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Ring Slots

This is equipment worn on the fingers. Notice that you can equip two rings.

Macro- /equip L.ring "Item Name"
Macro- /equip R.ring "Item Name"

Another way to do it:

Macro- /equip ring1 "Item Name"
Macro- /equip ring2 "Item Name"

Rings by Level

Name Level Jobs Attributes
Alchemist's Ring icon.png Alchemist's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Alchemist's_Ring_+0___________15825}}1 All Jobs Alchemy Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Anniversary Ring icon.png Anniversary Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Anniversary_Ring_+0___________15793}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +100% Maximum duration: 720 min. Maximum bonus: 3000
Ascetic's Ring icon.png Ascetic's Ring  001Ascetic's_Ring_+0_____________13440}}1 All Jobs MND+1
Bastokan Ring icon.png Bastokan Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Bastokan_Ring_+0______________13497}}1 All Jobs HP+3 DEX+1 VIT+1
Bonecrafter's Ring icon.png Bonecrafter's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Bonecrafter's_Ring_+0_________15824}}1 All Jobs Bonecraft Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Carpenter's Ring icon.png Carpenter's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Carpenter's_Ring_+0___________15819}}1 All Jobs Woodworking Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Castor's Ring icon.png Castor's Ring  001Castor's_Ring_+0______________14647}}1 All Jobs
Chariot Band icon.png Chariot Band Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Chariot_Band_+0_______________15761}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +75%
Maximum duration: 720 min.
Maximum bonus: 750
Chef's Ring icon.png Chef's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Chef's_Ring_+0________________15826}}1 All Jobs Cooking Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Copper Ring icon.png Copper Ring  001Copper_Ring_+0________________13454}}1 All Jobs HP+1 MP-1
Copper Ring +1 icon.png Copper Ring +1  001Copper_Ring_+1________________13492}}1 All Jobs HP+2 MP-1
Decennial Ring icon.png Decennial Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Decennial_Ring_+0_____________10796}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +100% Maximum duration: 720 min. Maximum bonus: 10000
Ducal Guard's Ring icon.png Ducal Guard's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Ducal_Guard's_Ring_+0_________14657}}1 All Jobs A gold ring adorned with a lunar feldspar. The words "Ducal Recall" are engraved on the underside of the band.
Emperor Band icon.png Emperor Band Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Emperor_Band_+0_______________15763}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +50%
Maximum duration: 720 min.
Maximum bonus: 3000
Empress Band icon.png Empress Band Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Empress_Band_+0_______________15762}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +50%
Maximum duration: 720 min.
Maximum bonus: 3000
Goldsmith's Ring icon.png Goldsmith's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Goldsmith's_Ring_+0___________15821}}1 All Jobs Goldsmithing Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Hermit's Ring icon.png Hermit's Ring  001Hermit's_Ring_+0______________13475}}1 All Jobs INT+1
Homing Ring icon.png Homing Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Homing_Ring_+0________________15541}}1 All Jobs Enchantment: Outpost Warp
Judge's Ring icon.png Judge's Ring  001Judge's_Ring_+0_______________13505}}1 All Jobs DEF:20 GMs Only
Kupofried's Ring icon.png Kupofried's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Kupofried's_Ring_+0___________15840}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +100% Maximum duration: 24 hrs. Maximum bonus: 6000
Matrimony Band icon.png Matrimony Band  001Matrimony_Band_+0_____________15848}}1 All Jobs
Matrimony Ring icon.png Matrimony Ring  001Matrimony_Ring_+0_____________15847}}1 All Jobs
Novennial Ring icon.png Novennial Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Novennial_Ring_+0_____________11666}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +100% Maximum duration: 720 min. Maximum bonus: 9000
Pollux's Ring icon.png Pollux's Ring  001Pollux's_Ring_+0______________14648}}1 All Jobs
Return Ring icon.png Return Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Return_Ring_+0________________15542}}1 All Jobs Enchantment: Outpost Warp
  • When used, this warps the user to the Outpost in the region the user is currently in, but only if the user's nation controls the region and the user has done the Supply Run Mission to that region.
San d'Orian Ring icon.png San d'Orian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001San_d'Orian_Ring_+0___________13495}}1 All Jobs DEF:2 STR+1 MND+1
Smith's Ring icon.png Smith's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Smith's_Ring_+0_______________15820}}1 All Jobs Smithing Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Tailor's Ring icon.png Tailor's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Tailor's_Ring_+0______________15822}}1 All Jobs Clothcraft Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Tanner's Ring icon.png Tanner's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Tanner's_Ring_+0______________15823}}1 All Jobs Leathercraft Success Rate +1% Cannot synthesize high quality items
Question mark stub.png Undecennial Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Undecennial_Ring_+0___________00000}}1 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +100% Maximum duration: 720 min. Maximum bonus: 11111
Wedding Ring icon.png Wedding Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Wedding_Ring_+0_______________13517}}1 All Jobs
Windurstian Ring icon.png Windurstian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Windurstian_Ring_+0___________13496}}1 All Jobs MP+3 AGI+1 INT+1
Blind Ring icon.png Blind Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 005Blind_Ring_+0_________________15834}}5 All Jobs Enchantment: "Blind"
Brass Ring icon.png Brass Ring  007Brass_Ring_+0_________________13465}}7 All Jobs HP+2 MP-2
Brass Ring +1 icon.png Brass Ring +1  007Brass_Ring_+1_________________13493}}7 All Jobs HP+3 MP-2
Desperado Ring icon.png Desperado Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 009Desperado_Ring_+0_____________15835}}9 BLM BLU DRK GEO PLD RDM RUN SCH SMN WHM Latent effect: Attack+5
Astral Ring icon.png Astral Ring  010Astral_Ring_+0________________13548}}10 All Jobs Converts 25 HP to MP
Eremite's Ring icon.png Eremite's Ring  010Eremite's_Ring_+0_____________13284}}10 All Jobs INT+2
Eremite's Ring +1 icon.png Eremite's Ring +1  010Eremite's_Ring_+1_____________13285}}10 All Jobs INT+3
Multiple Ring icon.png Multiple Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 010Multiple_Ring_+0______________15790}}10 All Jobs Latent effect: HP+50 MP+20
Safeguard Ring icon.png Safeguard Ring  010Safeguard_Ring_+0_____________14670}}10 All Jobs DEF:2
Saintly Ring icon.png Saintly Ring  010Saintly_Ring_+0_______________13282}}10 All Jobs MND+2
Saintly Ring +1 icon.png Saintly Ring +1  010Saintly_Ring_+1_______________13283}}10 All Jobs MND+3
Manashell Ring icon.png Manashell Ring  011Manashell_Ring_+0_____________15782}}11 All Jobs FireFire+2 WaterWater+2 Enchantment: MP+9
Shell Ring icon.png Shell Ring  011Shell_Ring_+0_________________13442}}11 All Jobs FireFire+2 WaterWater+2
Shell Ring +1 icon.png Shell Ring +1  011Shell_Ring_+1_________________13494}}11 All Jobs FireFire+3 WaterWater+3
Amber Ring icon.png Amber Ring  014Amber_Ring_+0_________________13473}}14 All Jobs VIT+1 Element: Earth+3
Amethyst Ring icon.png Amethyst Ring  014Amethyst_Ring_+0______________13471}}14 All Jobs DEX+1 Element: Thunder+3
Armored Ring icon.png Armored Ring  014Armored_Ring_+0_______________15783}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 Enchantment: DEF+8
Balance Ring icon.png Balance Ring  014Balance_Ring_+0_______________13524}}14 All Jobs DEX+2 Element: Thunder+4
Balance Ring +1 icon.png Balance Ring +1  014Balance_Ring_+1_______________13524}}14 All Jobs DEX+2 Element: Thunder+5
Clear Ring icon.png Clear Ring  014Clear_Ring_+0_________________13470}}14 All Jobs INT+1 Element: Ice+3
