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Neck Slot

This is equipment worn to protect the neck.

Macro- /equip neck "Item Name"

Neck Gear by Level

Name Level Jobs Attributes
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Question mark stub.png {{{Name}}}  000_+0___________________________00000}} All Jobs}
Beast Collar icon.png Beast Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Beast_Collar_+0_______________13121}}1 All Jobs
Judge's Gorget icon.png Judge's Gorget  001Judge's_Gorget_+0_____________13074}}1 All Jobs DEF:30 GMs Only
Miner's Pendant icon.png Miner's Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Miner's_Pendant_+0____________13122}}1 All Jobs
Portafurnace icon.png Portafurnace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Portafurnace_+0_______________13078}}1 All Jobs A pendant fashioned to resemble a miniature synergy furnace, this handy device allows the wearer to summon the full-sized apparatus from almost any location.
Pullus Torque icon.png Pullus Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Pullus_Torque_+0______________16273}}1 All Jobs Enchantment: Costume
Pile Chain icon.png Pile Chain Rare.gifExclusive.gif 003Pile_Chain_+0_________________16279}}3 All Jobs HP+3 Accuracy+1
Buffoon's Collar +1 icon.png Buffoon's Collar +1  005Buffoon's_Collar_+1___________16282}}5 PUP HP+5 Reduces "Overload" rate
Feather Collar icon.png Feather Collar  007Feather_Collar_+0_____________13075}}7 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:1
Feather Collar +1 icon.png Feather Collar +1  007Feather_Collar_+1_____________13060}}7 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Justice Badge icon.png Justice Badge  007Justice_Badge_+0______________13093}}7 All Jobs DEF:1 MND+3
Leather Gorget icon.png Leather Gorget  007Leather_Gorget_+0_____________13081}}7 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:1
Leather Gorget +1 icon.png Leather Gorget +1  007Leather_Gorget_+1_____________13069}}7 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:2
Rabbit Charm icon.png Rabbit Charm Rare.gif 007Rabbit_Charm_+0_______________13112}}7 THF DEF:1 DEX+1 AGI+1 "Steal"+1
Regen Collar icon.png Regen Collar  007Regen_Collar_+0_______________15526}}7 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:1 Enchantment: Adds "Regen" effect
Silver Name Tag icon.png Silver Name Tag Rare.gif 007Silver_Name_Tag_+0____________13116}}7 All Jobs WaterWater +5
Wing Pendant icon.png Wing Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 007Wing_Pendant_+0_______________13183}}7 All Jobs AGI+1 WindWind +1 EarthEarth +1
Armiger's Lace icon.png Armiger's Lace Rare.gif 009Armiger's_Lace_+0_____________16296}}9 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM WAR STR+1 VIT+1
Dog Collar icon.png Dog Collar Rare.gif 009Dog_Collar_+0_________________13096}}9 All Jobs DEF:1 CHR-1
Green Scarf icon.png Green Scarf  010Green_Scarf_+0________________13101}}10 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:1 HP+2
Rep.Bronze Medal icon.png Rep.Bronze Medal  010Rep.Bronze_Medal_+0___________13098}}10 All Jobs MP+2
Scale Gorget icon.png Scale Gorget  011Scale_Gorget_+0_______________13071}}11 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM WAR DEF:2
Ranger's Necklace icon.png Ranger's Necklace Rare.gif 014Ranger's_Necklace_+0__________13117}}14 RNG Ranged Accuracy+5 Ranged Attack+5
Van Pendant icon.png Van Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 014Van_Pendant_+0________________15503}}14 All Jobs DEF:3 Enemy critical hit rate -1%
Bird Whistle icon.png Bird Whistle  015Bird_Whistle_+0_______________13072}}15 All Jobs HP+5 CHR+3
Federation Stable Scarf icon.png Fed. Stable Scarf Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Fed._Stable_Scarf_+0__________13181}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Windurst Chocobo Stables)
Kgd. Stable Collar icon.png Kgd. Stable Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Kgd._Stable_Collar_+0_________13179}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (San d'Oria Chocobo Stables)
Rep. Stable Medal icon.png Rep. Stable Medal Rare.gifExclusive.gif 015Rep._Stable_Medal_+0__________13180}}15 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Bastok Chocobo Stables)
Cerulean Pendant icon.png Cerulean Pendant  018Cerulean_Pendant_+0___________13086}}18 All Jobs WindWind +6 LightLight +6
Focus Collar icon.png Focus Collar  018Focus_Collar_+0_______________16301}}18 All Jobs Accuracy+2
Focus Collar +1 icon.png Focus Collar +1  018Focus_Collar_+1_______________16304}}18 All Jobs Accuracy+3
Black Neckerchief icon.png Black Neckerchief  020Black_Neckerchief_+0__________13113}}20 BLM BLU BRD GEO MNK PLD PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN WHM DEF:2 INT+1 DarkDark +3
Bloodbead Amulet icon.png Bloodbead Amulet Rare.gif 020Bloodbead_Amulet_+0___________13058}}20 All Jobs HP+15
Chocobo Whistle icon.png Chocobo Whistle Rare.gifExclusive.gif 020Chocobo_Whistle_+0____________15533}}20 All Jobs Enchantment: Call chocobo
Pendant Compass icon.png Pendant Compass Rare.gifExclusive.gif 020Pendant_Compass_+0____________16285}}20 All Jobs
Beetle Gorget icon.png Beetle Gorget  021Beetle_Gorget_+0______________13090}}21 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM SAM THF WAR DEF:2
Fang Necklace icon.png Fang Necklace  021Fang_Necklace_+0______________13076}}21 All Jobs STR+2 DEX+2 MND-4
Green Gorget icon.png Green Gorget  021Green_Gorget_+0_______________13062}}21 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:3 Element: Ice-3 Evasion+1
Spike Necklace icon.png Spike Necklace  021Spike_Necklace_+0_____________13061}}21 All Jobs STR+3 DEX+3 MND-6
Hemp Gorget icon.png Hemp Gorget  023Hemp_Gorget_+0________________13085}}23 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG GEO MNK PLD PUP RDM SMN THF WHM DEF:2
Hemp Gorget +1 icon.png Hemp Gorget +1  023Hemp_Gorget_+1________________13068}}23 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG GEO MNK PLD PUP RDM RUN SMN THF WHM DEF:3
Beast Whistle icon.png Beast Whistle  024Beast_Whistle_+0______________13110}}24 BST VIT+2 CHR+2
Chain Choker icon.png Chain Choker  024Chain_Choker_+0_______________13083}}24 All Jobs Element: Thunder+3 Element: Water+3
Chain Gorget icon.png Chain Gorget  024Chain_Gorget_+0_______________13082}}24 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:3
Fine Gorget icon.png Fine Gorget  024Fine_Gorget_+0________________13059}}24 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:4
