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Great Katana are two-handed weapons with moderate delay and damage that are used primarily by Samurai, although Ninja can also use several of them. Great Katana tend to boost average melee stats, although some of the most desirable Great Katana have additional stats that improve TP gain, assisting the Samurai with their job as a master of TP.

Great Katana weaponskills tend to be single or dual-hit weaponskills, which gives their weaponskills more reliable (but less powerful) damage than multi-hit weaponskills on similar damage weapons. Great Katana weaponskills are also strategically placed on the skillchain chart, allowing their user to easily participate in practically every skillchain, once again lending itself well to the Samurai's mastery of TP.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 45 Cap at Level 90
Samurai A+ 6 138 361
Ninja C- 5 128 305

Equipment that Enhance this Skill

Name Lvl Slot Effects Jobs
BushinomimiRareExclusive 72 Ear STR +2, Great Katana Skill +5, Parrying Skill +5 All Jobs
Justice TorqueRareExclusive 73 Neck STR +5, Scythe Skill +7, Great Katana Skill +7 All Jobs
Kengo HachimakiRareExclusive 78 Head DEF: 12, Resist Vs. Fire +10, Accuracy +12, Great Katana Skill +5, "Conserve TP" +5 All Jobs
ScathachaRareExclusive 80 Main DMG: 91, Delay: 420, STR +5, CHR +20, Great Katana Skill +3 Samurai
Unkai Domaru +1AugmentRareExclusive 89 Body DEF: 67, Accuracy +12, Attack +12, Great Katana Skill +5, "Store TP" +7, Enhances "Zanshin" effect Samurai
Unkai Domaru +2AugmentRareExclusive 89 Body DEF: 70, Accuracy +17, Attack +17, Great Katana Skill +7, "Store TP" +10, Enhances "Zanshin" effect, Set: Augments "Zanshin" Samurai

Weapon Skills

Name Skill Level Info Modifiers
Tachi: Enpi 5 Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP. STR:30%
Tachi: Hobaku 30 Stuns enemy. Duration of stun varies with TP. STR:30%
Tachi: Goten 70 Deals lightning elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:30%
Tachi: Kagero 100 Deals fire elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:50%
Tachi: Jinpu 150 Two-hit attack. Deals wind elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:40%
Tachi: Koki 175 Deals light elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:50% ; MND:30%
Tachi: Yukikaze 200 Samurai Only Blinds enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:75%
Tachi: Gekko 225 Samurai Only Silences enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:75%
Tachi: Kasha 250 Samurai Only Paralyzes enemy. Damage varies with TP. STR:75%
Tachi: Ageha 300 Samurai and Ninja Lowers target's defense. Chance of lowering target's defense varies with TP.
Tachi: Rana Samurai Only Delivers a threefold attack. Accuracy varies with TP. Kogarasumaru: Aftermath effect varies with TP. STR:35%
Tachi: Fudo Masamune (85), Hiradennotachi +1 only Deals double damage. Damage varies with TP. Masamune (85): Aftermath occasionally deals double damage.