Courage Ring icon.png Courage Ring  014Courage_Ring_+0_______________13522}}14 All Jobs STR+2 Element: Fire+4
Courage Ring +1 icon.png Courage Ring +1  014Courage_Ring_+1_______________14593}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 STR+2 Element: Fire+5
Energy Ring icon.png Energy Ring  014Energy_Ring_+0________________13527}}14 All Jobs MP+3 DarkDark +4
Energy Ring +1 icon.png Energy Ring +1  014Energy_Ring_+1________________14598}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+5 DarkDark +5
Hope Ring icon.png Hope Ring  014Hope_Ring_+0__________________13528}}14 All Jobs CHR+2 Element: Light+4
Hope Ring +1 icon.png Hope Ring +1  014Hope_Ring_+1__________________14599}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 CHR+2 Element: Light+5
Knowledge Ring icon.png Knowledge Ring  014Knowledge_Ring_+0_____________13523}}14 All Jobs INT+2 Element: Ice+4
Knowledge Ring +1 icon.png Knowledge Ring +1  014Knowledge_Ring_+1_____________14594}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 INT+2 Element: Ice+5
Lapis Lazuli Ring icon.png Lapis Lazuli Ring  014Lapis_Lazuli_Ring_+0__________13472}}14 All Jobs MND+1 Element: Water+3
Leather Ring icon.png Leather Ring  014Leather_Ring_+0_______________13469}}14 All Jobs DEF:1
Leather Ring +1 icon.png Leather Ring +1  014Leather_Ring_+1_______________13499}}14 All Jobs DEF:2
Mighty Ring icon.png Mighty Ring  014Mighty_Ring_+0________________15558}}14 All Jobs STR+1 Element: Fire+3 Enchantment: Attack+5 Ranged Attack+5
Onyx Ring icon.png Onyx Ring  014Onyx_Ring_+0__________________13474}}14 All Jobs MP+2 DarkDark+3
Opal Ring icon.png Opal Ring  014Opal_Ring_+0__________________13443}}14 All Jobs CHR+1 Resist Vs. Light+3
Poisona Ring icon.png Poisona Ring  014Poisona_Ring_+0_______________14654}}14 All Jobs HP+3 MP-3 Enchantment: "Poisona"
Reflex Ring icon.png Reflex Ring  014Reflex_Ring_+0________________13521}}14 All Jobs AGI+2 WindWind +4
Reflex Ring +1 icon.png Reflex Ring +1  014Reflex_Ring_+1________________14592}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 AGI+2 WindWind +5
Sardonyx Ring icon.png Sardonyx Ring  014Sardonyx_Ring_+0______________13444}}14 All Jobs STR+1 FireFire+3
Silver Ring icon.png Silver Ring  014Silver_Ring_+0________________13456}}14 All Jobs HP+3 MP-3
Silver Ring +1 icon.png Silver Ring +1  014Silver_Ring_+1________________13518}}14 All Jobs HP+4 MP-4
Stamina Ring icon.png Stamina Ring  014Stamina_Ring_+0_______________13526}}14 All Jobs VIT+2 Element: Earth+4
Stamina Ring +1 icon.png Stamina Ring +1  014Stamina_Ring_+1_______________14597}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 VIT+2 EarthEarth+5
Tourmaline Ring icon.png Tourmaline Ring  014Tourmaline_Ring_+0____________13468}}14 All Jobs AGI+1 WindWind +3
Tranquility Ring icon.png Tranquility Ring  014Tranquility_Ring_+0___________13525}}14 All Jobs MND+2 Element: Water+4
Tranquility Ring +1 icon.png Tranquility Ring +1  014Tranquility_Ring_+1___________14596}}14 All Jobs DEF:1 MND+2 Element: Water+5
Vision Ring icon.png Vision Ring  014Vision_Ring_+0________________15559}}14 All Jobs DEX+1 LightningLightning +3 Enchantment: Accuracy+2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Albatross Ring icon.png Albatross Ring Exclusive.gif 015Albatross_Ring_+0_____________15555}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: Increases stamina while fishing
Fasting Ring icon.png Fasting Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Fasting_Ring_+0_______________15546}}15 All Jobs HP-20 MP+10 STR+1
Heron Ring icon.png Heron Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Heron_Ring_+0_________________15846}}15 All Jobs Fishing support: Reduces fish stamina recovery
Noddy Ring icon.png Noddy Ring Rare.gif 015Noddy_Ring_+0_________________11655}}15 All Jobs Fishing skill (artisan and above):
Reduces chances of fishing up
Pelican Ring icon.png Pelican Ring Exclusive.gif 015Pelican_Ring_+0_______________15554}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: Increases rate at which fishing skill is gained
Penguin Ring icon.png Penguin Ring Exclusive.gif 015Penguin_Ring_+0_______________15556}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: Increases skill at tiring fish
Puffin Ring icon.png Puffin Ring Rare.gif 015Puffin_Ring_+0________________11654}}15 All Jobs Fishing skill (journeyman and above): Increases chances of fishing up large prey.
Seagull Ring icon.png Seagull Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Seagull_Ring_+0_______________15845}}15 All Jobs Fishing support: Increases fish stamina reduction
Bomb Ring icon.png Bomb Ring Rare.gif 016Bomb_Ring_+0__________________13506}}16 All Jobs DEF:2 HP+15 Element: Fire-5
Bone Ring icon.png Bone Ring  016Bone_Ring_+0__________________13441}}16 All Jobs Accuracy-2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Bone Ring +1 icon.png Bone Ring +1  016Bone_Ring_+1__________________13500}}16 All Jobs Accuracy-2 Ranged Accuracy+3
Protean Ring icon.png Protean Ring  020Protean_Ring_+0_______________14652}}20 All Jobs Garrison: Attack+3 Ranged Attack+3
Variable Ring icon.png Variable Ring  020Variable_Ring_+0______________14653}}20 All Jobs Garrison: MP+28 MP recovered while healing +1
Beetle Ring icon.png Beetle Ring  021Beetle_Ring_+0________________13457}}21 All Jobs Accuracy-3 Ranged Accuracy+3
Beetle Ring +1 icon.png Beetle Ring +1  021Beetle_Ring_+1________________13501}}21 All Jobs Accuracy-3 Ranged Accuracy+4
Mythril Ring icon.png Mythril Ring  024Mythril_Ring_+0_______________13446}}24 All Jobs HP+4 MP-4
Mythril Ring +1 icon.png Mythril Ring +1  024Mythril_Ring_+1_______________13519}}24 All Jobs HP+5 MP-5
Carect Ring icon.png Carect Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 025Carect_Ring_+0________________14667}}25 All Jobs MP+20 MND+1
Bowyer Ring icon.png Bowyer Ring Rare.gif 029Bowyer_Ring_+0________________14660}}29 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+3 Ranged Attack+3
Allied Ring icon.png Allied Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Allied_Ring_+0________________14671}}30 All Jobs Experience point bonus: +150% Maximum duration: 720 min. Maximum bonus: 9000
Archer's Ring icon.png Archer's Ring  030Archer's_Ring_+0______________13514}}30 All Jobs Accuracy+2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Divisor Ring icon.png Divisor Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Divisor_Ring_+0_______________15786}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Accuracy+6 Attack+3
Rajas Ring icon.png Rajas Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Rajas_Ring_+0_________________15543}}30 All Jobs STR+2~5 DEX+2~5 "Store TP"+5 "Subtle Blow"+5
Sattva Ring icon.png Sattva Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Sattva_Ring_+0________________15544}}30 All Jobs HP+15~30 VIT+2~5 AGI+2~5 Enmity+3
Shikaree Ring icon.png Shikaree Ring Exclusive.gif 030Shikaree_Ring_+0______________15551}}30 All Jobs Accuracy+2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Tamas Ring icon.png Tamas Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Tamas_Ring_+0_________________15545}}30 All Jobs MP+15~30 INT+2~5 MND+2~5 Enmity-3
Protect Ring icon.png Protect Ring  032Protect_Ring_+0_______________15838}}32 All Jobs AGI+1 Enchantment: "Protect II"
Smilodon Ring icon.png Smilodon Ring  032Smilodon_Ring_+0______________15836}}32 All Jobs AGI+1
Smilodon Ring +1 icon.png Smilodon Ring +1  032Smilodon_Ring_+1______________15837}}32 All Jobs AGI+2 Accuracy+1
Venerer Ring icon.png Venerer Ring Rare.gif 034Venerer_Ring_+0_______________14655}}34 All Jobs Accuracy+3
Horn Ring icon.png Horn Ring  035Horn_Ring_+0__________________13459}}35 All Jobs Accuracy-4 Ranged Accuracy+4
Horn Ring +1 icon.png Horn Ring +1  035Horn_Ring_+1__________________13502}}35 All Jobs Accuracy-4 Ranged Accuracy+5
Jaeger Ring icon.png Jaeger Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 035Jaeger_Ring_+0________________14669}}35 All Jobs Accuracy+4 Ranged Accuracy+4
Alacrity Ring icon.png Alacrity Ring  036Alacrity_Ring_+0______________13529}}36 All Jobs AGI+3 Element: Air+6
Alacrity Ring +1 icon.png Alacrity Ring +1  036Alacrity_Ring_+1______________14600}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 AGI+3 Element: Air+7
