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Earrings Slots

This is equipment worn on the ears. Notice that you can equip two earrings.

Macro- /equip Ear1 "Item Name"
Macro- /equip Ear2 "Item Name"

You can also use the following:

Macro- /equip L.Ear "Item Name"
Macro- /equip R.Ear "Item Name"

Earrings by Level

Name Level Jobs Attributes
Cassie Earring icon.png Cassie Earring Rare.gif 001Cassie_Earring_+0_____________13402}}1 All Jobs DEF:2 STR+1 VIT+1 Converts 50 MP to HP
Judge's Earring icon.png Judge's Earring  001Judge's_Earring_+0____________13358}}1 All Jobs DEF:20 GMs Only
Raising Earring icon.png Raising Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 001Raising_Earring_+0____________16003}}1 All Jobs Enchantment: "Reraise"
Signal Pearl icon.png Signal Pearl Rare.gifExclusive.gif 005Signal_Pearl_+0_______________14810}}5 All Jobs A magical pearl that allows you to send a signal to your adventuring fellow. Unlike a linkpearl, it is worn on the ear.
Tactics Pearl icon.png Tactics Pearl Rare.gifExclusive.gif 005Tactics_Pearl_+0______________14811}}5 All Jobs A magical pearl that allows you to send a code to your adventuring fellow. Unlike a linkpearl, it is worn on the ear.
Protect Earring icon.png Protect Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 009Protect_Earring_+0____________16007}}9 All Jobs Enchantment: "Protect"
Amber Earring icon.png Amber Earring  010Amber_Earring_+0______________13335}}10 All Jobs Element: Earth+2 Element: Thunder+2
Amethyst Earring icon.png Amethyst Earring  010Amethyst_Earring_+0___________13333}}10 All Jobs Resist Vs. Lightning+2 Resist Vs. Water+2
Balance Earring icon.png Balance Earring  010Balance_Earring_+0____________13376}}10 All Jobs Resist Vs. Lightning+3 Resist Vs. Water+3
Balance Earring +1 icon.png Balance Earring +1  010Balance_Earring_+1____________14691}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Resist Vs. Lightning+4 Resist Vs. Water+4
Clear Earring icon.png Clear Earring  010Clear_Earring_+0______________13332}}10 All Jobs Element: Ice+2 Element: Air+2
Courage Earring icon.png Courage Earring  010Courage_Earring_+0____________13374}}10 All Jobs Element: Fire+3 Element: Ice+3
Courage Earring +1 icon.png Courage Earring +1  010Courage_Earring_+1____________14689}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+4 Element: Ice+4
Energy Earring icon.png Energy Earring  010Energy_Earring_+0_____________13379}}10 All Jobs MP+3 Element: Dark+3
Energy Earring +1 icon.png Energy Earring +1  010Energy_Earring_+1_____________14694}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+4 Element: Dark+4
Hope Earring icon.png Hope Earring  010Hope_Earring_+0_______________13380}}10 All Jobs HP+3 Element: Light+3
Hope Earring +1 icon.png Hope Earring +1  010Hope_Earring_+1_______________14695}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 HP+4 Element: Light+4
Knowledge Earring icon.png Knowledge Earring  010Knowledge_Earring_+0__________13375}}10 All Jobs Element: Ice+3 Element: Air+3
Knowledge Earring +1 icon.png Knowledge Earring +1  010Knowledge_Earring_+1__________14690}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Ice+4 Element: Air+4
Lapis Lazuli Earring icon.png Lapis Lazuli Earring  010Lapis_Lazuli_Earring_+0_______13334}}10 All Jobs Element: Fire+2 Element: Water+2
Onyx Earring icon.png Onyx Earring  010Onyx_Earring_+0_______________13336}}10 All Jobs MP+2 Element: Dark+2
Opal Earring icon.png Opal Earring  010Opal_Earring_+0_______________13337}}10 All Jobs HP+2 Element: Light+2
Optical Earring icon.png Optical Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 010Optical_Earring_+0____________14803}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Accuracy+1 Attack-2
Physical Earring icon.png Physical Earring  010Physical_Earring_+0___________13398}}10 All Jobs Converts 25 MP to HP
Reflex Earring icon.png Reflex Earring  010Reflex_Earring_+0_____________13373}}10 All Jobs Element: Air+3 Element: Earth+3
Reflex Earring +1 icon.png Reflex Earring +1  010Reflex_Earring_+1_____________14688}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Air+4 Element: Earth+4