Tachi: Kaiten Totsukanotsurugi, Amanomurakumo Only Additional effect: temporarily increases amount of TP stored with each hit. STR:60%

Great Katana by Level

Name Level Jobs DPS TP/hit Attributes
Ark Tachi icon.png Ark Tachi Exclusive.gif 001Ark_Tachi_+0__________________18464}}1 All Jobs 0.06 18% DMG:1 Delay:999 Enchantment: Costume
Lotus Katana icon.png Lotus Katana Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Lotus_Katana_+0_______________18436}}1 All Jobs 0.21 7.4% DMG:1 Delay:280
Mumeito icon.png Mumeito Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Mumeito_+0____________________17809}}1 SAM 1.71 10.8% DMG:12 Delay:420
Shinai icon.png Shinai Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Shinai_+0_____________________18441}}1 All Jobs 0.25 13% DMG:2 Delay:480 Fellow: STR+4 DEX+4
Wooden Katana icon.png Wooden Katana Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Wooden_Katana_+0______________17830}}1 All Jobs 0.13 11.5% DMG:1 Delay:450
Hardwood Katana icon.png Hardwood Katana Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Wooden_Katana_+1______________17831}}1 All Jobs 0.67 11.5% DMG:5 Delay:450
Tachi icon.png Tachi  008Tachi_+0______________________16966}}8 SAM 2.8 11.5% DMG:21 Delay:450
Tachi +1 icon.png Tachi +1  008Tachi_+1______________________16981}}8 SAM 3.02 11.2% DMG:22 Delay:437
Katayama icon.png Katayama Rare.gifExclusive.gif 010Katayama_+0___________________17811}}10 SAM 3.73 11.5% DMG:28 Delay:450 STR+1 DEX+1
Uchigatana icon.png Uchigatana  012Uchigatana_+0_________________16960}}12 NIN SAM 3.43 10.8% DMG:24 Delay:420
Uchigatana +1 icon.png Uchigatana +1  012Uchigatana_+1_________________16978}}12 NIN SAM 3.69 10.5% DMG:25 Delay:407
Nodachi icon.png Nodachi  016Nodachi_+0____________________16982}}16 SAM 4 11.5% DMG:30 Delay:450
Nodachi +1 icon.png Nodachi +1  016Nodachi_+1____________________16983}}16 SAM 4.26 11.2% DMG:31 Delay:437
Gunromaru icon.png Gunromaru  020Gunromaru_+0__________________17820}}20 SAM 4.4 11.5% DMG:33 Delay:450
Okanehira icon.png Okanehira  023Okanehira_+0__________________16987}}23 SAM 5.07 11.5% DMG:38 Delay:450
Kanesada icon.png Kanesada  026Kanesada_+0___________________16975}}26 NIN SAM 5.14 10.8% DMG:36 Delay:420
Kotetsu icon.png Kotetsu  027Kotetsu_+0____________________16988}}27 SAM 5.33 11.5% DMG:40 Delay:450
Mokusa icon.png Mokusa Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Mokusa_+0_____________________18451}}30 SAM 5.57 10.8% DMG:39 Delay:420 Additional effect: Wind damage
Homura icon.png Homura  034Homura_+0_____________________16973}}34 SAM 6.09 12.2% DMG:47 Delay:463 Additional effect: Fire damage
Homura +1 icon.png Homura +1  034Homura_+1_____________________16986}}34 SAM 6.4 11.5% DMG:48 Delay:450 Additional effect: Fire damage
Koen icon.png Koen  034Koen_+0_______________________17828}}34 SAM 6.09 12.2% DMG:47 Delay:463 Additional effect: Fire damage Enchantment: "Enfire"
Ashura icon.png Ashura  036Ashura_+0_____________________16962}}36 NIN SAM 6.43 10.8% DMG:45 Delay:420
Ashura +1 icon.png Ashura +1  036Ashura_+1_____________________16979}}36 NIN SAM 6.78 10.5% DMG:46 Delay:407
Hosodachi icon.png Hosodachi  037Hosodachi_+0__________________16970}}37 SAM 7.15 11% DMG:51 Delay:428
Hosodachi +1 icon.png Hosodachi +1  037Hosodachi_+1__________________17800}}37 SAM 7.54 10.6% DMG:52 Delay:414
Tsurugitachi icon.png Tsurugitachi  037Tsurugitachi_+0_______________18444}}37 SAM 7.15 11% DMG:51 Delay:428 Enchantment: TP+10
Kagehide icon.png Kagehide Rare.gif 040Kagehide_+0___________________17821}}40 SAM 7.71 10.8% DMG:54 Delay:420 VIT+2
