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Ninja, while possessing a magic skill, are not actual practitioners of magic per se: Ninjutsu doesn't attract nearby elements as other magic does. Ninjas make use of weapons that can be easily concealed or disguised as common tools. Through intense training they become familiar with these tools, allowing the simplest rope or needle to be used as a deadly weapon. The training and use of these specialized tools is called Ninjutsu (lit. 'the art of stealth'), and a ninja will use them all to defeat his foes.

The category of spells used by Ninja, Ninjutsu, is used to enfeeble or deal damage to enemies, or buff the caster.

The higher your Ninjutsu Skill is, the more effective your spells will be. Intelligence directly affects the damage calculations for ninjutsu damage.

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 45 Cap at Level 75 Cap at Level 90
Ninja A- 6 138 269 354

See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

See: Ninja: Tools of the Trade


[edit] Equipment that Enhance this Skill

[edit] By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase
+12 +10 +7 +5 +3 +2
Koga Kyahan +1 CheckCheck
Koga Kyahan CheckCheck
Ninjutsu Torque CheckCheck
Astute Cape CheckCheck
Ninja Hatsuburi CheckCheck
Ninja Hatsuburi +1 CheckCheck
Stealth Earring CheckCheck
Ninjutsu Earring CheckCheck
Antica Ring CheckCheck

[edit] By Equipment Slot

[edit] Head

Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Ninja Hatsuburi NIN +5
74 Ninja Hatsuburi +1 NIN +5

[edit] Neck

Level Name Jobs Bonus
65 Ninjutsu Torque All +7

[edit] Feet

Level Name Jobs Bonus
72 Koga Kyahan NIN +10
75 Koga Kyahan +1 NIN +12

[edit] Back

Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Astute Cape All +5

[edit] Ring

Level Name Jobs Bonus
72 Antica Ring All +2

[edit] Earring

Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Ninjutsu Earring All +3
70 Stealth Earring All +5
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