Red Choker icon.png Red Choker  024Red_Choker_+0_________________13066}}24 All Jobs Element: Thunder+5 Element: Water+5
Tiger Stole icon.png Tiger Stole  024Tiger_Stole_+0________________13119}}24 All Jobs DEF:2 Attack+5
Holy Phial icon.png Holy Phial  026Holy_Phial_+0_________________13073}}26 All Jobs DEF:3 MP+9 MND+3
Buburimu Gorget icon.png Buburimu Gorget Rare.gif 027Buburimu_Gorget_+0____________13057}}27 All Jobs Element: Fire+10 Element: Thunder-10 Element: Water+10 Element: Light-10 Element: Dark+10
Flower Necklace icon.png Flower Necklace  027Flower_Necklace_+0____________13094}}27 All Jobs CHR+3
Sand Charm icon.png Sand Charm Rare.gifExclusive.gif 027Sand_Charm_+0_________________13095}}27 All Jobs Element: Ice+5 Element: Earth+5 Element: Dark+5
Ajase Beads icon.png Ajase Beads Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Ajase_Beads_+0________________15504}}30 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG SAM WAR DEF:4 HP+20 In areas under own nation's control: Accuracy+3 Attack+3
Beast Torque icon.png Beast Torque Exclusive.gif 030Beast_Torque_+0_______________11996}}30 BST
Chaos Torque icon.png Chaos Torque Exclusive.gif 030Chaos_Torque_+0_______________11995}}30 DRK
Choral Torque icon.png Choral Torque Exclusive.gif 030Choral_Torque_+0______________11997}}30 BRD
Corsair's Torque icon.png Corsair's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Corsair's_Torque_+0___________12004}}30 COR
Dancer's Torque icon.png Dancer's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Dancer's_Torque_+0____________12006}}30 DNC
Drachen Torque icon.png Drachen Torque Exclusive.gif 030Drachen_Torque_+0_____________12001}}30 DRG
Evoker's Torque icon.png Evoker's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Evoker's_Torque_+0____________12002}}30 SMN
Fighter's Torque icon.png Fighter's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Fighter's_Torque_+0___________11988}}30 WAR
Gallant Torque icon.png Gallant Torque Exclusive.gif 030Gallant_Torque_+0_____________11994}}30 PLD
Healer's Torque icon.png Healer's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Healer's_Torque_+0____________11990}}30 WHM
Hunter's Torque icon.png Hunter's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Hunter's_Torque_+0____________11998}}30 RNG
Magus Torque icon.png Magus Torque Exclusive.gif 030Magus_Torque_+0_______________12003}}30 BLU
Myochin Shusa icon.png Myochin Shusa Exclusive.gif 030Myochin_Shusa_+0______________11999}}30 SAM
Ninja Shusa icon.png Ninja Shusa Exclusive.gif 030Ninja_Shusa_+0________________12000}}30 NIN
Paisley Scarf icon.png Paisley Scarf  030Paisley_Scarf_+0______________13102}}30 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:2 HP+6
Puppetry Torque icon.png Puppetry Torque Exclusive.gif 030Puppetry_Torque_+0____________12005}}30 PUP
Rep.Iron Medal icon.png Rep.Iron Medal  030Rep.Iron_Medal_+0_____________13099}}30 All Jobs MP+6
Rogue's Torque icon.png Rogue's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Rogue's_Torque_+0_____________11993}}30 THF
Royal Spearman's Collar icon.png Ryl.Sqr. Collar  030Ryl.Sqr._Collar_+0____________13104}}30 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:3 Evasion+1
Scholar's Torque icon.png Scholar's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Scholar's_Torque_+0___________12007}}30 SCH
Temple Torque icon.png Temple Torque Exclusive.gif 030Temple_Torque_+0______________11989}}30 MNK
Warlock's Torque icon.png Warlock's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Warlock's_Torque_+0___________11992}}30 RDM
Willpower Torque icon.png Willpower Torque  030Willpower_Torque_+0___________13174}}30 All Jobs Spell interruption rate down 5%
Wizard's Torque icon.png Wizard's Torque Exclusive.gif 030Wizard's_Torque_+0____________11991}}30 BLM
Wolf Gorget icon.png Wolf Gorget  030Wolf_Gorget_+0________________13089}}30 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:3
Wolf Gorget +1 icon.png Wolf Gorget +1  030Wolf_Gorget_+1________________13070}}30 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:4
Dhalmel Whistle icon.png Dhalmel Whistle Rare.gifExclusive.gif 031Dhalmel_Whistle_+0____________15505}}31 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR Evasion+3 Enchantment: AGI+6
Peacock Amulet icon.png Peacock Amulet Rare.gifExclusive.gif 033Peacock_Amulet_+0_____________15515}}33 All Jobs Element: Dark-10 Accuracy+10 Ranged Accuracy+10
Peacock Charm icon.png Peacock Charm Rare.gif 033Peacock_Charm_+0______________13056}}33 All Jobs Element: Dark-10 Accuracy+10 Ranged Accuracy+10
Solon Torque icon.png Solon Torque  033Solon_Torque_+0_______________11624}}33 All Jobs MP+12 INT+2 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+1
Medieval Collar icon.png Medieval Collar  035Medieval_Collar_+0____________13163}}35 All Jobs DEF:3 VIT+2
Shield Pendant icon.png Shield Pendant  035Shield_Pendant_+0_____________13118}}35 All Jobs HP+20 MP-20
Memento Muffler icon.png Memento Muffler Rare.gif 037Memento_Muffler_+0____________13173}}37 All Jobs DEF:4 Enchantment: VIT+7
Spirit Torque icon.png Spirit Torque Rare.gif 038Spirit_Torque_+0______________13129}}38 BLM BLU BRD GEO NIN PUP RDM RNG SCH SMN WHM MP+10 Evasion+5
Guarding Gorget icon.png Guarding Gorget Rare.gif 039Guarding_Gorget_+0____________13127}}39 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR DEF:4 VIT+1 AGI-1 Evasion-5 Converts 15 MP to HP
Stone Gorget icon.png Stone Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 039Stone_Gorget_+0_______________13177}}39 All Jobs DEF:4 Enhances "Stoneskin" effect
Agile Gorget icon.png Agile Gorget Rare.gif 040Agile_Gorget_+0_______________13164}}40 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG GEO MNK PLD PUP RDM RUN SMN THF WHM DEF:3 AGI+2 Evasion+1
Gorget icon.png Gorget  040Gorget_+0_____________________13080}}40 DRK PLD WAR DEF:4
Gorget +1 icon.png Gorget +1  040Gorget_+1_____________________13065}}40 DRK PLD WAR DEF:5
Haraldr's Muffler icon.png Haraldr's Muffler Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Haraldr's_Muffler_+0__________16280}}40 All Jobs DEF:2 "Store TP"+1 Ice weather: "Store TP"+5
Jagd Gorget icon.png Jagd Gorget Rare.gif 040Jagd_Gorget_+0________________13165}}40 BRD NIN RDM RNG THF DEF:2 MP+6 Ranged Accuracy+5 Ranged Attack+6
Mohbwa Scarf icon.png Mohbwa Scarf  040Mohbwa_Scarf_+0_______________16261}}40 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+5 INT+1 MND+1
Mohbwa Scarf +1 icon.png Mohbwa Scarf +1  040Mohbwa_Scarf_+1_______________16262}}40 All Jobs DEF:2 MP+6 INT+2 MND+2