Magoroku icon.png Magoroku Rare.gifExclusive.gif 042Magoroku_+0___________________17812}}42 SAM 7.47 11.5% DMG:56 Delay:450 STR+1 AGI+1
Mikazuki icon.png Mikazuki  044Mikazuki_+0___________________16967}}44 SAM 7.73 11.5% DMG:58 Delay:450
Mikazuki +1 icon.png Mikazuki +1  044Mikazuki_+1___________________16989}}44 SAM 8.1 11.2% DMG:59 Delay:437
Odenta icon.png Odenta  048Odenta_+0_____________________16991}}48 SAM 8.4 11.5% DMG:63 Delay:450
Koryukagemitsu icon.png Koryukagemitsu Rare.gif 050Koryukagemitsu_+0_____________16965}}50 SAM 8.93 11.5% DMG:67 Delay:450 STR+1 Accuracy+2
Soboro Sukehiro icon.png Soboro Sukehiro Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Soboro_Sukehiro_+0____________17813}}50 SAM 5.33 11.5% DMG:40 Delay:450 Occasionally attacks 2 to 3 times
Kiku-Ichimonji icon.png Kiku-Ichimonji  051Kiku-Ichimonji_+0_____________17802}}51 SAM 8.8 11.5% DMG:66 Delay:450
Jindachi icon.png Jindachi  054Jindachi_+0___________________16984}}54 SAM 9.2 11.5% DMG:69 Delay:450
Jindachi +1 icon.png Jindachi +1  054Jindachi_+1___________________16985}}54 SAM 9.61 11.2% DMG:70 Delay:437
Dotanuki icon.png Dotanuki  055Dotanuki_+0___________________16974}}55 NIN SAM 9.29 10.8% DMG:65 Delay:420 Additional effect: Impairs evasion
Raikiri icon.png Raikiri Rare.gif 056Raikiri_+0____________________17814}}56 SAM 9.47 11.2% DMG:69 Delay:437 Accuracy+3 Decreases movement speed Thunder: Attack+10
Amakura icon.png Amakura Rare.gif 057Amakura_+0____________________18445}}57 SAM 9.47 11.5% DMG:71 Delay:450 Latent effect: "Store TP"+10
Daihannya icon.png Daihannya  059Daihannya_+0__________________16990}}59 SAM 9.6 11.5% DMG:72 Delay:450 STR+3
Gold Musketeer's Uchigatana icon.png Gold Musketeer's Uchigatana  060Gold_Musketeer's_Uchigatana_+017807}}60 NIN SAM 9.92 10.3% DMG:66 Delay:399 Accuracy+4 Attack+4 Additional effect: Earth damage
Omokage icon.png Omokage Rare.gif 060Omokage_+0____________________17822}}60 SAM 9.43 10.8% DMG:66 Delay:420 DEX+4 "Store TP"+2
Zanbato icon.png Zanbato  061Zanbato_+0____________________16964}}61 SAM 9.44 12.2% DMG:73 Delay:464
Zanbato +1 icon.png Zanbato +1  061Zanbato_+1____________________17803}}61 SAM 9.87 11.5% DMG:74 Delay:450
Kanesada +1 icon.png Kanesada +1  063Kanesada_+1___________________17818}}63 NIN SAM 9.71 10.8% DMG:68 Delay:420
Shinkanesada icon.png Shinkanesada  063Kanesada_+2___________________17819}}63 NIN SAM 10.17 10.5% DMG:69 Delay:407
Onikiri icon.png Onikiri  065Onikiri_+0____________________16969}}65 SAM 9.87 11.5% DMG:74 Delay:450 Vs. Demons: Critical hit rate +5%
Sukesada icon.png Sukesada Rare.gifExclusive.gif 066Sukesada_+0___________________16980}}66 NIN SAM 10.38 10.3% DMG:69 Delay:399 Attack+7 "Double Attack"+1%
Kazaridachi icon.png Kazaridachi  067Kazaridachi_+0________________16972}}67 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450 CHR+2
Kazaridachi +1 icon.png Kazaridachi +1  067Kazaridachi_+1________________17805}}67 SAM 10.57 11.2% DMG:77 Delay:437 CHR+3
Messhikimaru icon.png Messhikimaru  067Messhikimaru_+0_______________17826}}67 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450 CHR+2 Enchantment: "Arcana Killer"
Mukademaru icon.png Mukademaru Rare.gif 069Mukademaru_+0_________________18450}}69 NIN SAM 10.57 10.8% DMG:74 Delay:420 "Subtle Blow"+2 Set: Increases Evasion and HP recovered while healing Reduces Enmity
Namioyogi icon.png Namioyogi Rare.gif 069Namioyogi_+0__________________18449}}69 SAM 10.67 11.5% DMG:80 Delay:450 Enmity+5 Set: Increases STR, Attack, Ranged Attack, "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Honebami icon.png Honebami Rare.gif 070Honebami_+0___________________17825}}70 NIN SAM 9.71 10.8% DMG:68 Delay:420