Ametrine Ring icon.png Ametrine Ring  036Ametrine_Ring_+0______________13479}}36 All Jobs DEX+2 Element: Thunder+5
Aura Ring icon.png Aura Ring  036Aura_Ring_+0__________________13535}}36 All Jobs MP+5 Element: Dark+6
Aura Ring +1 icon.png Aura Ring +1  036Aura_Ring_+1__________________14606}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 MP+7 Element: Dark+7
Black Ring icon.png Black Ring  036Black_Ring_+0_________________13482}}36 All Jobs MP+4 Element: Dark+5
Deft Ring icon.png Deft Ring  036Deft_Ring_+0__________________13532}}36 All Jobs DEX+3 Element: Thunder+6
Deft Ring +1 icon.png Deft Ring +1  036Deft_Ring_+1__________________14603}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 DEX+3 Element: Thunder+7
Garnet Ring icon.png Garnet Ring  036Garnet_Ring_+0________________13477}}36 All Jobs STR+2 Element: Fire+5
Goshenite Ring icon.png Goshenite Ring  036Goshenite_Ring_+0_____________13478}}36 All Jobs INT+2 Element: Ice+5
Loyalty Ring icon.png Loyalty Ring  036Loyalty_Ring_+0_______________13536}}36 All Jobs CHR+3 Element: Light+6
Loyalty Ring +1 icon.png Loyalty Ring +1  036Loyalty_Ring_+1_______________14607}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 CHR+3 Element: Light+7
Maldust Ring icon.png Maldust Ring Rare.gif 036Maldust_Ring_+0_______________13508}}36 All Jobs VIT-3 CHR-3 Element: Earth+10
Malflame Ring icon.png Malflame Ring Rare.gif 036Malflame_Ring_+0______________13510}}36 All Jobs STR-3 CHR-3 Element: Fire+10
Malflash Ring icon.png Malflash Ring Rare.gif 036Malflash_Ring_+0______________13511}}36 All Jobs DEX-3 CHR-3 Element: Thunder+10
Malflood Ring icon.png Malflood Ring Rare.gif 036Malflood_Ring_+0______________13507}}36 All Jobs MND-3 CHR-3 Element: Water+10
Malfrost Ring icon.png Malfrost Ring Rare.gif 036Malfrost_Ring_+0______________13509}}36 All Jobs INT-3 CHR-3 Element: Ice+10
Malgust Ring icon.png Malgust Ring Rare.gif 036Malgust_Ring_+0_______________13512}}36 All Jobs AGI-3 CHR-3 Element: Air+10
Pearl Ring icon.png Pearl Ring  036Pearl_Ring_+0_________________13483}}36 All Jobs CHR+2 Element: Light+5
Peridot Ring icon.png Peridot Ring  036Peridot_Ring_+0_______________13476}}36 All Jobs AGI+2 Element: Air+5
Puissance Ring icon.png Puissance Ring  036Puissance_Ring_+0_____________13530}}36 All Jobs STR+3 Element: Fire+6
Puissance Ring +1 icon.png Puissance Ring +1  036Puissance_Ring_+1_____________14601}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 STR+3 Element: Fire+7
Solace Ring icon.png Solace Ring  036Solace_Ring_+0________________13533}}36 All Jobs MND+3 Element: Water+6
Solace Ring +1 icon.png Solace Ring +1  036Solace_Ring_+1________________14604}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 MND+3 Resist Vs. Water+7
Sphene Ring icon.png Sphene Ring  036Sphene_Ring_+0________________13481}}36 All Jobs VIT+2 Element: Earth+5
Turquoise Ring icon.png Turquoise Ring  036Turquoise_Ring_+0_____________13480}}36 All Jobs MND+2 Resist Vs. Water+5
Verve Ring icon.png Verve Ring  036Verve_Ring_+0_________________13534}}36 All Jobs VIT+3 Element: Earth+6
Verve Ring +1 icon.png Verve Ring +1  036Verve_Ring_+1_________________14605}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 VIT+3 Element: Earth+7
Wisdom Ring icon.png Wisdom Ring  036Wisdom_Ring_+0________________13531}}36 All Jobs INT+3 Element: Ice+6
Wisdom Ring +1 icon.png Wisdom Ring +1  036Wisdom_Ring_+1________________14602}}36 All Jobs DEF:2 INT+3 Element: Ice+7
Aegis Ring icon.png Aegis Ring Rare.gif 038Aegis_Ring_+0_________________13554}}38 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM DEF:5
Blitz Ring icon.png Blitz Ring Rare.gif 039Blitz_Ring_+0_________________13553}}39 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR Haste+1%
Crossbowman Ring icon.png Crossbowman Ring Rare.gif 040Crossbowman_Ring_+0___________13550}}40 All Jobs Ranged Attack+5 DEF-14
Electrum Ring icon.png Electrum Ring  040Electrum_Ring_+0______________13515}}40 All Jobs HP-20 MP+20
Ether Ring icon.png Ether Ring Rare.gif 040Ether_Ring_+0_________________13549}}40 All Jobs Converts 30 HP to MP
Luzaf's Ring icon.png Luzaf's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Luzaf's_Ring_+0_______________15810}}40 All Jobs Increases "Phantom Roll" area of effect
Mana Ring icon.png Mana Ring Rare.gif 040Mana_Ring_+0__________________14651}}40 All Jobs MP+15
Marksman's Ring icon.png Marksman's Ring Rare.gif 040Marksman's_Ring_+0____________14650}}40 All Jobs DEF:2 Ranged Accuracy+6
Sniper's Ring icon.png Sniper's Ring  040Sniper's_Ring_+0______________13280}}40 All Jobs Element: Dark-20 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 DEF-10
Sniper's Ring +1 icon.png Sniper's Ring +1  040Sniper's_Ring_+1______________13281}}40 All Jobs Element: Dark-25 Accuracy+7 Ranged Accuracy+7 DEF-12
Vilma's Ring icon.png Vilma's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Vilma's_Ring_+0_______________15547}}40 All Jobs INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1 Converts 25 HP to MP
Woodsman Ring icon.png Woodsman Ring  040Woodsman_Ring_+0______________14675}}40 All Jobs Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 Evasion-5
Assailant's Ring icon.png Assailant's Ring Rare.gif 042Assailant's_Ring_+0___________14676}}42 All Jobs Attack+5
Feral Ring icon.png Feral Ring  042Feral_Ring_+0_________________15802}}42 All Jobs Evasion+2 HP recovered while healing +1
Tigereye Ring icon.png Tigereye Ring  042Tigereye_Ring_+0______________15801}}42 All Jobs Evasion+1 HP recovered while healing +1
Mermaid Ring icon.png Mermaid Ring Rare.gif 043Mermaid_Ring_+0_______________14626}}43 All Jobs Element: Water+3 Enmity+2
Carapace Ring icon.png Carapace Ring  045Carapace_Ring_+0______________13461}}45 All Jobs Accuracy-6 Ranged Accuracy+6
Carapace Ring +1 icon.png Carapace Ring +1  045Carapace_Ring_+1______________13503}}45 All Jobs Accuracy-6 Ranged Accuracy+7
Gold Ring icon.png Gold Ring  045Gold_Ring_+0__________________13445}}45 All Jobs HP+5 MP-5
Gold Ring +1 icon.png Gold Ring +1  045Gold_Ring_+1__________________13520}}45 All Jobs HP+6 MP-6
Ecphoria Ring icon.png Ecphoria Ring Rare.gif 049Ecphoria_Ring_+0______________15817}}49 All Jobs Accuracy+4 "Store TP"+1 Enchantment: Cure Amnesia
Kshama Ring No.2 icon.png Kshama Ring No.2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.2_+0___________14682}}49 All Jobs DEX+3 Accuracy+2
Kshama Ring No.3 icon.png Kshama Ring No.3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.3_+0___________14684}}49 All Jobs AGI+3 Evasion+1
Kshama Ring No.4 icon.png Kshama Ring No.4 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.4_+0___________14683}}49 All Jobs DEF:3 VIT+3
Kshama Ring No.5 icon.png Kshama Ring No.5 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.5_+0___________14685}}49 All Jobs MP+5 INT+3
Kshama Ring No.6 icon.png Kshama Ring No.6 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.6_+0___________14687}}49 All Jobs MP+6 CHR+3
Kshama Ring No.8 icon.png Kshama Ring No.8 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.8_+0___________13551}}49 All Jobs STR+3 Attack+3
Kshama Ring No.9 icon.png Kshama Ring No.9 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Kshama_Ring_No.9_+0___________14686}}49 All Jobs MP+5 MND+3
Balrahn's Ring icon.png Balrahn's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Balrahn's_Ring_+0_____________15807}}50 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+4 Assault: INT+4 MND+4 CHR+4 Adds "Refresh" effect
Conjurer's Ring icon.png Conjurer's Ring Rare.gif 050Conjurer's_Ring_+0____________13300}}50 SMN Latent effect: Avatar perpetuation cost -1
Drake Ring icon.png Drake Ring Rare.gif 050Drake_Ring_+0_________________13299}}50 DRG Latent effect: Enhances "Jump" effects
Ebullient Ring icon.png Ebullient Ring Rare.gif 050Ebullient_Ring_+0_____________15776}}50 All Jobs HP+15 MP+15 Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect
Fencer's Ring icon.png Fencer's Ring Rare.gif 050Fencer's_Ring_+0______________13290}}50 RDM Latent effect: Sword enhancement spell damage +5
Garrulous Ring icon.png Garrulous Ring Rare.gif 050Garrulous_Ring_+0_____________15779}}50 All Jobs STR+3 AGI+3 Enhances "Resist Silence" effect
Guardian's Ring icon.png Guardian's Ring Rare.gif 050Guardian's_Ring_+0____________13292}}50 PLD Latent effect: "Shield Bash"+10