Rep. Silver Medal icon.png Rep. Silver Medal Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Rep._Silver_Medal_+0__________16276}}40 All Jobs Enmity-2 HP recovered while healing +1 MP recovered while healing +1
Star Pendant icon.png Star Pendant  040Star_Pendant_+0_______________13077}}40 All Jobs CHR+3 Element: Light+9 Element: Dark+9
Yinyang Lorgnette icon.png Yinyang Lorgnette  040Yinyang_Lorgnette_+0__________13139}}40 BLM GEO PUP SCH SMN WHM DEF:1 Enhancing magic skill +1 Enfeebling magic skill +1
Clay Amulet icon.png Clay Amulet  042Clay_Amulet_+0________________13120}}42 All Jobs DEF:4 Element: Earth+11
Blue Gorget icon.png Blue Gorget  045Blue_Gorget_+0________________13063}}45 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:5 Element: Thunder-3 Evasion+1
Carapace Gorget icon.png Carapace Gorget  045Carapace_Gorget_+0____________13091}}45 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:4
Auditory Torque icon.png Auditory Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 047Auditory_Torque_+0____________13178}}47 All Jobs DEF:5 Latent effect: STR+4 VIT+4
Promise Badge icon.png Promise Badge  048Promise_Badge_+0______________13135}}48 All Jobs DEF:3 HP+10 MND+5
Mythril Gorget icon.png Mythril Gorget  049Mythril_Gorget_+0_____________13084}}49 DRK PLD WAR DEF:5
Noble's Gorget icon.png Noble's Gorget  049Noble's_Gorget_+0_____________13067}}49 DRK PLD WAR DEF:6
Nodowa icon.png Nodowa  049Nodowa_+0_____________________13111}}49 MNK NIN SAM DEF:4
Nodowa +1 icon.png Nodowa +1  049Nodowa_+1_____________________13124}}49 MNK NIN SAM DEF:5 VIT+1
Wing Gorget icon.png Wing Gorget  049Wing_Gorget_+0________________13144}}49 DRK PLD WAR DEF:5 Enchantment: Regain
Beak Necklace icon.png Beak Necklace  050Beak_Necklace_+0______________16263}}50 All Jobs DEF:4 MP+20 MP recovered while healing +1
Beak Necklace +1 icon.png Beak Necklace +1  050Beak_Necklace_+1______________16264}}50 All Jobs DEF:5 MP+22 MP recovered while healing +2
Benign Necklace icon.png Benign Necklace  050Benign_Necklace_+0____________13169}}50 All Jobs DEF:2 Enmity-2
Elemental Charm icon.png Elemental Charm  050Elemental_Charm_+0____________13115}}50 All Jobs Element: Fire+6 Element: Ice+6 Element: Air+6 Element: Earth+6 Element: Thunder+6 Element: Water+6
Hateful Collar icon.png Hateful Collar  050Hateful_Collar_+0_____________13166}}50 All Jobs DEF:6 Enmity+1
Intellect Torque icon.png Intellect Torque  050Intellect_Torque_+0___________13168}}50 All Jobs DEF:4 INT+2
Moon Amulet icon.png Moon Amulet  050Moon_Amulet_+0________________13114}}50 All Jobs Element: Light+11 Element: Dark+11
Parade Gorget icon.png Parade Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Parade_Gorget_+0______________15506}}50 DRK PLD DEF:5 MP+10 Latent effect: Adds "Refresh" effect
R.K. Army Collar icon.png R.K. Army Collar  050R.K._Army_Collar_+0___________13107}}50 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:5 STR+1 Evasion+2
Storm Gorget icon.png Storm Gorget  050Storm_Gorget_+0_______________13167}}50 All Jobs DEF:4 DEX+2 AGI-2 Attack+6
Storm Muffler icon.png Storm Muffler Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Storm_Muffler_+0______________15519}}50 All Jobs DEF:1 Assault: Adds "Regen" effect
Storm Torque icon.png Storm Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Storm_Torque_+0_______________15520}}50 All Jobs DEF:1 Assault: Evasion+7
Temple Knight Army Collar icon.png T.K. Army Collar  050T.K._Army_Collar_+0___________13105}}50 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:5 MND+1 Evasion+2
Ashura Necklace icon.png Ashura Necklace  054Ashura_Necklace_+0____________13134}}54 All Jobs DEF:1 STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1
Pch. Collar icon.png Pch. Collar  054Pch._Collar_+0________________13172}}54 All Jobs
Checkered Scarf icon.png Checkered Scarf  055Checkered_Scarf_+0____________13103}}55 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM DEF:4 HP+12
Iron Musketeer's Gorget icon.png Irn.Msk. Gorget  055Irn.Msk._Gorget_+0____________13064}}55 DRK PLD WAR DEF:7 HP+15 VIT+1
Rep.Mythril Medal icon.png Rep.Mythril Medal  055Rep.Mythril_Medal_+0__________13100}}55 All Jobs MP+12
Royal Guard's Collar icon.png Ryl.Grd. Collar  055Ryl.Grd._Collar_+0____________13106}}55 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR DEF:6 Accuracy+4 Attack+4
Coral Gorget icon.png Coral Gorget  056Coral_Gorget_+0_______________13108}}56 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM WAR DEF:5 Accuracy+3 Ranged Accuracy+3
Merman's Gorget icon.png Merman's Gorget  056Merman's_Gorget_+0____________13123}}56 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM WAR DEF:7 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5
Reraise Gorget icon.png Reraise Gorget  056Reraise_Gorget_+0_____________13171}}56 BLU BST DRG DRK PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM WAR DEF:5 Accuracy+3 Ranged Accuracy+3 Enchantment: "Reraise II"
Ajari Necklace icon.png Ajari Necklace  058Ajari_Necklace_+0_____________13175}}58 SMN WHM AGI+2 MND+6
Stoneskin Torque icon.png Stoneskin Torque  058Stoneskin_Torque_+0___________13170}}58 All Jobs DEF:4 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1 Enchantment: "Stoneskin"
Torque icon.png Torque  058Torque_+0_____________________13125}}58 All Jobs DEF:4 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1
Torque +1 icon.png Torque +1  058Torque_+1_____________________13126}}58 All Jobs DEF:5 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2
Spectacles icon.png Spectacles Rare.gif 059Spectacles_+0_________________13128}}59 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM DEF:2 Element: Ice-7 Accuracy+7 Ranged Accuracy+7
Star Necklace icon.png Star Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 059Star_Necklace_+0______________13136}}59 All Jobs DEF:1 CHR+3 Converts 15 HP to MP
Bull Necklace icon.png Bull Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Bull_Necklace_+0______________16292}}60 All Jobs STR+4 Campaign: STR+25
Chivalrous Chain icon.png Chivalrous Chain  060Chivalrous_Chain_+0___________15523}}60 All Jobs DEF:4 STR+3 Accuracy+5 "Store TP"+1
Cougar Pendant icon.png Cougar Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Cougar_Pendant_+0_____________16293}}60 All Jobs HP+30 Campaign: HP+200
Crocodile Collar icon.png Crocodile Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Crocodile_Collar_+0___________16294}}60 All Jobs AGI+4 Campaign: AGI+25