Sardonyx Earring icon.png Sardonyx Earring  010Sardonyx_Earring_+0___________13331}}10 All Jobs Element: Fire+2 Element: Ice+2
Stamina Earring icon.png Stamina Earring  010Stamina_Earring_+0____________13378}}10 All Jobs Element: Earth+3 Element: Thunder+3
Stamina Earring +1 icon.png Stamina Earring +1  010Stamina_Earring_+1____________14693}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Earth+4 Element: Thunder+4
Tourmaline Earring icon.png Tourmaline Earring  010Tourmaline_Earring_+0_________13330}}10 All Jobs Element: Air+2 Element: Earth+2
Tranquility Earring icon.png Tranquility Earring  010Tranquility_Earring_+0________13377}}10 All Jobs Element: Fire+3 Element: Water+3
Tranquility Earring +1 icon.png Tranquility Earring +1  010Tranquility_Earring_+1________14692}}10 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+4 Element: Water+4
Shell Earring icon.png Shell Earring  011Shell_Earring_+0______________13313}}11 All Jobs Element: Fire+2 Element: Thunder-2 Element: Water+2
Shell Earring +1 icon.png Shell Earring +1  011Shell_Earring_+1______________13314}}11 All Jobs Element: Fire+3 Element: Thunder-2 Element: Water+3
Silver Earring icon.png Silver Earring  014Silver_Earring_+0_____________13327}}14 All Jobs Attack-1 Evasion+1
Silver Earring +1 icon.png Silver Earring +1  014Silver_Earring_+1_____________13370}}14 All Jobs Attack-2 Evasion+2
Bone Earring icon.png Bone Earring  016Bone_Earring_+0_______________13321}}16 All Jobs Attack+1 Evasion-1
Bone Earring +1 icon.png Bone Earring +1  016Bone_Earring_+1_______________13362}}16 All Jobs Attack+2 Evasion-1
Valor Earring icon.png Valor Earring  017Valor_Earring_+0______________13364}}17 All Jobs HP+3 MP+3
Federation Earring icon.png Federation Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 020Federation_Earring_+0_________16041}}20 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Windurst Waters)
Kingdom Earring icon.png Kingdom Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 020Kingdom_Earring_+0____________16039}}20 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Southern San d'Oria)
Mecurial Earring icon.png Mecurial Earring  020Mecurial_Earring_+0___________14757}}20 All Jobs DEF:1 Garrison: Evasion+1
Republic Earring icon.png Republic Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 020Republic_Earring_+0___________16040}}20 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Bastok Markets)
Shield Earring icon.png Shield Earring  020Shield_Earring_+0_____________13365}}20 All Jobs HP+10 MP-10
Beetle Earring icon.png Beetle Earring  021Beetle_Earring_+0_____________13323}}21 All Jobs Attack+2 Evasion-2
Beetle Earring +1 icon.png Beetle Earring +1  021Beetle_Earring_+1_____________13326}}21 All Jobs Attack+3 Evasion-2
Mythril Earring icon.png Mythril Earring  024Mythril_Earring_+0____________13328}}24 All Jobs Attack-2 Evasion+2
Mythril Earring +1 icon.png Mythril Earring +1  024Mythril_Earring_+1____________13371}}24 All Jobs Attack-3 Evasion+3
Reraise Earring icon.png Reraise Earring  024Reraise_Earring_+0____________14790}}24 All Jobs Attack-2 Evasion+2 Enchantment: "Reraise"
Twinstone Earring icon.png Twinstone Earring  024Twinstone_Earring_+0__________13360}}24 All Jobs Element: Ice-4 Element: Air+4
Mhaura Earring icon.png Mhaura Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 025Mhaura_Earring_+0_____________16044}}25 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Mhaura)
Selbina Earring icon.png Selbina Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 025Selbina_Earring_+0____________16043}}25 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Selbina)
Cunning Earring icon.png Cunning Earring  029Cunning_Earring_+0____________14760}}29 All Jobs INT+1
Dodge Earring icon.png Dodge Earring  029Dodge_Earring_+0______________13366}}29 All Jobs Evasion+3
Ashigaru Earring icon.png Ashigaru Earring Rare.gif 030Ashigaru_Earring_+0___________14735}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Parrying skill +5
