRK 11.46 14% DMG:98 Delay:513 Accuracy+3 Magic Accuracy+3
Enforcer icon.png Enforcer Rare.gif 074Enforcer_+0___________________18948}}74 DRK 10.8 14.4% DMG:95 Delay:528 STR+3 DEX+3 Evasion-6 Additional effect: MP drain
Suzaku's Scythe icon.png Suzaku's Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 074Suzaku's_Scythe_+0____________18043}}74 BST DRK WAR 11 13% DMG:88 Delay:480 Element: Fire+10 Accuracy+5 Enhances "Bird Killer" effect Additional effect: Fire damage
Tredecim Scythe icon.png Tredecim Scythe  074Tredecim_Scythe_+0____________18052}}74 DRK 10.8 14.4% DMG:95 Delay:528
White Joker icon.png White Joker Rare.gifExclusive.gif 074White_Joker_+0________________18950}}74 BLM BST DRK WAR 10.66 13.6% DMG:89 Delay:501 INT+4 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+8
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Apocalypse_+0_________________18306}}75 DRK 14% DMG:103 Delay:513 Accuracy+20 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blindness
Bahamut Zaghnal icon.png Bahamut Zaghnal Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Bahamut_Zaghnal_+0____________18061}}75 BST DRK WAR 3 13% DMG:24 Delay:480 Occasionally attacks 2 to 3 times
Bec de Faucon icon.png Bec de Faucon Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Bec_de_Faucon_+0______________18305}}75 DRK 11.7 14.4% DMG:103 Delay:528 In Dynamis: "Catastrophe"
Death Sickle icon.png Death Sickle Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Death_Sickle_+0_______________18944}}75 DRK 10.23 14.4% DMG:90 Delay:528
Dweomer Scythe icon.png Dweomer Scythe  075Dweomer_Scythe_+0_____________18955}}75 DRK 10.45 14.4% DMG:92 Delay:528
Dynamis Scythe icon.png Dynamis Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Dynamis_Scythe_+0_____________18304}}75 DRK 9.32 14.4% DMG:82 Delay:528 In Dynamis: DMG:85 Delay:528 Element: Ice+9
Farmhand icon.png Farmhand Exclusive.gif 075Farmhand_+0___________________19357}}75 DRK 8.52 14.4% DMG:75 Delay:528
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Liberator_+0__________________18978}}75 DRK 14.4% DMG:93 Delay:528
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Liberator_+0__________________18998}}75 DRK 14.4% DMG:93 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+20 Augments "Absorb" spells "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Memento Scythe icon.png Memento Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Memento_Scythe_+0_____________18303}}75 DRK 0.11 14.4% DMG:1 Delay:528 In Dynamis: DMG:82 Delay:528 Element: Ice+7
Ogre Sickle icon.png Ogre Sickle  075Ogre_Sickle_+0________________18954}}75 BLM 9.58 13.6% DMG:80 Delay:501
Relic Scythe icon.png Relic Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Relic_Scythe_+0_______________18302}}75 DRK 0.06 18% DMG:1 Delay:999
Scarecrow Scythe icon.png Scarecrow Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Scarecrow_Scythe_+0___________18044}}75 BST DRK WAR 10.75 13% DMG:86 Delay:480 "Double Attack"+1% Additional effect vs. birds: "Bind"
Severance icon.png Severance Exclusive.gif 075Severance_+0__________________19361}}75 DRK 8.75 14.4% DMG:77 Delay:528
Stigma icon.png Stigma Exclusive.gif 075Stigma_+0_____________________19358}}75 DRK 8.98 14.4% DMG:79 Delay:528
Ultimatum icon.png Ultimatum Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Ultimatum_+0__________________19359}}75 DRK 10.57 14.4% DMG:93 Delay:528
Vengeance icon.png Vengeance Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Vengeance_+0__________________19360}}75 DRK 5.21 14.1% DMG:45 Delay:518
Plaga Scythe icon.png Plaga Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 076Plaga_Scythe_+0_______________18961}}76 DRK 12.05 14.4% DMG:106 Delay:528 Additional effect: Darkness damage
Dire Scythe icon.png Dire Scythe  077Dire_Scythe_+0________________18964}}77 DRK 11.25 14.4% DMG:99 Delay:528 DEX+3 INT+3
Dire Scythe +1 icon.png Dire Scythe +1  077Dire_Scythe_+1________________18965}}77 DRK 11.7 14% DMG:100 Delay:513 DEX+4 INT+4