Enlightened Chain icon.png Enlightened Chain  060Enlightened_Chain_+0__________15522}}60 All Jobs INT+3 MND+2
Fortified Chain icon.png Fortified Chain  060Fortified_Chain_+0____________15524}}60 All Jobs DEF:4 Evasion skill +3 Shield skill +3 Parrying skill +3
Grandiose Chain icon.png Grandiose Chain  060Grandiose_Chain_+0____________15525}}60 All Jobs HP+10 MP+10 HP recovered while healing +2 MP recovered while healing +2
Mrc.Mjr. Charm icon.png Mrc.Mjr. Charm Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Mrc.Mjr._Charm_+0_____________11588}}60 All Jobs MP+25 Campaign: Adds "Refresh" effect
Shepherd's Chain icon.png Shepherd's Chain Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Shepherd's_Chain_+0___________16297}}60 BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RDM RNG RUN THF Pet: Damage taken -2%
Shield Collar icon.png Shield Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Shield_Collar_+0______________16291}}60 All Jobs VIT+4 Campaign: VIT+25
Tempered Chain icon.png Tempered Chain  060Tempered_Chain_+0_____________15521}}60 All Jobs DEF:8 HP+20
Coeurl Gorget icon.png Coeurl Gorget  061Coeurl_Gorget_+0______________13092}}61 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:5
Opo-opo Necklace icon.png Opo-opo Necklace  061Opo-opo_Necklace_+0___________13143}}61 All Jobs DEX+1 Element: Thunder+3 While asleep: Raises TP
Philomath Stole icon.png Philomath Stole  061Philomath_Stole_+0____________13176}}61 BLM BLU BRD PUP RDM INT+3
Torama Gorget icon.png Torama Gorget  061Torama_Gorget_+0______________13132}}61 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:6
Uggalepih Necklace icon.png Ugg. Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Ugg._Necklace_+0______________13147}}61 All Jobs
Darksteel Nodowa icon.png Darksteel Nodowa  063Darksteel_Nodowa_+0___________13088}}63 SAM DEF:6
Dst. Nodowa +1 icon.png Dst. Nodowa +1  063Dst._Nodowa_+1________________13133}}63 SAM DEF:7
Spider Torque icon.png Spider Torque  064Spider_Torque_+0______________13137}}64 All Jobs Enfeebling magic skill +5
Dark Torque icon.png Dark Torque Rare.gif 065Dark_Torque_+0________________13153}}65 All Jobs Element: Dark+5 Dark magic skill +7
Divine Torque icon.png Divine Torque Rare.gif 065Divine_Torque_+0______________13152}}65 All Jobs Element: Light+5 Divine magic skill +7
Elemental Torque icon.png Elemental Torque Rare.gif 065Elemental_Torque_+0___________13156}}65 All Jobs Element: Air+5 Elemental magic skill +7
Enfeebling Torque icon.png Enfeebling Torque Rare.gif 065Enfeebling_Torque_+0__________13155}}65 All Jobs Element: Fire+5 Enfeebling magic skill +7
Enhancing Torque icon.png Enhancing Torque Rare.gif 065Enhancing_Torque_+0___________13154}}65 All Jobs Element: Earth+5 Enhancing magic skill +7
Evasion Torque icon.png Evasion Torque Rare.gif 065Evasion_Torque_+0_____________13148}}65 All Jobs HP+7 Evasion skill +7
Grand T.K. Collar icon.png Grand T.K. Collar Exclusive.gif 065Grand_T.K._Collar_+0__________13140}}65 All Jobs In areas outside own nation's control: DEF:7 Accuracy+5 Attack+5
Guarding Torque icon.png Guarding Torque Rare.gif 065Guarding_Torque_+0____________13151}}65 All Jobs HP+7 Guarding skill +7
Healing Torque icon.png Healing Torque Rare.gif 065Healing_Torque_+0_____________13157}}65 All Jobs Element: Water+5 Healing magic skill +7
Lieut. Gorget icon.png Lieut. Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Lieut._Gorget_+0______________16271}}65 All Jobs Accuracy+4 Magic Accuracy+2 Enmity-1
M. No.17's Locket icon.png M. No.17's Locket Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065M._No.17's_Locket_+0__________15518}}65 All Jobs DEF:2 MP+10 Element: Water+30 Enhances "Resist Charm" effect
Ninjutsu Torque icon.png Ninjutsu Torque Rare.gif 065Ninjutsu_Torque_+0____________13159}}65 All Jobs Element: Ice+5 Ninjutsu skill +7
Parrying Torque icon.png Parrying Torque Rare.gif 065Parrying_Torque_+0____________13149}}65 All Jobs HP+7 Parrying skill +7
Purgatory Collar icon.png Purgatory Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Purgatory_Collar_+0___________15507}}65 BLM GEO PUP SCH SMN WHM Enchantment: "Conserve MP"
Rep.Gold Medal icon.png Rep.Gold Medal Exclusive.gif 065Rep.Gold_Medal_+0_____________13141}}65 All Jobs In areas outside own nation's control: MP+50
Shield Torque icon.png Shield Torque Rare.gif 065Shield_Torque_+0______________13150}}65 All Jobs HP+7 Shield skill +7
Smn. Torque icon.png Smn. Torque Rare.gif 065Smn._Torque_+0________________13158}}65 All Jobs Element: Thunder+5 Summoning magic skill +7
String Torque icon.png String Torque Rare.gif 065String_Torque_+0______________13160}}65 All Jobs Element: Air+5 String instrument skill +7
Wind Torque icon.png Wind Torque Rare.gif 065Wind_Torque_+0________________13161}}65 All Jobs Element: Air+5 Wind instrument skill +7
Windurstian Scarf icon.png Windurstian Scarf Exclusive.gif 065Windurstian_Scarf_+0__________13142}}65 All Jobs In areas outside own nation's control: DEF:7 HP+15 Evasion+7
Darksteel Gorget icon.png Darksteel Gorget  067Darksteel_Gorget_+0___________13079}}67 DRK PLD DEF:10 MP+5 STR-1 MND+3 Element: Light+2 Element: Dark+2
Dst. Gorget +1 icon.png Dst. Gorget +1  067Dst._Gorget_+1________________13131}}67 DRK PLD DEF:11 MP+6 STR-1 MND+4 Element: Light+3 Element: Dark+3
Knack Pendant icon.png Knack Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 067Knack_Pendant_+0______________16298}}67 All Jobs DEX+4 Attack+2
Alloy Torque icon.png Alloy Torque  068Alloy_Torque_+0_______________16289}}68 All Jobs
Aureate Necklace icon.png Aureate Necklace  068Aureate_Necklace_+0___________16288}}68 All Jobs
Burly Gorget icon.png Burly Gorget  068Burly_Gorget_+0_______________16290}}68 All Jobs
Nitid Choker icon.png Nitid Choker  068Nitid_Choker_+0_______________16286}}68 All Jobs
Pneuma Collar icon.png Pneuma Collar  068Pneuma_Collar_+0______________16287}}68 All Jobs
Bandolero Scarf icon.png Bandolero Scarf Rare.gif 069Bandolero_Scarf_+0____________16277}}69 All Jobs Evasion+5 Enhances "Gilfinder" effect
Lleu's Charm icon.png Lleu's Charm Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Lleu's_Charm_+0_______________16299}}69 All Jobs AGI+4 Ranged Accuracy+4 Ranged Attack+4
Piper's Torque icon.png Piper's Torque Rare.gif 069Piper's_Torque_+0_____________16278}}69 BRD CHR+5 Wind instrument skill +5 Campaign: Wind instrument skill +10
Sniper's Collar icon.png Sniper's Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Sniper's_Collar_+0____________15517}}69 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+6 Ranged Attack+5 Enmity-1 "Subtle Blow"+1