Beater's Earring icon.png Beater's Earring Rare.gif 030Beater's_Earring_+0___________14734}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Ranged Accuracy+3
Duchy Earring icon.png Duchy Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Duchy_Earring_+0______________16042}}30 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Upper Jeuno)
Esquire's Earring icon.png Esquire's Earring Rare.gif 030Esquire's_Earring_+0__________14730}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: DEF+5
Genin Earring icon.png Genin Earring Rare.gif 030Genin_Earring_+0______________14736}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: AGI+4
Giant's Earring icon.png Giant's Earring Rare.gif 030Giant's_Earring_+0____________11043}}30 All Jobs HP+10 STR+1
Healer's Earring icon.png Healer's Earring Rare.gif 030Healer's_Earring_+0___________13437}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Enmity-1
Kazham Earring icon.png Kazham Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Kazham_Earring_+0_____________16046}}30 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Kazham)
Killer Earring icon.png Killer Earring Rare.gif 030Killer_Earring_+0_____________14731}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Attack+5
Magician's Earring icon.png Magician's Earring Rare.gif 030Magician's_Earring_+0_________14738}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: MP+30
Mercenary's Earring icon.png Mercenary's Earring Rare.gif 030Mercenary's_Earring_+0________13435}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: VIT+2
Morion Earring icon.png Morion Earring  030Morion_Earring_+0_____________14720}}30 All Jobs MP+4 INT+1
Morion Earring +1 icon.png Morion Earring +1  030Morion_Earring_+1_____________14721}}30 All Jobs MP+5 INT+2
Pilferer's Earring icon.png Pilferer's Earring Rare.gif 030Pilferer's_Earring_+0_________14729}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: DEX+2
Rabao Earring icon.png Rabao Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 030Rabao_Earring_+0______________16045}}30 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Rabao)
Singer's Earring icon.png Singer's Earring Rare.gif 030Singer's_Earring_+0___________14733}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Evasion+5
Trimmer's Earring icon.png Trimmer's Earring Rare.gif 030Trimmer's_Earring_+0__________14732}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Accuracy+5
Warlock's Earring icon.png Warlock's Earring Rare.gif 030Warlock's_Earring_+0__________13439}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: MP recovered while healing +1
Wizard's Earring icon.png Wizard's Earring Rare.gif 030Wizard's_Earring_+0___________13438}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Elemental magic skill +5
Wrestler's Earring icon.png Wrestler's Earring Rare.gif 030Wrestler's_Earring_+0_________13436}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: HP+30
Wyvern Earring icon.png Wyvern Earring Rare.gif 030Wyvern_Earring_+0_____________14737}}30 All Jobs Latent effect: Haste+5%
Alacrity Earring icon.png Alacrity Earring  031Alacrity_Earring_+0___________13381}}31 All Jobs Element: Air+5 Element: Earth+5
Alacrity Earring +1 icon.png Alacrity Earring +1  031Alacrity_Earring_+1___________14696}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Air+6 Element: Earth+6
Ametrine Earring icon.png Ametrine Earring  031Ametrine_Earring_+0___________13340}}31 All Jobs Element: Thunder+4 Element: Water+4
Aura Earring icon.png Aura Earring  031Aura_Earring_+0_______________13387}}31 All Jobs MP+5 Element: Dark+5
Aura Earring +1 icon.png Aura Earring +1  031Aura_Earring_+1_______________14702}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+6 Element: Dark+6
Black Earring icon.png Black Earring  031Black_Earring_+0______________13320}}31 All Jobs MP+4 Element: Dark+4
Blood Earring icon.png Blood Earring  031Blood_Earring_+0______________13338}}31 All Jobs Element: Fire+4 Element: Ice+4
Deft Earring icon.png Deft Earring  031Deft_Earring_+0_______________13384}}31 All Jobs Element: Thunder+5 Element: Water+5