Hale Ring icon.png Hale Ring Rare.gif 050Hale_Ring_+0__________________15777}}50 All Jobs INT+3 MND+3 Enhances "Resist Virus" effect
Imperial Ring icon.png Imperial Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Imperial_Ring_+0______________15773}}50 All Jobs Assault: Haste+4%
Jalzahn's Ring icon.png Jalzahn's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Jalzahn's_Ring_+0_____________15809}}50 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+6 Ranged Attack+6 Assault: AGI+6 Enhances "Snapshot" effect
Kampfer Ring icon.png Kampfer Ring Rare.gif 050Kampfer_Ring_+0_______________13287}}50 MNK Latent effect: "Counter"+2
Medicine Ring icon.png Medicine Ring Rare.gif 050Medicine_Ring_+0______________13288}}50 WHM Latent effect: "Cure" potency +10%
Minstrel's Ring icon.png Minstrel's Ring Rare.gif 050Minstrel's_Ring_+0____________13295}}50 BRD Latent effect: Song spellcasting time -25%
Phalanx Ring icon.png Phalanx Ring  050Phalanx_Ring_+0_______________13516}}50 All Jobs DEF:10
Rogue's Ring icon.png Rogue's Ring Rare.gif 050Rogue's_Ring_+0_______________13291}}50 THF Latent effect: "Steal"+3
Ronin Ring icon.png Ronin Ring Rare.gif 050Ronin_Ring_+0_________________13297}}50 SAM Latent effect: Accuracy+5
Shinobi Ring icon.png Shinobi Ring Rare.gif 050Shinobi_Ring_+0_______________13298}}50 NIN Latent effect: Haste+4%
Slayer's Ring icon.png Slayer's Ring Rare.gif 050Slayer's_Ring_+0______________13293}}50 DRK Latent effect: "Weapon Bash"+10
Soldier's Ring icon.png Soldier's Ring Rare.gif 050Soldier's_Ring_+0_____________13286}}50 WAR Latent effect: "Double Attack"+2%
Sorcerer's Ring icon.png Sorcerer's Ring Rare.gif 050Sorcerer's_Ring_+0____________13289}}50 BLM Latent effect: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10
Storm Ring icon.png Storm Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Storm_Ring_+0_________________15774}}50 All Jobs Assault: Accuracy+10
Tamer's Ring icon.png Tamer's Ring Rare.gif 050Tamer's_Ring_+0_______________13294}}50 BST Latent effect: "Killer" effects +3
Telluric Ring icon.png Telluric Ring  050Telluric_Ring_+0______________14649}}50 All Jobs Element: Thunder+20
Tracker's Ring icon.png Tracker's Ring Rare.gif 050Tracker's_Ring_+0_____________13296}}50 RNG Latent effect: Enmity-2
Trooper's Ring icon.png Trooper's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Trooper's_Ring_+0_____________15560}}50 All Jobs DEF:1 Enmity-4 Besieged: VIT+10 Enchantment: Recover HP
Ulthalam's Ring icon.png Ulthalam's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Ulthalam's_Ring_+0____________15808}}50 All Jobs Accuracy+4 Attack+4 Assault: STR+4 DEX+4 Adds "Regen" effect
Unfettered Ring icon.png Unfettered Ring Rare.gif 050Unfettered_Ring_+0____________15775}}50 All Jobs DEF:5 "Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Enhances "Resist Petrify" effect
Unyielding Ring icon.png Unyielding Ring Rare.gif 050Unyielding_Ring_+0____________15778}}50 All Jobs DEF:7 DEX+3 VIT+3 Enhances "Resist Charm" effect
Horizon Ring icon.png Horizon Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 051Horizon_Ring_+0_______________15787}}51 All Jobs HP+10 MP+10 Ranged Accuracy+5
Nereid Ring icon.png Nereid Ring  051Nereid_Ring_+0________________15814}}51 All Jobs Wind instrument skill +3
Serket Ring icon.png Serket Ring Rare.gif 051Serket_Ring_+0________________13552}}51 All Jobs DEF:3 Converts 50 HP to MP
Trumpet Ring icon.png Trumpet Ring  051Trumpet_Ring_+0_______________15813}}51 All Jobs Wind instrument skill +2
Allure Ring icon.png Allure Ring  054Allure_Ring_+0________________13544}}54 All Jobs CHR+4 Element: Light+8
Allure Ring +1 icon.png Allure Ring +1  054Allure_Ring_+1________________14615}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 CHR+4 Element: Light+9
Aquamarine Ring icon.png Aquamarine Ring  054Aquamarine_Ring_+0____________13488}}54 All Jobs MND+3 Element: Water+7
Celerity Ring icon.png Celerity Ring  054Celerity_Ring_+0______________13537}}54 All Jobs AGI+4 Element: Air+8
Celerity Ring +1 icon.png Celerity Ring +1  054Celerity_Ring_+1______________14608}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 AGI+4 Element: Air+9
Chrysoberyl Ring icon.png Chrysoberyl Ring  054Chrysoberyl_Ring_+0___________13489}}54 All Jobs VIT+3 Element: Earth+7
Fluorite Ring icon.png Fluorite Ring  054Fluorite_Ring_+0______________13487}}54 All Jobs DEX+3 Element: Thunder+7
Genius Ring icon.png Genius Ring  054Genius_Ring_+0________________13539}}54 All Jobs INT+4 Element: Ice+8
Genius Ring +1 icon.png Genius Ring +1  054Genius_Ring_+1________________14610}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 INT+4 Element: Ice+9
Grace Ring icon.png Grace Ring  054Grace_Ring_+0_________________13540}}54 All Jobs DEX+4 Element: Thunder+8
Grace Ring +1 icon.png Grace Ring +1  054Grace_Ring_+1_________________14611}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 DEX+4 Element: Thunder+9
Jadeite Ring icon.png Jadeite Ring  054Jadeite_Ring_+0_______________13484}}54 All Jobs AGI+3 Element: Air+7
Moon Ring icon.png Moon Ring  054Moon_Ring_+0__________________13491}}54 All Jobs CHR+3 Element: Light+7
Mystic Ring icon.png Mystic Ring  054Mystic_Ring_+0________________13543}}54 All Jobs MP+7 Element: Dark+8
Mystic Ring +1 icon.png Mystic Ring +1  054Mystic_Ring_+1________________14614}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 MP+9 Element: Dark+9
Painite Ring icon.png Painite Ring  054Painite_Ring_+0_______________13490}}54 All Jobs MP+6 Element: Dark+7
Serenity Ring icon.png Serenity Ring  054Serenity_Ring_+0______________13541}}54 All Jobs MND+4 Element: Water+8
Serenity Ring +1 icon.png Serenity Ring +1  054Serenity_Ring_+1______________14612}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 MND+4 Element: Water+9
Sun Ring icon.png Sun Ring  054Sun_Ring_+0___________________13485}}54 All Jobs STR+3 Element: Fire+7
Victory Ring icon.png Victory Ring  054Victory_Ring_+0_______________13538}}54 All Jobs STR+4 Element: Fire+8
Victory Ring +1 icon.png Victory Ring +1  054Victory_Ring_+1_______________14609}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 STR+4 Element: Fire+9
Vigor Ring icon.png Vigor Ring  054Vigor_Ring_+0_________________13542}}54 All Jobs VIT+4 Element: Earth+8
Vigor Ring +1 icon.png Vigor Ring +1  054Vigor_Ring_+1_________________14613}}54 All Jobs DEF:3 VIT+4 Element: Earth+9
Zircon Ring icon.png Zircon Ring  054Zircon_Ring_+0________________13486}}54 All Jobs INT+3 Element: Ice+7
Dasra's Ring icon.png Dasra's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Dasra's_Ring_+0_______________15853}}55 All Jobs Magic damage taken -1% Set: HP+50 MP+50
Kusha's Ring icon.png Kusha's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Kusha's_Ring_+0_______________15851}}55 All Jobs Resist Vs. Water+5 Resist Vs. Earth+5 Resist Vs. Ice+5 Resist Vs. Dark+5 Set: DEF:+6 Accuracy+12 Attack+6
Lava's Ring icon.png Lava's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Lava's_Ring_+0________________15850}}55 All Jobs Resist Vs. Fire+5 Resist Vs. Wind+5 Resist Vs. Lightning+5 Resist Vs. Light+5 Set: DEF:+6 Accuracy+12 Attack+6
Nasatya's Ring icon.png Nasatya's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Nasatya's_Ring_+0_____________15852}}55 All Jobs Physical damage taken -1% Set: HP+50 MP+50
Scorpion Ring icon.png Scorpion Ring  055Scorpion_Ring_+0______________13458}}55 All Jobs Accuracy-7 Ranged Accuracy+7
Scorpion Ring +1 icon.png Scorpion Ring +1  055Scorpion_Ring_+1______________13513}}55 All Jobs Accuracy-6 Ranged Accuracy+8
Zoredonite Ring icon.png Zoredonite Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 056Zoredonite_Ring_+0____________14668}}56 All Jobs MP+20 INT+1
Bomb Queen Ring icon.png Bomb Queen Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 057Bomb_Queen_Ring_+0____________13567}}57 All Jobs HP+75 Element: Fire-75
Toreador's Ring icon.png Toreador's Ring  057Toreador's_Ring_+0____________14674}}57 All Jobs DEF:1 HP+10 Accuracy+7
Hard Leather Ring icon.png Hard Leather Ring  059Hard_Leather_Ring_+0__________13546}}59 All Jobs DEF:2 AGI+1
Peace Ring icon.png Peace Ring Rare.gif 059Peace_Ring_+0_________________13555}}59 BLM BLU BRD GEO NIN PUP RDM RNG SCH SMN WHM Converts 10 HP to MP Enmity-1