Kamewari icon.png Kamewari Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Kamewari_+0___________________16968}}70 SAM 10.53 11.5% DMG:79 Delay:450 Accuracy+5 Vs. arcana: Critical hit rate +7%
Kosetsusamonji icon.png Kosetsusamonji Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Kosetsusamonji_+0_____________18434}}70 NIN SAM 10.86 10.8% DMG:76 Delay:420 Assault: DMG:79 "Store TP"+2
Kumokirimaru icon.png Kumokirimaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Kumokirimaru_+0_______________18438}}70 SAM 10.67 11.5% DMG:80 Delay:450 Enhances "Zanshin" effect Critical hit rate +5% Vs. vermin: Critical hit rate +8%
Murasame icon.png Murasame  070Murasame_+0___________________16961}}70 NIN SAM 10.29 10.8% DMG:72 Delay:420 HP-5% Element: Fire+15 Additional effect: Water damage
Hotarumaru icon.png Hotarumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Hotarumaru_+0_________________18435}}71 NIN SAM 11.14 10.8% DMG:78 Delay:420 Depending on day: Increases elemental weapon skill damage
Shirogatana icon.png Shirogatana  071Shirogatana_+0________________18439}}71 NIN SAM 10.29 10.8% DMG:72 Delay:420 STR+2 INT+2
Shirogatana +1 icon.png Shirogatana +1  071Shirogatana_+1________________18440}}71 NIN SAM 10.76 10.5% DMG:73 Delay:407 STR+3 INT+3
Tachi of Trials icon.png Tachi of Trials Rare.gifExclusive.gif 071Tachi_of_Trials_+0____________17815}}71 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450 Latent effect: HP+20 Element: Ice+10 Element: Dark+10
Hagun icon.png Hagun  072Hagun_+0______________________17829}}72 SAM 10 11.5% DMG:75 Delay:450 TP Bonus
Kotetsu +1 icon.png Kotetsu +1  072Kotetsu_+1____________________17816}}72 SAM 10.4 11.5% DMG:78 Delay:450
Shinkotetsu icon.png Shinkotetsu  072Kotetsu_+2____________________17817}}72 SAM 10.87 11.2% DMG:79 Delay:436
Michishiba icon.png Michishiba Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Michishiba_+0_________________17827}}72 NIN SAM 9.29 10.8% DMG:65 Delay:420 Latent effect: DMG:78 Critical hit rate +6%
Nanatsusaya icon.png Nanatsusaya Rare.gif 072Nanatsusaya_+0________________18447}}72 SAM 11 10.8% DMG:77 Delay:420 STR+7 DEX+7 Enhances "Zanshin" effect
Shinsoku icon.png Shinsoku Rare.gif 072Shinsoku_+0___________________17823}}72 SAM 10.67 11.5% DMG:80 Delay:450 STR+5 AGI+1 INT-1 Additional effect: TP drain
Butachi icon.png Butachi  073Butachi_+0____________________18431}}73 SAM 10.67 11.5% DMG:80 Delay:450 HP+10 DEX+2 VIT+2 Element: Fire+8
Butachi +1 icon.png Butachi +1  073Butachi_+1____________________18432}}73 SAM 11.12 11.2% DMG:81 Delay:437 HP+11 DEX+3 VIT+3 Element: Fire+9
Kagiroi icon.png Kagiroi  073Kagiroi_+0____________________18433}}73 SAM 10.67 11.5% DMG:80 Delay:450 HP+10 DEX+2 VIT+2 Element: Fire+8 Enchantment: "Fire"
Namikirimaru icon.png Namikirimaru  073Namikirimaru_+0_______________18437}}73 NIN SAM 8.57 10.8% DMG:60 Delay:420 Additional effect: TP drain
Nukemaru icon.png Nukemaru  073Nukemaru_+0___________________17824}}73 SAM 10.27 11.5% DMG:77 Delay:450 STR+2 On Firesdays: DMG:87 Element: Fire+15
Onimaru icon.png Onimaru Rare.gif 073Onimaru_+0____________________16976}}73 SAM 10.27 11.5% DMG:77 Delay:450 Latent effect: DMG:83
Unshomaru icon.png Unshomaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Unshomaru_+0__________________18453}}73 SAM 10.8 11.5% DMG:81 Delay:450
Ushikirimaru icon.png Ushikirimaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 073Ushikirimaru_+0_______________17804}}73 SAM 10.93 11.5% DMG:82 Delay:450 HP+15 STR+2 Enmity+2 Vs. beasts: Accuracy+7