Alchemst. Torque icon.png Alchemst. Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Alchemst._Torque_+0___________10954}}70 All Jobs Alchemy skill +2
Bloodbead Gorget icon.png Bloodbead Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Bloodbead_Gorget_+0___________16302}}70 All Jobs HP+60
Boneworker's Torque icon.png Boneworker's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Boneworker's_Torque_+0________10953}}70 All Jobs Bonecraft skill +2
Chanoix's Gorget icon.png Chanoix's Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Chanoix's_Gorget_+0___________16270}}70 All Jobs Accuracy+2 Wyvern: HP+50
Diabolos's Torque icon.png Diabolos's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Diabolos's_Torque_+0__________15516}}70 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+8 Dark weather: Ranged Accuracy-8 Ranged Attack+8
Fenrir's Torque icon.png Fenrir's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Fenrir's_Torque_+0____________13138}}70 All Jobs Daytime: MP+30 Nighttime: Enmity-3
Jeweled Collar icon.png Jeweled Collar  070Jeweled_Collar_+0_____________13087}}70 All Jobs Element: Fire+10 Element: Ice+10 Element: Air+10 Element: Earth+10 Element: Thunder+10 Element: Water+10
Jeweled Collar +1 icon.png Jeweled Collar +1  070Jeweled_Collar_+1_____________13130}}70 All Jobs STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 Element: Fire+10 Element: Ice+10 Element: Air+10 Element: Earth+10 Element: Thunder+10 Element: Water+10
Kubira Beads icon.png Kubira Beads Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Kubira_Beads_+0_______________16268}}70 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG SAM THF WAR DEF:5 STR+4 DEX+4 Damage taken +5%
Morgana's Choker icon.png Morgana's Choker Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Morgana's_Choker_+0___________16269}}70 All Jobs STR-2 DEX-2 MND+5 Converts 40 HP to MP
Ritter Gorget icon.png Ritter Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Ritter_Gorget_+0______________16267}}70 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:8 HP+25 Evasion+5 Enmity+3
Smithy's Torque icon.png Smithy's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Smithy's_Torque_+0____________10949}}70 All Jobs Smithing skill +2
Uggalepih Pendant icon.png Uggalepih Pendant Rare.gif 070Uggalepih_Pendant_+0__________13145}}70 All Jobs MP+20 Latent effect: "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Varius Torque icon.png Varius Torque  070Varius_Torque_+0______________16295}}70 All Jobs
Wivre Gorget icon.png Wivre Gorget  070Wivre_Gorget_+0_______________16265}}70 All Jobs DEF:8 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5
Wivre Gorget +1 icon.png Wivre Gorget +1  070Wivre_Gorget_+1_______________16266}}70 All Jobs DEF:9 Accuracy+6 Ranged Accuracy+6
Brisingamen icon.png Brisingamen  071Brisingamen_+0________________13097}}71 All Jobs DEF:3 Attributes change depending on hour and day
Brisingamen +1 icon.png Brisingamen +1  071Brisingamen_+1________________13162}}71 All Jobs DEF:4 Attributes change depending on hour and day
Naraenten Beads icon.png Naraenten Beads Rare.gif 071Naraenten_Beads_+0____________16272}}71 All Jobs Attack+5 Ranged Attack+5
Oscar Scarf icon.png Oscar Scarf Rare.gif 071Oscar_Scarf_+0________________13182}}71 All Jobs CHR-9 Enchantment: Slightly Bad Breath
Sacrifice Torque icon.png Sacrifice Torque  071Sacrifice_Torque_+0___________15528}}71 SMN Latent effect: Enhances avatar attack
Shark Necklace icon.png Shark Necklace  071Shark_Necklace_+0_____________15532}}71 BLM BLU DRK GEO PLD RDM RUN SCH SMN WHM Latent effect: Adds "Regen" effect
Wit Pendant icon.png Wit Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Wit_Pendant_+0________________16300}}71 RDM SCH INT+4
Aqua Gorget icon.png Aqua Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Aqua_Gorget_+0________________15500}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Breeze Gorget icon.png Breeze Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Breeze_Gorget_+0______________15497}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Flame Gorget icon.png Flame Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Flame_Gorget_+0_______________15495}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Gnole Torque icon.png Gnole Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Gnole_Torque_+0_______________16283}}72 All Jobs MND+5 MP recovered while healing +3
Harmonia's Torque icon.png Harmonia's Torque  072Harmonia's_Torque_+0__________13109}}72 All Jobs DEF:7 STR+2 VIT-5 Enmity+3
Light Gorget icon.png Light Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Light_Gorget_+0_______________15501}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Shadow Gorget icon.png Shadow Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Shadow_Gorget_+0______________15502}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Snow Gorget icon.png Snow Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Snow_Gorget_+0________________15496}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Soil Gorget icon.png Soil Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Soil_Gorget_+0________________15498}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Thunder Gorget icon.png Thunder Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Thunder_Gorget_+0_____________15499}}72 All Jobs Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Caract Choker icon.png Caract Choker Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Caract_Choker_+0______________16284}}73 All Jobs Element: Fire+5 Element: Ice+5 Element: Air+5 Element: Earth+5 Element: Thunder+5 Element: Water+5 Element: Light+5 Element: Dark+5 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2
Faith Torque icon.png Faith Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Faith_Torque_+0_______________15512}}73 All Jobs MND+5 Hand-to-Hand skill +7 Marksmanship skill +7
Hope Torque icon.png Hope Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Hope_Torque_+0________________15509}}73 All Jobs AGI+5 Katana skill+7 Archery skill+7
Justice Torque icon.png Justice Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Justice_Torque_+0_____________15508}}73 All Jobs STR+5 Scythe skill +7 Great Katana skill +7
Laran's Pendant icon.png Laran's Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Laran's_Pendant_+0____________16303}}73 All Jobs Accuracy+4 Attack+6
Love Torque icon.png Love Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Love_Torque_+0________________15514}}73 All Jobs DEX+5 Dagger skill +7 Polearm skill +7