Absolution icon.png Absolution Exclusive.gif 080Absolution_+0_________________19438}}80 DRK 12.28 14% DMG:105 Delay:513
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Apocalypse_+0_________________18307}}80 DRK 14% DMG:117 Delay:513 Accuracy+25 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blindness
Gleaming Zaghnal icon.png Gleaming Zaghnal  080Gleaming_Zaghnal_+0___________18963}}80 BST DRK WAR 11.25 13% DMG:90 Delay:480
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Liberator_+0__________________19067}}80 DRK 14.4% DMG:108 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+20 Augments "Absorb" spells II "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Maleficence icon.png Maleficence Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Maleficence_+0________________19437}}80 DRK 5.8 14.4% DMG:51 Delay:528
Penitence icon.png Penitence Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Penitence_+0__________________19436}}80 DRK 12.61 14.4% DMG:111 Delay:528
Reckoning icon.png Reckoning Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Reckoning_+0__________________19439}}80 DRK 10 14.4% DMG:88 Delay:528
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Redemption_+0_________________19403}}80 DRK 13.7% DMG:113 Delay:502
Bounty Sickle icon.png Bounty Sickle Rare.gif 082Bounty_Sickle_+0______________18968}}82 BLM BST DRK WAR 11.26 13.6% DMG:94 Delay:501 Enhances effect of "Drain" and "Aspir"
Magnus Scythe icon.png Magnus Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 082Magnus_Scythe_+0______________18967}}82 DRK 10.34 14.4% DMG:91 Delay:528 Attack+7 Magnus stone equipped: Occasionally deals double damage
Absolution +1 icon.png Absolution +1 Exclusive.gif 085Absolution_+1_________________19496}}85 DRK 13.45 14% DMG:115 Delay:513
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Apocalypse_+0_________________18644}}85 DRK 14% DMG:130 Delay:513 Accuracy+30 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blind
Crisis Scythe icon.png Crisis Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Crisis_Scythe_+0______________18966}}85 DRK 13.8 14% DMG:118 Delay:513 Latent effect: "Catastrophe"
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Liberator_+0__________________19087}}85 DRK 14.4% DMG:122 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+25 Augments "Absorb" spells III "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Maleficence +1 icon.png Maleficence +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Maleficence_+1________________19495}}85 DRK 6.36 14.4% DMG:56 Delay:528
Penitence +1 icon.png Penitence +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Penitence_+1__________________19494}}85 DRK 13.98 14.4% DMG:123 Delay:528 "Quietus"
Reckoning +1 icon.png Reckoning +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Reckoning_+1__________________19497}}85 DRK 12.84 14.4% DMG:113 Delay:528
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Redemption_+0_________________19462}}85 DRK 13.7% DMG:127 Delay:502 STR+7 MND+7 "Quietus" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Sectum Sickle icon.png Sectum Sickle  087Sectum_Sickle_+0______________18555}}87 BLM BST DRK WAR 13.05 13.6% DMG:109 Delay:501 INT+4 Accuracy+4
Sectum Sickle +1 icon.png Sectum Sickle +1  087Sectum_Sickle_+1______________18556}}87 BLM BST DRK WAR 13.47 13.3% DMG:110 Delay:490 INT+5 Accuracy+5
Maleficus icon.png Maleficus Rare.gifExclusive.gif 089Maleficus_+0__________________18552}}89 BLM 11.74 13.6% DMG:98 Delay:501 INT+10 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 Magic critical hit rate +10% Increases magic critical hit damage
Woeborn icon.png Woeborn Rare.gifExclusive.gif 089Woeborn_+0____________________18553}}89 DRK 14.89 14.4% DMG:131 Delay:528 STR+6 Dark magic skill +7 Enhances "Endark" effect
Absolution +2 icon.png Absolution +2 Exclusive.gif 090Absolution_+2_________________19574}}90 DRK 14.62 14% DMG:125 Delay:513
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Apocalypse_+0_________________18658}}90 DRK 14% DMG:140 Delay:513 Accuracy+35 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blind