Hacchonenbutsu icon.png Hacchonenbutsu Rare.gifExclusive.gif 074Hacchonenbutsu_+0_____________18448}}74 SAM 11.11 9.8% DMG:70 Delay:378 Accuracy+4
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Amanomurakumo_+0______________18318}}75 SAM 11.2% DMG:88 Delay:437 Accuracy+20 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Donto icon.png Donto Exclusive.gif 075Donto_+0______________________19372}}75 SAM 8.27 11.5% DMG:62 Delay:450
Efunotachi icon.png Efunotachi Exclusive.gif 075Efunotachi_+0_________________19376}}75 SAM 8.67 11.5% DMG:65 Delay:450
Futsuno Mitama icon.png Futsuno Mitama Rare.gif 075Futsuno_Mitama_+0_____________17810}}75 SAM 10.5 13% DMG:84 Delay:480 DEX+8 "Store TP"+8 Latent effect: STR+8
Hayatemaru icon.png Hayatemaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Hayatemaru_+0_________________18315}}75 SAM 0.13 11.5% DMG:1 Delay:450 In Dynamis: DMG:76 Delay:450 Element: Air+7
Ito icon.png Ito Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Ito_+0________________________18314}}75 SAM 0.06 18% DMG:1 Delay:999
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Kogarasumaru_+0_______________18982}}75 SAM 11.5% DMG:81 Delay:450
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19002}}75 SAM 11.5% DMG:81 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Kurodachi icon.png Kurodachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Kurodachi_+0__________________19375}}75 SAM 5.41 11.4% DMG:40 Delay:444
Oboromaru icon.png Oboromaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Oboromaru_+0__________________18316}}75 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450 In Dynamis: DMG:79 Delay:450 Element: Air+9
Pachipachio icon.png Pachipachio Rare.gif 075Pachipachio_+0________________18446}}75 SAM 10.25 13% DMG:82 Delay:480 Accuracy-6 Attack+12 "Store TP"+2
Radennotachi icon.png Radennotachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Radennotachi_+0_______________19374}}75 SAM 10.53 11.5% DMG:79 Delay:450
Rindomaru icon.png Rindomaru  075Rindomaru_+0__________________18452}}75 SAM 10.27 11.5% DMG:77 Delay:450
Shirodachi icon.png Shirodachi Exclusive.gif 075Shirodachi_+0_________________19373}}75 SAM 8.93 11.5% DMG:67 Delay:450
Totsukanotsurugi icon.png Totsukanotsurugi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Totsukanotsurugi_+0___________18317}}75 SAM 11.73 11.5% DMG:88 Delay:450 In Dynamis: "Tachi: Kaiten"
Windslicer icon.png Windslicer Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Windslicer_+0_________________18443}}75 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450
Yukitsugu icon.png Yukitsugu  077Yukitsugu_+0__________________16971}}77 SAM 11.2 11.5% DMG:84 Delay:450 STR+3 VIT+3
Yukitsugu +1 icon.png Yukitsugu +1  077Yukitsugu_+1__________________16977}}77 SAM 11.67 11.2% DMG:85 Delay:437 STR+4 VIT+4
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Amanomurakumo_+0______________18319}}80 SAM 11.2% DMG:98 Delay:437 Accuracy+25 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Hiradennotachi icon.png Hiradennotachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Hiradennotachi_+0_____________19448}}80 SAM 12.67 11.5% DMG:95 Delay:450
Hyogugusarinotachi icon.png Hyogugusarinotachi Exclusive.gif 080Hyogugusarinotachi_+0_________19450}}80 SAM 12.22 11.2% DMG:89 Delay:437
Keitonotachi icon.png Keitonotachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Keitonotachi_+0_______________19451}}80 SAM 10.09 12.2% DMG:78 Delay:464
