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Humanoid characters are unique in that no enemy type in the category is the same. Some take the form of one of the five playable character races, and can use some of the same attacks. Others are in a whole different league, using powerful attacks, or large numbers, to overwhelm their foes. Most don't have a specific weakness or resistance, making them difficult adversaries to defeat.

Family Information
Type: Unclassified
Common Behavior: L, S
Weak to: Varies
Strong to: Varies
Immune to: Varies
Traits: Varies
Charmable: Eks.gif
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Susceptible to Aspir
Drain: Susceptible to Drain

[edit] Special Attacks

Special Abilities Original and Zilart Areas Promathia Areas Aht Urhgan Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas
Weapon Skills: Most of the opponents in this family will use the same weaponskills as players (based on weapon). CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Edge of Death: AoE - Reduces everyone within AoE participating in the Feast of Swords event to 1 HP. (Feast of Swords Samurai armor only) CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Aetheral Toxin: AoE - Powerful move that hits for roughly 2/3 of an enemy's HP. (Feast of Swords Samurai armor only) CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

[edit] Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
No standard notorious monsters

Quest NMs: Adventuring Fellow, Alsha, Five Moons, Gowam, Gunther, Laila, Maat, Menechme, Nicolaus, Qultada, Raubahn, Rohemolipaud, Shamarhaan, Ulbrecht, Volker, Yazquhl

Mission NMs: Amnaf, Ark Angel EV, Ark Angel GK, Ark Angel HM, Ark Angel MR, Ark Angel TT, Bompupu, Bopa Greso, Cha Lebagta, Cherukiki, Cursed Doppelganger, D. Shantotto, Danzo, Eald'narche, Gorattz, Kam'lanaut, Kukki-Chebukki, Makki-Chebukki, Nanaa Mihgo, Oko, Razfahd, Renfred, Saizo, Seed Thrall, Shadow of Rage, Shantotto, Shikaree X, Shikaree Y, Shikaree Z, Tenzen, Umarid, Zeid

Battlefield NMs: Ajido-Marujido (BCNM), Ayame (BCNM), Fantoccini (ENM), Counselor Gadalar (BCNM), Counselor Mihli (BCNM), Counselor Najelith (BCNM), Counselor Rughadjeen (BCNM), Counselor Zazarg (BCNM), Curilla (BCNM), Prishe (BCNM), Shantotto (BCNM), Trion (BCNM), Volker (BCNM)

Other NMs: Hachiryu Armor (Event), Hizamaru Armor (Event),Tatenashi Armor (Event), Tsukikazu Armor (Event), Ubuginu Armor (Event), Usukane Armor (Event) Omodaka Armor (Event)

[edit] Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Kusa 76-77 Leujaoam Sanctum - Imperial Code
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