Tiger Ring icon.png Tiger Ring  059Tiger_Ring_+0_________________13547}}59 All Jobs DEF:3 AGI+2 Attack+2
Demon's Ring icon.png Demon's Ring  060Demon's_Ring_+0_______________13464}}60 All Jobs DEF:2 HP+10 MP+10 Element: Light-20 Element: Dark+10
Demon's Ring +1 icon.png Demon's Ring +1  060Demon's_Ring_+1_______________13545}}60 All Jobs DEF:3 HP+13 MP+13 Element: Light-20 Element: Dark+13
Dominion Ring icon.png Dominion Ring  060Dominion_Ring_+0______________15784}}60 BRD BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RNG SAM THF WAR DEF:2 STR-2 DEX-2 INT+2 MND+2 Latent effect: MP+30
Gobniu's Ring icon.png Gobniu's Ring  060Gobniu's_Ring_+0______________15785}}60 All Jobs DEF:5 "Magic Def. Bonus"+1 Breath damage taken -2%
Gold Musketeer's Ring icon.png Gold Musketeer's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Gold_Musketeer's_Ring_+0______13558}}60 All Jobs In areas under own nation's control: DEF:4 VIT+3 AGI+2
Grand Knight's Ring icon.png Grand Knight's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Grand_Knight's_Ring_+0________13557}}60 All Jobs In areas under own nation's control: MP+6 DEX+2 MND+3
Olduum Ring icon.png Olduum Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Olduum_Ring_+0________________15769}}60 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Wajaom Woodlands)
Patriarch Protector's Ring icon.png Patriarch Protector's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Patriarch_Protector's_Ring_+0_13559}}60 All Jobs In areas under own nation's control: HP+6 STR+2 INT+3
Patronus Ring icon.png Patronus Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Patronus_Ring_+0______________15844}}60 All Jobs Physical damage taken -2% Campaign: Physical damage taken -10%
Platinum Ring icon.png Platinum Ring  060Platinum_Ring_+0______________13447}}60 All Jobs HP+8 MP-8
Platinum Ring +1 icon.png Platinum Ring +1  060Platinum_Ring_+1______________13498}}60 All Jobs HP+9 MP-7
Random Ring icon.png Random Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Random_Ring_+0________________15770}}60 All Jobs Enchantment: DEX+1~8
Royal Knight Sigil Ring icon.png Royal Knight Sigil Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Royal_Knight_Sigil_Ring_+0____11636}}60 All Jobs HP+30 Campaign: Adds "Regen" effect
Tavnazian Ring icon.png Tavnazian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Tavnazian_Ring_+0_____________14672}}60 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Tavnazian Safehold)
Assassin's Ring icon.png Assassin's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Assassin's_Ring_+0____________14678}}61 THF Enchantment: Ranged Accuracy+20
Getsul Ring icon.png Getsul Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Getsul_Ring_+0________________14681}}61 BRD Enchantment: Max HP+20%
Pacifist Ring icon.png Pacifist Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Pacifist_Ring_+0______________14680}}61 BST Enchantment: Enmity-12
Sanation Ring icon.png Sanation Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Sanation_Ring_+0______________14677}}61 RDM Enchantment: MP recovered while healing +3
Tactical Ring icon.png Tactical Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Tactical_Ring_+0______________14679}}61 DRK Enchantment: Regain
Vivian Ring icon.png Vivian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Vivian_Ring_+0________________13301}}61 All Jobs DEF:2 INT+1 MND+1 Converts 50 HP to MP
Wivre Ring icon.png Wivre Ring  061Wivre_Ring_+0_________________15811}}61 All Jobs HP+15 Evasion+2
Wivre Ring +1 icon.png Wivre Ring +1  061Wivre_Ring_+1_________________15812}}61 All Jobs HP+17 Evasion+3
Bloodbead Ring icon.png Bloodbead Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 062Bloodbead_Ring_+0_____________13302}}62 All Jobs DEF:2 HP+50 MP-10
Jelly Ring icon.png Jelly Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 063Jelly_Ring_+0_________________13303}}63 All Jobs Physical damage taken -5% Magic damage taken +5%
Altep Ring icon.png Altep Ring  065Altep_Ring_+0_________________14666}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Altep"
Dem Ring icon.png Dem Ring  065Dem_Ring_+0___________________14662}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Dem"
Diabolos's Ring icon.png Diabolos's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Diabolos's_Ring_+0____________15557}}65 All Jobs On Darksdays: MP-15% Dark magic skill +15
Earth Ring icon.png Earth Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Earth_Ring_+0_________________13563}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Earthsdays: HP-15% DEF+15
Fire Ring icon.png Fire Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Fire_Ring_+0__________________13560}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Firesdays: HP-15% Attack+15 Ranged Attack+15
Holla Ring icon.png Holla Ring  065Holla_Ring_+0_________________14661}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Holla"
Ice Ring icon.png Ice Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Ice_Ring_+0___________________13561}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Icedays: MP-15% Elemental magic skill +15
Jugner Ring icon.png Jugner Ring  065Jugner_Ring_+0________________15841}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: Recall-Jugner
Ladybug Ring icon.png Ladybug Ring  065Ladybug_Ring_+0_______________15815}}65 All Jobs Daytime: HP+20 MP+20
Ladybug Ring +1 icon.png Ladybug Ring +1  065Ladybug_Ring_+1_______________15816}}65 All Jobs Daytime: HP+22 MP+22
Lightning Ring icon.png Lightning Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Lightning_Ring_+0_____________13564}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Lightningdays: HP-15% Accuracy+15 Ranged Accuracy+15
Mea Ring icon.png Mea Ring  065Mea_Ring_+0___________________14663}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Mea"
Meriphataud Ring icon.png Meriphataud Ring  065Meriphataud_Ring_+0___________15843}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: Recall-Meriph
Orichalcum Ring icon.png Orichalcum Ring  065Orichalcum_Ring_+0____________13466}}65 All Jobs HP+10 MP-10
Pashhow Ring icon.png Pashhow Ring  065Pashhow_Ring_+0_______________15842}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: Recall-Pashh
Poseidon's Ring icon.png Poseidon's Ring  065Poseidon's_Ring_+0____________14656}}65 All Jobs HP+10 MP+10 Enchantment: "Water Spirit"
Triton Ring icon.png Triton Ring  065Triton_Ring_+0________________14616}}65 All Jobs HP+11 MP-11
Vahzl Ring icon.png Vahzl Ring  065Vahzl_Ring_+0_________________14664}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Vahzl"
Water Ring icon.png Water Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Water_Ring_+0_________________13565}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Watersdays: MP-15% "Conserve MP"+15
Wind Ring icon.png Wind Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Wind_Ring_+0__________________13562}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 On Windsdays: HP-15% Evasion+15
Yhoat Ring icon.png Yhoat Ring  065Yhoat_Ring_+0_________________14665}}65 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport-Yhoat"
Hercules' Ring icon.png Hercules' Ring Rare.gif 066Hercules'_Ring_+0_____________14659}}66 PLD WAR Enmity+3 Latent effect: Adds "Regen" effect Adds "Refresh" effect
Krousis Ring icon.png Krousis Ring  066Krousis_Ring_+0_______________15849}}66 All Jobs DEF:15
Krousis Ring +1 icon.png Krousis Ring +1  066Krousis_Ring_+1_______________15855}}66 All Jobs DEF:20
Atlaua's Ring icon.png Atlaua's Ring Rare.gif 067Atlaua's_Ring_+0______________14658}}67 BST Vs. amorphs: "Charm"+4
Vs. aquans: "Charm"+4
Marid Ring icon.png Marid Ring  067Marid_Ring_+0_________________15788}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 Accuracy-9 Ranged Accuracy+9
Marid Ring +1 icon.png Marid Ring +1  067Marid_Ring_+1_________________15789}}67 All Jobs DEF:2 Accuracy-10 Ranged Accuracy+10
Patriot's Ring icon.png Patriot's Ring Rare.gif 069Patriot's_Ring_+0_____________15830}}69 All Jobs MP+1% Campaign: MP+4%
Serene Ring icon.png Serene Ring  069Serene_Ring_+0________________14673}}69 BLM BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 Converts 15 HP to MP Enmity-2