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19071}}80 SAM 11.5% DMG:91 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect II "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Kokushitsunotachi icon.png Kokushitsunotachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Kokushitsunotachi_+0__________19449}}80 SAM 5.69 12.2% DMG:44 Delay:464
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Masamune_+0___________________19406}}80 SAM 13.32 11.2% DMG:97 Delay:437
Scathacha icon.png Scathacha Rare.gifExclusive.gif 080Scathacha_+0__________________17808}}80 SAM 13 10.8% DMG:91 Delay:420 STR+5 CHR+20 Great Katana skill +3
Yoshihiro icon.png Yoshihiro Rare.gifExclusive.gif 082Yoshihiro_+0__________________18456}}82 SAM 10.13 11.5% DMG:76 Delay:450 Attack+7 Magnus stone equipped: Occasionally deals double damage
Ishikirimaru icon.png Ishikirimaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 083Ishikirimaru_+0_______________18454}}83 SAM 12.5 13% DMG:100 Delay:480 VIT+10 Element: Earth+10 Additional effect: Petrify
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Amanomurakumo_+0______________18646}}85 SAM 11.2% DMG:108 Delay:437 Accuracy+30 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Ame-no-ohabari icon.png Ame-no-ohabari Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Ame-no-ohabari_+0_____________18455}}85 SAM 13.59 11.2% DMG:99 Delay:437 Latent effect: "Tachi: Kaiten"
Hiradennotachi +1 icon.png Hiradennotachi +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Hiradennotachi_+1_____________19506}}85 SAM 13.73 11.5% DMG:103 Delay:450 "Tachi: Fudo"
Hyogugusari +1 icon.png Hyogugusari +1 Exclusive.gif 085Hyogugusari_+1________________19508}}85 SAM 13.18 11.2% DMG:96 Delay:437
Keitonotachi +1 icon.png Keitonotachi +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Keitonotachi_+1_______________19509}}85 SAM 12.28 12.2% DMG:95 Delay:464
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19091}}85 SAM 11.5% DMG:104 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect III "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Kokushitsu +1 icon.png Kokushitsu +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Kokushitsu_+1_________________19507}}85 SAM 6.08 12.2% DMG:47 Delay:464
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 085Masamune_+0___________________19465}}85 SAM 14.69 11.2% DMG:107 Delay:437 STR+10 "Tachi: Fudo" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Taimakuniyuki icon.png Taimakuniyuki  087Taimakuniyuki_+0______________16963}}87 NIN SAM 12.71 10.8% DMG:89 Delay:420 DEX+4 Attack+4
Taimakuniyuki +1 icon.png Taimakuniyuki +1  087Taimakuniyuki_+1______________18442}}87 NIN SAM 13.27 10.5% DMG:90 Delay:407 DEX+5 Attack+5
Kikugosaku icon.png Kikugosaku Rare.gifExclusive.gif 089Kikugosaku_+0_________________17801}}89 SAM 13.88 13% DMG:111 Delay:480 STR+5 "Store TP"+6 Zanshin: Occasionally attacks twice
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Amanomurakumo_+0______________18660}}90 SAM 11.2% DMG:115 Delay:437 Accuracy+35 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Asa-arashi icon.png Asa-arashi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Asa-arashi_+0_________________17806}}90 SAM 14 11.5% DMG:105 Delay:450 AGI+3 "Conserve TP"+5
Hiradennotachi +2 icon.png Hiradennotachi +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Hiradennotachi_+2_____________19584}}90 SAM 14.4 11.5% DMG:108 Delay:450 "Tachi: Fudo"
Hyogugusari +2 icon.png Hyogugusari +2 Exclusive.gif 090Hyogugusari_+2________________19586}}90 SAM 14 11.2% DMG:102 Delay:437
Keitonotachi +2 icon.png Keitonotachi +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Keitonotachi_+2_______________19587}}90 SAM 12.28 12.2% DMG:95 Delay:464