Prudence Torque icon.png Prudence Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Prudence_Torque_+0____________15510}}73 All Jobs INT+5 Great Sword skill +7 Club skill +7
Temp. Torque icon.png Temp. Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Temp._Torque_+0_______________15513}}73 All Jobs CHR+5 Axe skill +7 Staff skill +7
Ace's Locket icon.png Ace's Locket  074Ace's_Locket_+0_______________15529}}74 DRG DRK SAM Latent effect: "Counter"+5
Almah Torque icon.png Almah Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 074Almah_Torque_+0_______________16274}}74 All Jobs "Store TP"+2 "Subtle Blow"+2
Ancient Torque icon.png Ancient Torque Rare.gif 074Ancient_Torque_+0_____________16275}}74 All Jobs DEX+4 Accuracy+9
Qiqirn Collar icon.png Qiqirn Collar  074Qiqirn_Collar_+0______________15531}}74 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:3 Accuracy-4 Attack-4 Ranged Accuracy+4 Ranged Attack+8
Tiercel Necklace icon.png Tiercel Necklace Rare.gif 074Tiercel_Necklace_+0___________11578}}74 BLU BST COR DNC MNK NIN PUP RNG RUN THF Haste+1% "Subtle Blow"+5
Aesir Torque icon.png Aesir Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Aesir_Torque_+0_______________11589}}75 All Jobs Element: Dark+20 Elemental magic skill +7 Dark magic skill +7 On Darksdays: Elemental magic skill +10 Dark magic skill +10
Backlash Torque icon.png Backlash Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Backlash_Torque_+0____________11586}}75 BLM BRD BST DRG DRK MNK NIN RNG SMN THF WAR WHM Attack+8 "Counter"+1
Beguiling Collar icon.png Beguiling Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Beguiling_Collar_+0___________11585}}75 All Jobs HP+20 MP+20 Enmity-3 Boosts enmity decrease when taking damage
Berserker's Torque icon.png Berserker's Torque  075Berserker's_Torque_+0_________15530}}75 DRG DRK PLD SAM WAR Latent effect: Raises TP
Chi Necklace icon.png Chi Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Chi_Necklace_+0_______________15535}}75 All Jobs MP+20 Salvage: "Conserve MP"+2 Divine magic skill +3
Colossus's Torque icon.png Colossus's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Colossus's_Torque_+0__________11590}}75 All Jobs Element: Light+20 Healing magic skill +7 Enhancing magic skill +7 On Lightsdays: Healing magic skill +10 Enhancing magic skill +10
Fylgja Torque icon.png Fylgja Torque  075Fylgja_Torque_+0______________11579}}75 BLM BRD GEO PUP RDM SCH SMN WHM HP+10 "Cure" potency +2% Enmity-2
Fylgja Torque +1 icon.png Fylgja Torque +1  075Fylgja_Torque_+1______________11580}}75 BLM BRD GEO PUP RDM SCH SMN WHM HP+12 "Cure" potency +3% Enmity-2
Halting Stole icon.png Halting Stole Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Halting_Stole_+0______________16306}}75 All Jobs DEX+3 Paralysis: Accuracy+20
Ire Torque icon.png Ire Torque  075Ire_Torque_+0_________________11581}}75 All Jobs STR+6 Accuracy-4 Ranged Accuracy-4
Ire Torque +1 icon.png Ire Torque +1  075Ire_Torque_+1_________________11582}}75 All Jobs STR+7 Accuracy-3 Ranged Accuracy-3
Kappa Necklace icon.png Kappa Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Kappa_Necklace_+0_____________15537}}75 All Jobs Ranged Attack+8 Salvage: Adds "Recycle" effect "Ninja tool expertise"
Lmg. Medallion icon.png Lmg. Medallion  075Lmg._Medallion_+0_____________11583}}75 All Jobs INT+4 Elemental magic skill +4
Lmg. Medallion +1 icon.png Lmg. Medallion +1  075Lmg._Medallion_+1_____________11584}}75 All Jobs INT+5 Elemental magic skill +5
Mu Necklace icon.png Mu Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Mu_Necklace_+0________________15534}}75 All Jobs Evasion+5 Salvage: Shield skill +3 Parrying skill +3
Nyx Gorget icon.png Nyx Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Nyx_Gorget_+0_________________11587}}75 All Jobs DEF:2 Enhances "Arcana Killer" effect Latent effect: Accuracy+12
Orochi Nodowa icon.png Orochi Nodowa  075Orochi_Nodowa_+0______________15539}}75 All Jobs DEF:1 Attack+6 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Adds "Regen" effect
Orochi Nodowa +1 icon.png Orochi Nodowa +1  075Orochi_Nodowa_+1______________15540}}75 All Jobs DEF:2 Attack+7 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Adds "Regen" effect
Phi Necklace icon.png Phi Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Phi_Necklace_+0_______________15538}}75 All Jobs MP recovered while healing +3 Salvage: Healing magic skill +3 Enfeebling magic skill +3
Repelling Collar icon.png Repelling Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Repelling_Collar_+0___________16307}}75 All Jobs Physical damage taken -1% Magic damage taken +1%
Rho Necklace icon.png Rho Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Rho_Necklace_+0_______________15536}}75 All Jobs DEF:10 HP+30 Salvage: DEF:20 Summoning magic skill +3
Sanctus Rosary icon.png Sanctus Rosary Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Sanctus_Rosary_+0_____________16305}}75 All Jobs DEF:3 MP+10 Element: Dark+20 Enhances "Demon Killer" effect
Tandem Necklace icon.png Tandem Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tandem_Necklace_+0____________10918}}75 All Jobs DEF:5
Tandem Necklace +1 icon.png Tndm. Necklace +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tndm._Necklace_+1_____________10919}}75 All Jobs DEF:6
Tandem Necklace +2 icon.png Tndm. Necklace +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tndm._Necklace_+2_____________10920}}75 All Jobs DEF:7
Tandem Necklace +3 icon.png Tndm. Necklace +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tndm._Necklace_+3_____________10921}}75 All Jobs DEF:8
Tandem Necklace +4 icon.png Tndm. Necklace +4 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Tndm._Necklace_+4_____________10922}}75 All Jobs DEF:9
Tern Necklace icon.png Tern Necklace Rare.gif 076Tern_Necklace_+0______________13146}}76 All Jobs STR+2 Attack+3 Set: Haste+6%
Artemis' Medal icon.png Artemis' Medal Rare.gif 077Artemis'_Medal_+0_____________11607}}77 All Jobs Magic Accuracy and "Magic Atk. Bonus" varies by moon phase
Barcarolle Medal icon.png Barcarolle Medal Rare.gif 078Barcarolle_Medal_+0___________11608}}78 BRD CHR+2 Singing skill +5
Praecis Gorget icon.png Praecis Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 078Praecis_Gorget_+0_____________15527}}78 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR STR+3 Weapon Skill Accuracy+15 "Conserve TP"+4