Skirmisher's Ring icon.png Skirmisher's Ring Rare.gif 069Skirmisher's_Ring_+0__________15829}}69 All Jobs HP+1% Campaign: HP+4%
Behemoth Ring icon.png Behemoth Ring  070Behemoth_Ring_+0______________13460}}70 All Jobs DEF:2 HP+10 Accuracy-11 Ranged Accuracy+11
Behemoth Ring +1 icon.png Behemoth Ring +1  070Behemoth_Ring_+1______________13556}}70 All Jobs DEF:3 HP+12 Accuracy-10 Ranged Accuracy+12
Blood Ring icon.png Blood Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Blood_Ring_+0_________________15828}}70 All Jobs Accuracy+5 Enhances "Resist Blind" effect Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect Enhances "Resist Curse" effect
Coral Ring icon.png Coral Ring  070Coral_Ring_+0_________________13455}}70 All Jobs Accuracy-9 Ranged Accuracy+9 Magic damage taken -3%
Defending Ring icon.png Defending Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Defending_Ring_+0_____________13566}}70 All Jobs Damage taken -10%
Insect Ring icon.png Insect Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Insect_Ring_+0________________15827}}70 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+2 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Enhances "Resist Silence" effect Enhances "Resist Virus" effect
Mercenary's Ring icon.png Mercenary's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Mercenary's_Ring_+0___________15792}}70 All Jobs VIT+5 Besieged: Physical damage taken -5%
Merman's Ring icon.png Merman's Ring  070Merman's_Ring_+0______________13504}}70 All Jobs Accuracy-8 Ranged Accuracy+10 Magic damage taken -4%
Moliones's Ring icon.png Moliones's Ring Rare.gif 070Moliones's_Ring_+0____________15818}}70 All Jobs STR+4 Set: Increases Accuracy Enhances "Souleater" effect
Volunteer's Ring icon.png Volunteer's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Volunteer's_Ring_+0___________15791}}70 All Jobs "Magic Def. Bonus"+3 Besieged: MP recovered while healing +5
Diverter's Ring icon.png Diverter's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Diverter's_Ring_+0____________15833}}71 All Jobs MP+15 Avatar: Enmity+2
Evoker's Ring icon.png Evoker's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Evoker's_Ring_+0______________14625}}71 SMN MP+25 Summoning magic skill +10 Avatar perpetuation cost -1
Fenian Ring icon.png Fenian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Fenian_Ring_+0________________15831}}71 All Jobs Augments "Shield Bash" Enhances potency of "Banish" vs. undead
Scintillant Ring icon.png Scintillant Ring  071Scintillant_Ring_+0___________15772}}71 All Jobs STR+2 DEX+2 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 Enhances "Resist Virus" effect
Shining Ring icon.png Shining Ring  071Shining_Ring_+0_______________15771}}71 All Jobs STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1 Enhances "Resist Virus" effect
Adroit Ring icon.png Adroit Ring  072Adroit_Ring_+0________________13307}}72 All Jobs DEX+5 Element: Thunder+10
Adroit Ring +1 icon.png Adroit Ring +1  072Adroit_Ring_+1________________14620}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 DEX+5 Element: Thunder+11
Angel's Ring icon.png Angel's Ring  072Angel's_Ring_+0_______________13463}}72 All Jobs CHR+4 Element: Light+9
Antica Ring icon.png Antica Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Antica_Ring_+0________________15839}}72 All Jobs Ninjutsu skill +2 Blue Magic skill +2
Celestial Ring icon.png Celestial Ring  072Celestial_Ring_+0_____________15806}}72 All Jobs MP+20 MND+5 Element: Water+10 MP recovered while healing +1
Communion Ring icon.png Communion Ring  072Communion_Ring_+0_____________13308}}72 All Jobs MND+5 Element: Water+10
Communion Ring +1 icon.png Communion Ring +1  072Communion_Ring_+1_____________14621}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 MND+5 Element: Water+11
Crimson Ring icon.png Crimson Ring  072Crimson_Ring_+0_______________15803}}72 All Jobs HP+18 STR+4 Element: Fire+9
Death Ring icon.png Death Ring  072Death_Ring_+0_________________13462}}72 All Jobs MP+8 Element: Dark+9
Diamond Ring icon.png Diamond Ring  072Diamond_Ring_+0_______________13450}}72 All Jobs INT+4 Element: Ice+9
Emerald Ring icon.png Emerald Ring  072Emerald_Ring_+0_______________13448}}72 All Jobs AGI+4 Element: Air+9
Hades Ring icon.png Hades Ring  072Hades_Ring_+0_________________13310}}72 All Jobs MP+9 Element: Dark+10
Hades Ring +1 icon.png Hades Ring +1  072Hades_Ring_+1_________________14623}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 MP+11 Element: Dark+11
Harmonius Ring icon.png Harmonius Ring  072Harmonius_Ring_+0_____________15804}}72 All Jobs HP+20 STR+5 Element: Fire+10
Heavens Ring icon.png Heavens Ring  072Heavens_Ring_+0_______________13311}}72 All Jobs CHR+5 Element: Light+10
Heavens Ring +1 icon.png Heavens Ring +1  072Heavens_Ring_+1_______________14624}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 CHR+5 Element: Light+11
Nimble Ring icon.png Nimble Ring  072Nimble_Ring_+0________________13304}}72 All Jobs AGI+5 Element: Air+10
Nimble Ring +1 icon.png Nimble Ring +1  072Nimble_Ring_+1________________14617}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 AGI+5 Element: Air+11
Omniscient Ring icon.png Omniscient Ring  072Omniscient_Ring_+0____________13306}}72 All Jobs INT+5 Element: Ice+10
Omniscient Ring +1 icon.png Omniscient Ring +1  072Omniscient_Ring_+1____________14619}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 INT+5 Element: Ice+11
Robust Ring icon.png Robust Ring  072Robust_Ring_+0________________13309}}72 All Jobs VIT+5 Element: Earth+10
Robust Ring +1 icon.png Robust Ring +1  072Robust_Ring_+1________________14622}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 VIT+5 Element: Earth+11
Ruby Ring icon.png Ruby Ring  072Ruby_Ring_+0__________________13449}}72 All Jobs STR+4 Element: Fire+9
Sapphire Ring icon.png Sapphire Ring  072Sapphire_Ring_+0______________13452}}72 All Jobs MND+4 Element: Water+9
Spinel Ring icon.png Spinel Ring  072Spinel_Ring_+0________________13451}}72 All Jobs DEX+4 Element: Thunder+9
Star Ring icon.png Star Ring  072Star_Ring_+0__________________15805}}72 All Jobs MP+20 MND+4 Element: Water+9 MP recovered while healing +1
Topaz Ring icon.png Topaz Ring  072Topaz_Ring_+0_________________13453}}72 All Jobs VIT+4 Element: Earth+9
Triumph Ring icon.png Triumph Ring  072Triumph_Ring_+0_______________13305}}72 All Jobs STR+5 Element: Fire+10
Triumph Ring +1 icon.png Triumph Ring +1  072Triumph_Ring_+1_______________14618}}72 All Jobs DEF:4 STR+5 Element: Fire+11
Dragon Ring icon.png Dragon Ring  073Dragon_Ring_+0________________13467}}73 All Jobs DEF:1 Accuracy-10 Ranged Accuracy+10 Breath damage taken -1%
Dragon Ring +1 icon.png Dragon Ring +1  073Dragon_Ring_+1________________14627}}73 All Jobs DEF:2 Accuracy-12 Ranged Accuracy+12 Breath damage taken -1%
Aqua Ring icon.png Aqua Ring  074Aqua_Ring_+0__________________14632}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 STR+2 DEX-2 MND+5
Breeze Ring icon.png Breeze Ring  074Breeze_Ring_+0________________14636}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 VIT+2 AGI+5 INT-2
Dark Ring icon.png Dark Ring  074Dark_Ring_+0__________________14644}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 HP-20 MP+20 STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1
Flame Ring icon.png Flame Ring  074Flame_Ring_+0_________________14630}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 STR+5 INT+2 MND-2
Light Ring icon.png Light Ring  074Light_Ring_+0_________________14642}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 HP+20 MP-20 STR-1 DEX-1 VIT-1 AGI-1 INT-1 MND-1 CHR+5
Snow Ring icon.png Snow Ring  074Snow_Ring_+0__________________14640}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 STR-2 AGI+2 INT+5
Soil Ring icon.png Soil Ring  074Soil_Ring_+0__________________14634}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 DEX+2 VIT+5 AGI-2
Thunder Ring icon.png Thunder Ring  074Thunder_Ring_+0_______________14638}}74 All Jobs DEF:3 DEX+5 VIT-2 MND+2
Alert Ring icon.png Alert Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Alert_Ring_+0_________________11635}}75 All Jobs Accuracy-3 Evasion+6
Bellona's Ring icon.png Bellona's Ring Rare.gif 075Bellona's_Ring_+0_____________15549}}75 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+8 Ranged Attack+8 Evasion-8 DEF-8
