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Imperial Standing Notorious Monster (ISNM) events are accessed by trading a specific key item to the entrance of a Burning Circle. Only one member of the party must have the key item, as the key item is only consumed for the person who first enters the battlefield. The key items are obtained from Shajaf in Aht Urhgan Whitegate in exchange for Imperial Standing credits. Only one order can be acquired per Earth day (reset at Japanese midnight).


Key Item (Required Credits)



Maximum Members

Time Limit

Level 60 Confidential Imperial Order

(2000 Imperial Standing credits)

Call to Arms Talacca Cove 6 members 30 minutes
Tough Nut to Crack Navukgo Execution Chamber
Making a Mockery Jade Sepulcher
Level 90 Secret Imperial Order

(3000 Imperial Standing credits)

Compliments to the Chef Talacca Cove
Happy Caster Navukgo Execution Chamber
Shadows of the Mind Jade Sepulcher

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