Darklinn Scythe icon.png Darklinn Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Darklinn_Scythe_+0____________18554}}90 DRK 14.39 14% DMG:123 Delay:513 STR+3 VIT+3
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Liberator_+0__________________19619}}90 DRK 14.4% DMG:133 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+30 Augments "Absorb" spells IV "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Maleficence +2 icon.png Maleficence +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Maleficence_+2________________19573}}90 DRK 6.36 14.4% DMG:56 Delay:528
Penitence +2 icon.png Penitence +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Penitence_+2__________________19572}}90 DRK 15.11 14.4% DMG:133 Delay:528 "Quietus"
Reckoning +2 icon.png Reckoning +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Reckoning_+2__________________19575}}90 DRK 12.84 14.4% DMG:113 Delay:528
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Redemption_+0_________________19540}}90 DRK 13.7% DMG:136 Delay:502 STR+10 MND+10 "Quietus" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Twilight Scythe icon.png Twilight Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Twilight_Scythe_+0____________18551}}90 DRK 14.97 14% DMG:128 Delay:513 STR+8 Additional effect: "Death"
Sortilege Scythe icon.png Sortilege Scythe Rare.gif 094Sortilege_Scythe_+0___________18557}}94 DRK 15.57 14.4% DMG:137 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+5 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Absolution +3 icon.png Absolution +3 Exclusive.gif 095Absolution_+3_________________19672}}95 DRK 15.44 14% DMG:132 Delay:513
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Apocalypse_+0_________________18672}}95 DRK 14% DMG:154 Delay:513 Accuracy+35 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blind
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Liberator_+0__________________19717}}95 DRK 14.4% DMG:149 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+30 Augments "Absorb" spells IV "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice or thrice
Maleficence +3 icon.png Maleficence +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Maleficence_+3________________19671}}95 DRK 6.7 14.4% DMG:59 Delay:528
Penitence +3 icon.png Penitence +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Penitence_+3__________________19670}}95 DRK 16.02 14.4% DMG:141 Delay:528 "Quietus"
Reckoning +3 icon.png Reckoning +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Reckoning_+3__________________19673}}95 DRK 13.52 14.4% DMG:119 Delay:528
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Redemption_+0_________________19638}}95 DRK 13.7% DMG:150 Delay:502 STR+11 MND+11 "Quietus" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Yhatdhara icon.png Yhatdhara  097Yhatdhara_+0__________________18561}}97 BST DRK WAR 14.88 13% DMG:119 Delay:480 Attack+5 Weapon Skill Accuracy+8
Yhatdhara +1 icon.png Yhatdhara +1  097Yhatdhara_+1__________________18562}}97 BST DRK WAR 15.45 12.3% DMG:120 Delay:466 Attack+6 Weapon Skill Accuracy+9
Aak'ab Scythe icon.png Aak'ab Scythe  099Aak'ab_Scythe_+0______________20922}}99 DRK 16.82 14.4% DMG:148 Delay:528 STR+6 Accuracy+5 Attack+10 Enmity-5
Aak'ab Scythe +1 icon.png Aak'ab Scythe +1  099Aak'ab_Scythe_+1______________20923}}99 DRK 17.43 14% DMG:149 Delay:513 STR+7 Accuracy+6 Attack+11 Enmity-6
Adflictio icon.png Adflictio Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Adflictio_+0__________________18565}}99 DRK 15.67 14% DMG:134 Delay:513 STR+15 Latent Effect: DMG:154
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Apocalypse_+0_________________19753}}99 DRK 19.53 14% DMG:167 Delay:513 Accuracy+40 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blind
Apocalypse icon.png Apocalypse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Apocalypse_+0_________________19846}}99 DRK 19.53 14% DMG:167 Delay:513 Accuracy+40 "Catastrophe" Additional effect: Blind Afterglow