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19623}}90 SAM 11.5% DMG:111 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect IV "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice
Kokushitsu +2 icon.png Kokushitsu +2 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Kokushitsu_+2_________________19585}}90 SAM 6.08 12.2% DMG:47 Delay:464
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Masamune_+0___________________19543}}90 SAM 15.65 11.2% DMG:114 Delay:437 STR+15 "Tachi: Fudo" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Amanomurakumo_+0______________18674}}95 SAM 11.2% DMG:124 Delay:437 Accuracy+35 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Bizen-osafune icon.png Bizen-osafune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Bizen-osafune_+0______________18458}}95 SAM 15.71 10.8% DMG:110 Delay:420 STR+10 DEX+10 VIT+10 AGI+10 INT+10 MND+10 CHR+10
Hiradennotachi +3 icon.png Hiradennotachi +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Hiradennotachi_+3_____________19682}}95 SAM 15.47 11.5% DMG:116 Delay:450 "Tachi: Fudo"
Hyogugusari +3 icon.png Hyogugusari +3 Exclusive.gif 095Hyogugusari_+3________________19684}}95 SAM 14.97 11.2% DMG:109 Delay:437
Keitonotachi +3 icon.png Keitonotachi +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Keitonotachi_+3_______________19685}}95 SAM 12.93 12.2% DMG:100 Delay:464
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19721}}95 SAM 11.5% DMG:120 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect IV "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occasionally attacks twice or thrice
Kokushitsu +3 icon.png Kokushitsu +3 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Kokushitsu_+3_________________19683}}95 SAM 6.34 12.2% DMG:49 Delay:464
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Masamune_+0___________________19641}}95 SAM 16.89 11.2% DMG:123 Delay:437 STR+17 "Tachi: Fudo" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Murasamemaru icon.png Murasamemaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Murasamemaru_+0_______________18457}}95 SAM 16.36 10.5% DMG:111 Delay:407 STR+12 DEX+12 VIT+12 AGI+12 INT+12 MND+12 CHR+12
Sasanuki icon.png Sasanuki  097Sasanuki_+0___________________18462}}97 NIN SAM 13.57 10.8% DMG:95 Delay:420 Accuracy+4 Attack+7 Evasion+4
Sasanuki +1 icon.png Sasanuki +1  097Sasanuki_+1___________________18463}}97 NIN SAM 14.15 10.5% DMG:96 Delay:407 Accuracy+5 Attack+8 Evasion+5
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Amanomurakumo_+0______________19755}}99 SAM 18.12 11.2% DMG:132 Delay:437 Accuracy+40 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks Afterglow
Amanomurakumo icon.png Amanomurakumo Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Amanomurakumo_+0______________19848}}99 SAM 18.12 11.2% DMG:132 Delay:437 Accuracy+40 "Tachi: Kaiten" Additional effect: Weakens attacks Afterglow
Genjito icon.png Genjito Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Genjito_+0____________________18465}}99 SAM 14 11.5% DMG:105 Delay:450 DEX+10
Heshikiri-hasebe icon.png Heshikiri-hasebe Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Heshikiri-hasebe_+0___________18459}}99 SAM 15.6 11.5% DMG:117 Delay:450 STR+5 Attack+10 "Save TP"+25
Kabutsuchi icon.png Kabutsuchi Exclusive.gif 099Kabutsuchi_+0_________________19905}}99 SAM 15.93 11.2% DMG:116 Delay:437
Kagotsurube icon.png Kagotsurube Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kagotsurube_+0________________18460}}99 SAM 15.26 12.2% DMG:118 Delay:464 "Store TP"+5 Enhances effect of skillchain bonuses