Blobnag Ring icon.png Blobnag Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Blobnag_Ring_+0_______________11631}}75 All Jobs AGI+6 Ranged Accuracy+3
Cerberus Ring icon.png Cerberus Ring  075Cerberus_Ring_+0______________15780}}75 All Jobs DEF:3 Element: Fire+5 Attack+3 Ranged Attack+4
Cerberus Ring +1 icon.png Cerberus Ring +1  075Cerberus_Ring_+1______________15781}}75 All Jobs DEF:4 Element: Fire+6 Attack+4 Ranged Attack+5
Corneus Ring icon.png Corneus Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Corneus_Ring_+0_______________11630}}75 All Jobs VIT+6 Enmity+2
Epsilon Ring icon.png Epsilon Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Epsilon_Ring_+0_______________15798}}75 All Jobs INT+5 Salvage: Magic Accuracy+3 Wind instrument skill +3
Galdr Ring icon.png Galdr Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Galdr_Ring_+0_________________11633}}75 All Jobs INT+6 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+1
Iota Ring icon.png Iota Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Iota_Ring_+0__________________15799}}75 All Jobs DEX+3 VIT+3 AGI+3 Accuracy+3
Karka Ring icon.png Karka Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Karka_Ring_+0_________________11632}}75 All Jobs MND+6 Magic Accuracy+1
Mars's Ring icon.png Mars's Ring Rare.gif 075Mars's_Ring_+0________________15548}}75 All Jobs Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Evasion-8 DEF-8
Minerva's Ring icon.png Minerva's Ring Rare.gif 075Minerva's_Ring_+0_____________15550}}75 All Jobs Physical damage taken +8% Magic damage taken -8%
Omega Ring icon.png Omega Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Omega_Ring_+0_________________15800}}75 All Jobs INT+3 MND+3 CHR+3 Magic Accuracy+3
Omicron Ring icon.png Omicron Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Omicron_Ring_+0_______________15794}}75 All Jobs STR+5 Salvage:"Counter"+2
Pi Ring icon.png Pi Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Pi_Ring_+0____________________15797}}75 All Jobs MND+5 Salvage: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Psi Ring icon.png Psi Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Psi_Ring_+0___________________15796}}75 All Jobs AGI+5 Salvage: "Store TP"+5
Shadow Ring icon.png Shadow Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Shadow_Ring_+0________________14646}}75 All Jobs Occasionally annuls magic damage taken Enhances resistance against "Death" On Darksdays: "Magic Def. Bonus"
Sortie Ring icon.png Sortie Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Sortie_Ring_+0________________15854}}75 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR STR+4 Accuracy+2 Enmity-1
Strigoi Ring icon.png Strigoi Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Strigoi_Ring_+0_______________11628}}75 All Jobs STR+6 Attack+3
Succor Ring icon.png Succor Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Succor_Ring_+0________________15859}}75 All Jobs MP+30 Damage taken -3%
Tau Ring icon.png Tau Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tau_Ring_+0___________________15795}}75 All Jobs DEX+5 Salvage: "Double Attack"+2%
Veela Ring icon.png Veela Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Veela_Ring_+0_________________11634}}75 All Jobs CHR+6 Enmity-2
Zilant Ring icon.png Zilant Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Zilant_Ring_+0________________11629}}75 All Jobs DEX+6 Accuracy+3
Hoard Ring icon.png Hoard Ring Rare.gif 076Hoard_Ring_+0_________________11642}}76 All Jobs STR-4 DEX-4 "Store TP"+4
Metanoia Ring icon.png Metanoia Ring Rare.gif 076Metanoia_Ring_+0______________11641}}76 All Jobs MP+15 INT-4 MND-4 Enmity-5
Odium Ring icon.png Odium Ring Rare.gif 076Odium_Ring_+0_________________11643}}76 All Jobs DEF:10 Enmity+4
Adler Ring icon.png Adler Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 077Adler_Ring_+0_________________11638}}77 All Jobs Accuracy+8 Attack-12
Prouesse Ring icon.png Prouesse Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 077Prouesse_Ring_+0______________11677}}77 All Jobs HP+10 MP+10 Increases combat skill gain rate
Bifrost Ring icon.png Bifrost Ring Rare.gif 078Bifrost_Ring_+0_______________11640}}78 All Jobs Converts 70 HP to MP
Apollo's Ring icon.png Apollo's Ring  080Apollo's_Ring_+0______________14643}}80 All Jobs CHR+6 Element: Dark-30
Aquilo's Ring icon.png Aquilo's Ring  080Aquilo's_Ring_+0______________14641}}80 All Jobs INT+6 FireFire -30
Arewe Ring icon.png Arewe Ring  080Arewe_Ring_+0_________________11644}}80 All Jobs DEF:1 Accuracy-14 Ranged Accuracy+14
Arewe Ring +1 icon.png Arewe Ring +1  080Arewe_Ring_+1_________________11645}}80 All Jobs DEF:2 Accuracy-13 Ranged Accuracy+15
Auster's Ring icon.png Auster's Ring  080Auster's_Ring_+0______________14637}}80 All Jobs AGI+6 IceIce -30
Blason Ring icon.png Blason Ring Rare.gif 080Blason_Ring_+0________________11639}}80 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy-7 Ranged Attack+7
Excelsis Ring icon.png Excelsis Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Excelsis_Ring_+0______________15857}}80 All Jobs Attack+8 Enhances effect of "Drain" and "Aspir"
Griffon Ring icon.png Griffon Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Griffon_Ring_+0_______________15856}}80 All Jobs HP+25 Reduces enemy critical hit rate
Jupiter's Ring icon.png Jupiter's Ring  080Jupiter's_Ring_+0_____________14639}}80 All Jobs DEX+6 EarthEarth -30
Meridian Ring icon.png Meridian Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Meridian_Ring_+0______________11637}}80 All Jobs HP+90 DarkDark -20
Neptune's Ring icon.png Neptune's Ring  080Neptune's_Ring_+0_____________14633}}80 All Jobs MND+6 LightningLightning -30
Phrygian Ring icon.png Phrygian Ring  080Phrygian_Ring_+0______________11664}}80 All Jobs HP+12 MP-12
Phrygian Ring +1 icon.png Phrygian Ring +1  080Phrygian_Ring_+1______________11665}}80 All Jobs HP+13 MP-13
Pluto's Ring icon.png Pluto's Ring  080Pluto's_Ring_+0_______________14645}}80 All Jobs MP+30 LightLight -30
Terra's Ring icon.png Terra's Ring  080Terra's_Ring_+0_______________14635}}80 All Jobs VIT+6 WindWind -30
Vulcan's Ring icon.png Vulcan's Ring  080Vulcan's_Ring_+0______________14631}}80 All Jobs STR+6 WaterWater -30
Zodiac Ring icon.png Zodiac Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Zodiac_Ring_+0________________15858}}80 All Jobs MP+25 Depending on day: Enhances elemental magic
Sirona's Ring icon.png Sirona's Ring Rare.gif 081Sirona's_Ring_+0______________11646}}81 All Jobs VIT+3 MND+3 Healing magic skill +10
Heed Ring icon.png Heed Ring Rare.gif 082Heed_Ring_+0__________________11650}}82 All Jobs Accuracy+3 Evasion+3 "Subtle Blow"+7
Airy Ring icon.png Airy Ring Rare.gif 083Airy_Ring_+0__________________11647}}83 All Jobs DEF:4 DEX+5 CHR+5
Solemn Ring icon.png Solemn Ring Rare.gif 083Solemn_Ring_+0________________11649}}83 All Jobs DEF:4 AGI+5 MND+5
Spiral Ring icon.png Spiral Ring Rare.gif 083Spiral_Ring_+0________________11648}}83 All Jobs DEF:4 STR+5 VIT+5 INT+5
Irrwisch Ring icon.png Irrwisch Ring Rare.gif 086Irrwisch_Ring_+0______________11668}}86 All Jobs INT+3 Enfeebling magic skill +4 Elemental magic skill +4
Keen Ring icon.png Keen Ring Rare.gif 086Keen_Ring_+0__________________11653}}86 All Jobs Accuracy+3 Attack+7
Miseria Ring icon.png Miseria Ring Rare.gif 086Miseria_Ring_+0_______________11652}}86 All Jobs Latent effect: MND+6 Magic Accuracy+3
Roller's Ring icon.png Roller's Ring Rare.gif 086Roller's_Ring_+0______________11667}}86 All Jobs HP+11 Latent effect: Adds "Refresh" and "Regain" effects
Fervor Ring icon.png Fervor Ring Rare.gif 087Fervor_Ring_+0________________11675}}87 All Jobs Summoning magic skill +4 Ifrit: "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Flock Ring icon.png Flock Ring Rare.gif 087Flock_Ring_+0_________________11676}}87 All Jobs AGI+4 Latent effect: Bonus to Ranged Accuracy
Demonry Ring icon.png Demonry Ring Rare.gif 088Demonry_Ring_+0_______________11673}}88 BST DNC DRG DRK MNK SAM THF Attack+7 Increases "Triple Attack" damage
Mujin Band icon.png Mujin Band Rare.gif 088Mujin_Band_+0_________________11672}}88 All Jobs Enhances "Skillchain Bonus" effect Bonus damage added to magic burst
Oneiros Annulet icon.png Oneiros Annulet Rare.gifExclusive.gif 088Oneiros_Annulet_+0____________11670}}88 All Jobs AGI-5 Accuracy+9