Ardor Pendant icon.png Ardor Pendant  079Ardor_Pendant_+0______________11614}}79 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR DEF:5 HP+25 MP-40 Increases breath damage
Corvus Torque icon.png Corvus Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 079Corvus_Torque_+0______________11604}}79 COR RNG THF HP-20 Ranged Attack+10
Eidolon Pendant icon.png Eidolon Pendant  079Eidolon_Pendant_+0____________11612}}79 BLM BLU BRD GEO PUP RDM SCH SMN WHM MP recovered while healing +4 Avatar: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2
Lacono Necklace icon.png Lacono Necklace  079Lacono_Necklace_+0____________11610}}79 All Jobs STR+5 VIT-3
Shifting Necklace icon.png Shifting Necklace  079Shifting_Necklace_+0__________11609}}79 All Jobs DEX+5 AGI-3
Aceso's Choker icon.png Aceso's Choker  080Aceso's_Choker_+0_____________11611}}80 WHM MP+16 STR-4 VIT-4 "Cure" spellcasting time -10%
Arctier's Torque icon.png Arctier's Torque Rare.gif 080Arctier's_Torque_+0___________11606}}80 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR AGI+6 Ranged Accuracy+6
Charis Necklace icon.png Charis Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Charis_Necklace_+0____________11603}}80 DNC Enhances "Dual Wield" effect "Subtle Blow"+5
Cirque Necklace icon.png Cirque Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Cirque_Necklace_+0____________11602}}80 PUP Accuracy+5 Enhances "Martial Arts" effect
Creed Collar icon.png Creed Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Creed_Collar_+0_______________11595}}80 PLD Reduces Enmity decrease when taking damage Adds "Refresh" effect
Estoqueur's Collar icon.png Estoqueur's Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Estoqueur's_Collar_+0_________11594}}80 RDM HP+20 MP+20 MND+8
Goetia Chain icon.png Goetia Chain Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Goetia_Chain_+0_______________11593}}80 BLM INT+7 Magic Accuracy+4
Iga Erimaki icon.png Iga Erimaki Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Iga_Erimaki_+0________________11598}}80 NIN Accuracy+7 Evasion+7 Increases critical hit damage
Katipo Charm icon.png Katipo Charm  080Katipo_Charm_+0_______________11613}}80 BST DRG DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR "Magic Def. Bonus"+1 Enmity+4
Lancer's Torque icon.png Lancer's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Lancer's_Torque_+0____________11599}}80 DRG STR+5 Accuracy+5 Enhances effect of wyvern's breath
Mavi Scarf icon.png Mavi Scarf Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Mavi_Scarf_+0_________________11600}}80 BLU MP+20 Sword skill +4 Blue Magic skill +4
Navarch's Choker icon.png Navarch's Choker Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Navarch's_Choker_+0___________11601}}80 COR "Magic Atk. Bonus"+3 Marksmanship skill +5
Ravager's Gorget icon.png Ravager's Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Ravager's_Gorget_+0___________11591}}80 WAR STR+3 "Double Attack"+2%
Sylvan Scarf icon.png Sylvan Scarf Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Sylvan_Scarf_+0_______________11596}}80 RNG AGI+6 Ranged Attack+8 Enmity-3
Tantra Necklace icon.png Tantra Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Tantra_Necklace_+0____________11592}}80 MNK Accuracy+5 "Kick Attacks"+2
Unkai Nodowa icon.png Unkai Nodowa Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Unkai_Nodowa_+0_______________11597}}80 SAM STR+3 Accuracy+5 "Store TP"+3
Ziel Charm icon.png Ziel Charm Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Ziel_Charm_+0_________________11605}}80 All Jobs Accuracy+12 Evasion-8
Chocobo Torque icon.png Chocobo Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 081Chocobo_Torque_+0_____________10924}}81 All Jobs Chocobo riding time +4
Field Torque icon.png Field Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 081Field_Torque_+0_______________10926}}81 All Jobs Improves mining, logging, and harvesting results
Fisher's Torque icon.png Fisher's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 081Fisher's_Torque_+0____________10925}}81 All Jobs Fishing skill +2
Chrys. Torque icon.png Chrys. Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 083Chrys._Torque_+0______________11621}}83 BLM BRD GEO SCH SMN WHM MP+30 Latent effect: Adds "Refresh" effect
Noetic Torque icon.png Noetic Torque Rare.gif 083Noetic_Torque_+0______________11623}}83 All Jobs MND+4 Magic Accuracy+4
Agasaya's Collar icon.png Agasaya's Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Agasaya's_Collar_+0___________11622}}84 BRD BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RNG SAM THF WAR Accuracy+8 Attack+8 "Subtle Blow"+5
Aoidos' Matinee icon.png Aoidos' Matinee Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Aoidos'_Matinee_+0____________11618}}84 BRD Song spellcasting time -3% Increases song effect duration
Bale Choker icon.png Bale Choker Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Bale_Choker_+0________________11616}}84 DRK STR+5 Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Adds "Refresh" effect
Caller's Pendant icon.png Caller's Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Caller's_Pendant_+0___________11619}}84 SMN Summoning magic skill +9 Avatar: "Regain" Weather: Avatar perpetuation cost -1
Ferine Necklace icon.png Ferine Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Ferine_Necklace_+0____________11617}}84 BST CHR+6 Accuracy+7 Attack+7 Pet: "Double Attack"+2%
Orison Locket icon.png Orison Locket Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Orison_Locket_+0______________11615}}84 WHM HP+33 MP+33 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Savant's Chain icon.png Savant's Chain Rare.gifExclusive.gif 084Savant's_Chain_+0_____________11620}}84 SCH INT+5 MND+5 Magic Accuracy+3 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+3
Apathy Gorget icon.png Apathy Gorget Rare.gif 086Apathy_Gorget_+0______________10929}}86 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR DEF:10 VIT+9 Enhances "Resist Petrify" effect
Feud Pendant icon.png Feud Pendant Rare.gif 086Feud_Pendant_+0_______________16308}}86 BLM BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM MP+20 INT+7 Enmity+5
Invidia Torque icon.png Invidia Torque Rare.gif 086Invidia_Torque_+0_____________16309}}86 All Jobs Element: Light+20 Element: Dark+20 Enmity+5
Muzzling Collar icon.png Muzzling Collar  086Muzzling_Collar_+0____________10914}}86 All Jobs DEF:6 Enmity+2 Pet: Enmity-2
Muzzling Collar +1 icon.png Muzzling Collar +1  086Muzzling_Collar_+1____________10915}}86 All Jobs DEF:7 Enmity+3 Pet: Enmity-3