Kantonotachi icon.png Kantonotachi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kantonotachi_+0_______________19906}}99 SAM 13.58 12.2% DMG:105 Delay:464
Kawatsutsumi icon.png Kawatsutsumi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kawatsutsumi_+0_______________19904}}99 SAM 6.59 12.2% DMG:51 Delay:464
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19830}}99 SAM 17.07 11.5% DMG:128 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect V "Tachi: Rana" Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occ. attacks twice or thrice
Kogarasumaru icon.png Kogarasumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kogarasumaru_+0_______________19959}}99 SAM 17.07 11.5% DMG:128 Delay:450 Enhances "Third Eye" effect V "Tachi: Rana" Afterglow Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk. Occ. attacks twice or thrice
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Masamune_+0___________________19814}}99 SAM 18.12 11.2% DMG:132 Delay:437 STR+20 "Tachi: Fudo" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage
Masamune icon.png Masamune Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Masamune_+0___________________19862}}99 SAM 18.12 11.2% DMG:132 Delay:437 STR+20 "Tachi: Fudo" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage Afterglow
Nikko-ichimonji icon.png Nikko-ichimonji Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Nikko-ichimonji_+0____________18461}}99 SAM 15.33 11.5% DMG:115 Delay:450 Evasion+8 "Double Attack"+4% Enhances "Zanshin" effect
Tenkomaru icon.png Tenkomaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Tenkomaru_+0__________________18466}}99 SAM 14.83 11.2% DMG:108 Delay:437 DEX+15 When in front of enemy: Occasionally attacks twice
Tomonari icon.png Tomonari  099Tomonari_+0___________________21056}}99 SAM 16.86 10.8% DMG:118 Delay:420 STR+6 Attack+10 Store TP+5 TP Bonus
Tomonari +1 icon.png Tomonari +1  099Tomonari_+1___________________21057}}99 SAM 17.54 10.5% DMG:119 Delay:407 STR+7 Attack+11 Store TP+6 TP Bonus
Torigashira icon.png Torigashira Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Torigashira_+0________________19903}}99 SAM 16.53 11.5% DMG:124 Delay:450 "Tachi: Fudo"
Shichishito icon.png Shichishito Exclusive.gif 105Shichishito_+0________________21058}}99(105) SAM 16.80 11.5% DMG:126 Delay:450 Great Katana skill +54 Parrying skill +54
Ichijinto icon.png Ichijinto Rare.gifExclusive.gif 106Ichijinto_+0__________________21059}}99(106) SAM 17.29 10.8% DMG:121 Delay:420 Accuracy+15 Great Katana skill +63 Parrying skill +63 Reives: DMG:151 Accuracy+25
Suijingiri Kanemitsu icon.png Suijingiri Kanemitsu Rare.gifExclusive.gif 106Suijingiri_Kanemitsu_+0_______21054}}99(106) SAM 19.20 11.5% DMG:144 Delay:450 STR+8 Resist Vs. Water+20 Great Katana skill +67 Parrying skill +67 Enhances effect of skillchain bonuses
Shichishito +1 icon.png Shichishito +1 Rare.gifExclusive.gif 113Shichishito_+1________________21051}}99(113) SAM 24.67 11.5% DMG:185 Delay:450 Great Katana skill +162 Parrying skill +162
Uguisumaru icon.png Uguisumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 113Uguisumaru_+0_________________21053}}99(113) SAM 27.43 10.8% DMG:192 Delay:420 STR+7 Accuracy+18 Great Katana skill +153 Parrying skill +153
Tsurumaru icon.png Tsurumaru Rare.gifExclusive.gif 119Tsurumaru_+0__________________21052}}99(119) SAM 32.40 11.5% DMG:243 Delay:450 Accuracy+15 Attack+10 Great Katana skill +242 Parrying skill +242 "Save TP"+25

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