Oneiros Ring icon.png Oneiros Ring Rare.gif 088Oneiros_Ring_+0_______________11671}}88 BRD BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RNG SAM THF WAR Accuracy+3 Latent effect: "Triple Attack"+2%
Aquasoul Ring icon.png Aquasoul Ring  090Aquasoul_Ring_+0______________11661}}90 All Jobs DEX-3 MND+7 Enhances "Resist Virus" effect
Archon Ring icon.png Archon Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Archon_Ring_+0________________11674}}90 All Jobs Occasionally annuls severe magic damage taken Dark Elemental Magic Accuracy+5 Dark Elemental "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Dawnsoul Ring icon.png Dawnsoul Ring  090Dawnsoul_Ring_+0______________11662}}90 All Jobs MP-15 CHR+7 Enhances "Resist Curse" effect
Dusksoul Ring icon.png Dusksoul Ring  090Dusksoul_Ring_+0______________11663}}90 All Jobs HP-15 MP+35 Enhances "Resist Charm" effect
Icesoul Ring icon.png Icesoul Ring  090Icesoul_Ring_+0_______________11657}}90 All Jobs STR-3 INT+7 Enhances "Resist Silence" effect
Pyrosoul Ring icon.png Pyrosoul Ring  090Pyrosoul_Ring_+0______________11656}}90 All Jobs STR+7 MND-3 Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect
Stormsoul Ring icon.png Stormsoul Ring  090Stormsoul_Ring_+0_____________11658}}90 All Jobs AGI+7 INT-3 Enhances "Resist Petrify" effect
Strendu Ring icon.png Strendu Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Strendu_Ring_+0_______________11669}}90 BLM BLU BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM Magic Accuracy+2 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+4
Terrasoul Ring icon.png Terrasoul Ring  090Terrasoul_Ring_+0_____________11659}}90 All Jobs VIT+7 AGI-3 Enhances "Resist Stun" effect
Thundersoul Ring icon.png Thundersoul Ring  090Thundersoul_Ring_+0___________11660}}90 All Jobs DEX+7 VIT-3 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect
Paguroidea Ring icon.png Paguroidea Ring Rare.gif 092Paguroidea_Ring_+0____________10753}}92 All Jobs DEF:20 Adds "Regen" effect
Prolix Ring icon.png Prolix Ring Rare.gif 092Prolix_Ring_+0________________10752}}92 All Jobs MP+20 Enmity-3 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Tyrant's Ring icon.png Tyrant's Ring Rare.gif 092Tyrant's_Ring_+0______________10750}}92 All Jobs AGI-4 Attack+8 "Store TP"+4
Valseur's Ring icon.png Valseur's Ring Rare.gif 092Valseur's_Ring_+0_____________10751}}92 All Jobs Accuracy+3 "Waltz" potency +3%
Aife's Annulet icon.png Aife's Annulet Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Aife's_Annulet_+0_____________10759}}94 All Jobs INT+5 Scythe skill +5 Staff skill +5
Aife's Ring icon.png Aife's Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Aife's_Ring_+0________________10758}}94 All Jobs STR+5 Dagger skill +5 Archery skill +5
Angha Ring icon.png Angha Ring Rare.gif 094Angha_Ring_+0_________________10762}}94 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+4 MP recovered while healing +2
Poeas' Ring icon.png Poeas' Ring Rare.gif 094Poeas'_Ring_+0________________10763}}94 All Jobs Ranged Attack+8 "Store TP"-4
Portus Annulet icon.png Portus Annulet Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Portus_Annulet_+0_____________10761}}94 All Jobs Accuracy+7 Guarding skill +5 Evasion skill +5 Shield skill +5 Parrying skill +5
Portus Ring icon.png Portus Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Portus_Ring_+0________________10760}}94 All Jobs VIT+5 Hand-to-Hand skill +5 Polearm skill +5
Tjukurrpa Annulet icon.png Tjukurrpa Annulet Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Tjukurrpa_Annulet_+0__________10757}}94 All Jobs MND+5 Sword skill +5 Club skill +5
Tjukurrpa Ring icon.png Tjukurrpa Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Tjukurrpa_Ring_+0_____________10756}}94 All Jobs DEX+5 Axe skill +5 Katana skill +5
Asklepian Ring icon.png Asklepian Ring Rare.gif 096Asklepian_Ring_+0_____________10787}}96 All Jobs Potency of "Cure" and "Waltz" effects received +3%
Blenmot's Ring icon.png Blenmot's Ring  096Blenmot's_Ring_+0_____________10794}}96 All Jobs Enhances "Holy Water" effect
Blenmot's Ring +1 icon.png Blenmot's Ring +1  096Blenmot's_Ring_+1_____________10795}}96 All Jobs Enhances "Holy Water" effect
Caloussu Ring icon.png Caloussu Ring Rare.gif 096Caloussu_Ring_+0______________10777}}96 All Jobs VIT+5 Enchantment: DEF+30
Cynosure Ring icon.png Cynosure Ring Rare.gif 096Cynosure_Ring_+0______________10781}}96 All Jobs CHR+5 Enchantment: Magic Accuracy+5
Ephedra Ring icon.png Ephedra Ring  096Ephedra_Ring_+0_______________10790}}96 All Jobs DEF:4 Healing magic skill +7 Enhances "Cursna" effect
Eshmun's Ring icon.png Eshmun's Ring  096Eshmun's_Ring_+0______________10793}}96 All Jobs DEF:5 Enhances effect of "Cursna" received
Gaiardas Ring icon.png Gaiardas Ring Rare.gif 096Gaiardas_Ring_+0______________10775}}96 All Jobs STR+5 Enchantment: Attack+10
Gaubious Ring icon.png Gaubious Ring Rare.gif 096Gaubious_Ring_+0______________10776}}96 All Jobs DEX+5 Enchantment: Accuracy+10
Haoma's Ring icon.png Haoma's Ring  096Haoma's_Ring_+0_______________10791}}96 All Jobs DEF:5 Healing magic skill +8 Enhances "Cursna" effect
Nanger Ring icon.png Nanger Ring Rare.gif 096Nanger_Ring_+0________________10778}}96 All Jobs AGI+5 Enchantment: Evasion+10
Quies Ring icon.png Quies Ring Rare.gif 096Quies_Ring_+0_________________10780}}96 All Jobs MND+5 Enchantment: "Magic Defense Bonus"+3
Saida Ring icon.png Saida Ring  096Saida_Ring_+0_________________10792}}96 All Jobs DEF:4 Enhances effect of "Cursna" received
Sheltered Ring icon.png Sheltered Ring Rare.gif 096Sheltered_Ring_+0_____________10764}}96 All Jobs Adds "Regen" effect Enhances effect of "Protect" and "Shell" spells cast on wearer
Sophia Ring icon.png Sophia Ring Rare.gif 096Sophia_Ring_+0________________10779}}96 All Jobs INT+5 Enchantment: "Magic Attack Bonus"+3
Veneficium Ring icon.png Veneficium Ring Rare.gif 096Veneficium_Ring_+0____________10783}}96 All Jobs Occ. quickens spellcasting +1% Legion: Magic Accuracy+4 Occ. quickens spellcasting +2%
Maquette Ring icon.png Maquette Ring Rare.gif 097Maquette_Ring_+0______________10788}}97 BLM BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM Magic Accuracy+5 Legion: "Magic Attack Bonus"+5 Adds "Refresh" effect
Arvina Ringlet icon.png Arvina Ringlet Rare.gif 098Arvina_Ringlet_+0_____________10765}}98 All Jobs AGI+4 Marksmanship skill+3 Magic Accuracy+2
Candent Ring icon.png Candent Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Candent_Ring_+0_______________28532}}99 All Jobs STR+6 Accuracy+3
Dagaz Ring icon.png Dagaz Ring Rare.gif 099Dagaz_Ring_+0_________________10797}}99 All Jobs Attack+10 Ranged Attack+10 Enmity-1
Dhanurveda Ring icon.png Dhanurveda Ring Rare.gif 099Dhanurveda_Ring_+0____________10784}}99 All Jobs Accuracy+5 Ranged Attack+5 "Subtle Blow"+8
Dumakulem's Ring icon.png Dumakulem's Ring Rare.gif 099Dumakulem's_Ring_+0___________28530}}99 BLU BST COR DNC MNK NIN PUP RNG RUN THF DEX+4 AGI+4 Attack+3 Evasion+3 "Store TP"+2
Eihwaz Ring icon.png Eihwaz Ring Rare.gif 099Eihwaz_Ring_+0________________10798}}99 All Jobs HP+70 Enmity+5 Enhances resistance against "Death"
Folhardi Ring icon.png Folhardi Ring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Folhardi_Ring_+0______________10789}}99 All Jobs Accuracy-4 Attack+9
Fountain Ring icon.png Fountain Ring Rare.gif 099Fountain_Ring_+0______________11062}}99 All Jobs HP+20 MP+50
Hajduk Ring icon.png Hajduk Ring  099Hajduk_Ring_+0________________11058}}99 All Jobs Accuracy-16 Ranged Accuracy+16
Hajduk Ring +1 icon.png Hajduk Ring +1  099Hajduk_Ring_+1________________11059}}99 All Jobs Accuracy-15 Ranged Accuracy+17
Lunette Ring icon.png Lunette Ring Rare.gif 099Lunette_Ring_+0_______________10766}}99 All Jobs Latent effect: "Magic Defense Bonus"+7
Mediator's Ring icon.png Mediator's Ring Rare.gif 099Mediator's_Ring_+0____________10786}}99 All Jobs MP+25 Magic Accuracy+4 Enmity-5
Milvus Ring icon.png Milvus Ring Rare.gif 099Milvus_Ring_+0________________28531}}99 All Jobs Ranged Attack+7 Enmity-3
Praan Ring icon.png Praan Ring Rare.gif 099Praan_Ring_+0_________________11063}}99 All Jobs HP+60 MP+20
Provocare Ring icon.png Provocare Ring Rare.gif 099Provocare_Ring_+0_____________10785}}99 All Jobs DEF:15 VIT+3 Enmity+5


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