Torero Torque icon.png Torero Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 086Torero_Torque_+0______________11626}}86 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR Evasion+9 "Subtle Blow"+9
Pacifying Chain icon.png Pacifying Chain  087Pacifying_Chain_+0____________10916}}87 All Jobs INT+1 MND+1 Enmity-3
Pacifying Chain +1 icon.png Pacifying Chain +1  087Pacifying_Chain_+1____________10917}}87 All Jobs INT+2 MND+2 Enmity-4
Rancor Collar icon.png Rancor Collar Rare.gif 087Rancor_Collar_+0______________10931}}87 All Jobs Accuracy+6 "Tonberry's Grudge"
Veisa Collar icon.png Veisa Collar Rare.gif 087Veisa_Collar_+0_______________10930}}87 All Jobs Physical damage taken -4%
Genesis Locket icon.png Genesis Locket Rare.gifExclusive.gif 088Genesis_Locket_+0_____________10927}}88 All Jobs "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5 Increases magic critical hit damage
Mujin Necklace icon.png Mujin Necklace Rare.gifExclusive.gif 088Mujin_Necklace_+0_____________10933}}88 DRG DRK PLD WAR STR+5 Enhances "Zanshin" effect
Oneiros Torque icon.png Oneiros Torque Rare.gif 088Oneiros_Torque_+0_____________10932}}88 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK MNK NIN PLD RDM RUN SAM THF WAR Evasion+5 Physical damage taken -2%
Magoraga Beads icon.png Magoraga Beads Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Magoraga_Beads_+0_____________11627}}90 BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RDM RNG RUN THF AGI+2 "Utsusemi" spellcasting time -10%
Twilight Torque icon.png Twilight Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Twilight_Torque_+0____________11625}}90 All Jobs Damage taken -5%
Calcitrant Stole icon.png Calcitrant Stole Rare.gif 092Calcitrant_Stole_+0___________10937}}92 BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RDM RNG RUN THF DEF:7 Attack+9 Increases "Kick Attacks" attack
Justiciar's Torque icon.png Justiciar's Torque Rare.gif 092Justiciar's_Torque_+0_________10934}}92 BST DNC DRG DRK MNK RUN SAM THF DEF:10 STR+4 Attack+15 "Slow"+5%
Phrenic Torque icon.png Phrenic Torque Rare.gif 092Phrenic_Torque_+0_____________10935}}92 All Jobs Element: Dark+20 Enmity-7 Converts 30 HP to MP
Coatl Gorget icon.png Coatl Gorget Rare.gif 093Coatl_Gorget_+0_______________10946}}93 DRK PLD DEF:9 "Magic Def. Bonus"+3 Adds "Refresh" effect
Saevus Pendant icon.png Saevus Pendant Rare.gif 093Saevus_Pendant_+0_____________10947}}93 BLM GEO PUP SCH SMN WHM Magic Accuracy-3 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+9
Waylayer's Scarf icon.png Waylayer's Scarf Rare.gif 093Waylayer's_Scarf_+0___________10945}}93 COR RNG THF DEF:5 Ranged Accuracy+7 Magic Accuracy+4
Wiglen Gorget icon.png Wiglen Gorget Rare.gif 093Wiglen_Gorget_+0______________10936}}93 All Jobs Physical damage taken -6% Magic damage taken +6% Adds "Regen" effect
Aife's Medal icon.png Aife's Medal Rare.gif 094Aife's_Medal_+0_______________10942}}94 All Jobs INT+6 MND+6 Element: Ice+10 Element: Water+10
Dualism Collar icon.png Dualism Collar Rare.gif 094Dualism_Collar_+0_____________10939}}94 All Jobs HP+45 MP+45 CHR+6 Element: Light+10 Element: Dark+10
Moepapa Medal icon.png Moepapa Medal Rare.gif 094Moepapa_Medal_+0______________10943}}94 All Jobs DEX+6 AGI+6 Element: Air+10 Element: Thunder+10
Moepapa Pendant icon.png Moepapa Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Moepapa_Pendant_+0____________10940}}94 BLM BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM INT+8 Enmity-5
Portus Collar icon.png Portus Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 094Portus_Collar_+0______________10944}}94 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR Accuracy+3 "Double Attack"+3%
Tjukurrpa Medal icon.png Tjukurrpa Medal Rare.gif 094Tjukurrpa_Medal_+0____________10941}}94 All Jobs STR+6 VIT+6 Element: Fire+10 Element: Earth+10
Houyi's Gorget icon.png Houyi's Gorget Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Houyi's_Gorget_+0_____________10938}}95 BLU BRD BST COR DNC DRG DRK NIN PLD RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WAR AGI+6 Accuracy+6 "Store TP"+3
Airmid's Gorget icon.png Airmid's Gorget  096Airmid's_Gorget_+0____________10963}}96 All Jobs DEF:9 MND+3 Evasion+3 Enchantment: Reraise III
Debilis Medallion icon.png Debilis Medallion  096Debilis_Medallion_+0__________10393}}96 All Jobs Enmity-3 Enhances "Cursna" effect
Inquisitor's Chain icon.png Inquisitor's Chain Rare.gif 096Inquisitor's_Chain_+0_________10959}}96 All Jobs Club skill +8 Divine magic skill +5 Healing magic skill +5
Lavalier icon.png Lavalier  096Lavalier_+0___________________10961}}96 All Jobs HP+50 Charmed: Element: Light-40 Element: Dark-40
Lavalier +1 icon.png Lavalier +1  096Lavalier_+1___________________10962}}96 All Jobs HP+60 Charmed: Element: Light-50 Element: Dark-50 Decreases movement speed
Malison Medallion icon.png Malison Medallion  096Malison_Medallion_+0__________10392}}96 All Jobs Enmity-2 Enhances "Cursna" effect
Stoicheion Medal icon.png Stoicheion Medal Rare.gif 097Stoicheion_Medal_+0___________10957}}97 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+2 "Magic Attack Bonus"+8 Elemental magic casting time -3%
Ishtar's Collar icon.png Ishtar's Collar Rare.gif 099Ishtar's_Collar_+0____________10397}}99 BRD BST COR DNC DRG MNK NIN PUP RNG SAM THF WAR Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Evasion+5
Lasaia Pendant icon.png Lasaia Pendant Rare.gif 099Lasaia_Pendant_+0_____________10395}}99 BLM BLU BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM DEF:7 Magic Accuracy+1 Enmity-8
Nefarious Collar icon.png Nefarious Collar Rare.gif 099Nefarious_Collar_+0___________10958}}99 All Jobs Critical hit rate +3% Magic critical hit rate +3% Increases magic critical hit damage
Orunmila's Torque icon.png Orunmila's Torque Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Orunmila's_Torque_+0__________10394}}99 All Jobs MP+30 Magic Accuracy+1 "Fast Cast" effect+5 Enmity-3
Phalaina Locket icon.png Phalaina Locket Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Phalaina_Locket_+0____________10960}}99 All Jobs MND+3 "Cure" potency +4% Potency of "Cure" effect received +4%
Rioter's Collar icon.png Rioter's Collar Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Rioter's_Collar_+0____________10396}}99 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR Accuracy+5 Attack+5 "Double Attack"+2%
Weike Torque icon.png Weike Torque Rare.gif 099Weike_Torque_+0_______________10398}}99 All Jobs MP+25 MND+2 Magic Accuracy+2 Enfeebling magic skill +7

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