Basanizo icon.png Basanizo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Basanizo_+0___________________19894}}99 DRK 14.43 14.4% DMG:127 Delay:528
Cloacina icon.png Cloacina Exclusive.gif 099Cloacina_+0___________________19893}}99 DRK 16.61 14% DMG:142 Delay:513
Devilish Scythe icon.png Devilish Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Devilish_Scythe_+0____________18564}}99 DRK 14.77 14.4% DMG:130 Delay:528 STR+10
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Liberator_+0__________________19826}}99 DRK 18.41 14.4% DMG:162 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+35 Augments "Absorb" spells V "Insurgency" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice or thrice
Liberator icon.png Liberator Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Liberator_+0__________________19955}}99 DRK 18.41 14.4% DMG:162 Delay:528 Magic Accuracy+35 Augments "Absorb" spells V "Insurgency" Afterglow Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice or thrice
Nirastamo icon.png Nirastamo Rare.gif 099Nirastamo_+0__________________18560}}99 DRK 15.91 14.4% DMG:140 Delay:528 STR+5 INT+7 Attack+10 Increases amount of TP gained when landing critical hits
Ogresse icon.png Ogresse Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Ogresse_+0____________________19892}}99 DRK 7.05 14.4% DMG:62 Delay:528
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Redemption_+0_________________19811}}99 DRK 19.48 13.7% DMG:163 Delay:502 STR+13 MND+13 "Quietus" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Redemption icon.png Redemption Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Redemption_+0_________________19859}}99 DRK 19.48 13.7% DMG:163 Delay:502 STR+13 MND+13 "Quietus" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage Afterglow
Umiliati icon.png Umiliati Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Umiliati_+0___________________19891}}99 DRK 17.16 14.4% DMG:151 Delay:528 "Quietus"
Void Scythe icon.png Void Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Void_Scythe_+0________________18559}}99 DRK 16.96 14% DMG:145 Delay:513 MP+30 Dark magic skill +10 Enhances effect of "Absorb" spells
Wroth Scythe icon.png Wroth Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Wroth_Scythe_+0_______________18558}}99 DRK 16.7 14.4% DMG:147 Delay:528 STR+7 Increases critical hit damage
Iizamal icon.png Iizamal Exclusive.gif 105Iizamal_+0____________________20924}}99(105) DRK 17.39 14.4% DMG:153 Delay:528 Scythe skill +54 Parrying skill +54
Forefront Lance icon.png Forefront Lance Rare.gifExclusive.gif 106Forefront_Lance_+0____________20962}}99(106) DRG 17.32 13.4% DMG:142 Delay:492 Accuracy+15 Polearm skill +67 Parrying skill +67 Reives: DMG:177 Accuracy+25
Forefront Scythe icon.png Forefront Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 106Forefront_Scythe_+0___________20916}}99(106) DRK 17.27 14.4% DMG:152 Delay:528 Accuracy+15 Scythe skill +67 Parrying skill +67 Reives: DMG:190 Accuracy+25
Dimmet Scythe icon.png Dimmet Scythe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 113Dimmet_Scythe_+0______________20918}}99(113) DRK 27.50 14.4% DMG:242 Delay:528 Accuracy+3 Attack+10 Scythe skill +162 Parrying skill +162
Iizamal +1 icon.png Iizamal +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 113Iizamal_+1____________________20915}}99(113) DRK 17.39 14.4% DMG:218 Delay:528 Scythe skill +162 Parrying skill +162
Xbalanque icon.png Xbalanque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 115Xbalanque_+0__________________20917}}99(115) DRK 29.09 14.4% DMG:256 Delay:528 STR+12 DEX+12 Scythe skill +188 Parrying skill +188 "Double Attack"+3%
Lacryma Sickle icon.png Lacryma Sickle  117Lacryma_Sickle_+0_____________20919}}99(117) DRK 30.8 14.4% DMG:271 Delay:528 Scythe skill +220 Parrying skill +215
Lacryma Sickle +1 icon.png Lacryma Sickle +1  118Lacryma_Sickle_+1_____________20920}}99(118) DRK 31.81 14% DMG:272 Delay:513 Scythe skill +233 Parrying skill +228

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