Deft Earring +1 icon.png Deft Earring +1  031Deft_Earring_+1_______________14699}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Thunder+6 Element: Water+6
Goshenite Earring icon.png Goshenite Earring  031Goshenite_Earring_+0__________13339}}31 All Jobs Element: Ice+4 Element: Air+4
Loyalty Earring icon.png Loyalty Earring  031Loyalty_Earring_+0____________13388}}31 All Jobs HP+5 Element: Light+5
Loyalty Earring +1 icon.png Loyalty Earring +1  031Loyalty_Earring_+1____________14703}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 HP+6 Element: Light+6
Pearl Earring icon.png Pearl Earring  031Pearl_Earring_+0______________13317}}31 All Jobs HP+4 Element: Light+4
Peridot Earring icon.png Peridot Earring  031Peridot_Earring_+0____________13319}}31 All Jobs Element: Air+4 Element: Earth+4
Puissance Earring icon.png Puissance Earring  031Puissance_Earring_+0__________13382}}31 All Jobs Element: Fire+5 Element: Ice+5
Puissance Earring +1 icon.png Puissance Earring +1  031Puissance_Earring_+1__________14697}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+6 Element: Ice+6
Solace Earring icon.png Solace Earring  031Solace_Earring_+0_____________13385}}31 All Jobs Element: Fire+5 Element: Water+5
Solace Earring +1 icon.png Solace Earring +1  031Solace_Earring_+1_____________14700}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+6 Element: Water+6
Sphene Earring icon.png Sphene Earring  031Sphene_Earring_+0_____________13342}}31 All Jobs Resist Vs. Earth+4 Resist Vs. Lightning+4
Turquoise Earring icon.png Turquoise Earring  031Turquoise_Earring_+0__________13341}}31 All Jobs Element: Fire+4 Element: Water+4
Verve Earring icon.png Verve Earring  031Verve_Earring_+0______________13386}}31 All Jobs Resist Vs. Earth+5 Resist Vs. Lightning+5
Verve Earring +1 icon.png Verve Earring +1  031Verve_Earring_+1______________14701}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Resist Vs. Earth+6 Resist Vs. Lightning+6
Wisdom Earring icon.png Wisdom Earring  031Wisdom_Earring_+0_____________13383}}31 All Jobs Element: Ice+5 Element: Air+5
Wisdom Earring +1 icon.png Wisdom Earring +1  031Wisdom_Earring_+1_____________14698}}31 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Ice+6 Element: Air+6
Bloodbead Earring icon.png Bloodbead Earring Rare.gif 032Bloodbead_Earring_+0__________13359}}32 All Jobs HP+25
Pigeon Earring icon.png Pigeon Earring  033Pigeon_Earring_+0_____________14722}}33 All Jobs HP+20 Element: Water+5
Pigeon Earring +1 icon.png Pigeon Earring +1  033Pigeon_Earring_+1_____________14723}}33 All Jobs HP+25 Element: Water+7
Augmenting Earring icon.png Augmenting Earring Rare.gif 035Augmenting_Earring_+0_________14773}}35 All Jobs Enhancing magic skill +3
Buckler Earring icon.png Buckler Earring Rare.gif 035Buckler_Earring_+0____________14769}}35 All Jobs Shield skill +3
Dark Earring icon.png Dark Earring Rare.gif 035Dark_Earring_+0_______________14772}}35 All Jobs Dark magic skill +3
Divine Earring icon.png Divine Earring Rare.gif 035Divine_Earring_+0_____________14771}}35 All Jobs Divine magic skill +3
Drone Earring icon.png Drone Earring  035Drone_Earring_+0______________13361}}35 All Jobs AGI+3 Element: Air+6
Elemental Earring icon.png Elemental Earring Rare.gif 035Elemental_Earring_+0__________14775}}35 All Jobs Elemental magic skill +3
Enfeebling Earring icon.png Enfeebling Earring Rare.gif 035Enfeebling_Earring_+0_________14774}}35 All Jobs Enfeebling magic skill +3
Evasion Earring icon.png Evasion Earring Rare.gif 035Evasion_Earring_+0____________14767}}35 All Jobs Evasion skill +3
Guarding Earring icon.png Guarding Earring Rare.gif 035Guarding_Earring_+0___________14770}}35 All Jobs Guarding skill +3
Healing Earring icon.png Healing Earring Rare.gif 035Healing_Earring_+0____________14776}}35 All Jobs Healing magic skill +3
Ninjutsu Earring icon.png Ninjutsu Earring Rare.gif 035Ninjutsu_Earring_+0___________14778}}35 All Jobs Ninjutsu skill +3
Parrying Earring icon.png Parrying Earring Rare.gif 035Parrying_Earring_+0___________14768}}35 All Jobs Parrying skill +3
Singing Earring icon.png Singing Earring Rare.gif 035Singing_Earring_+0____________14779}}35 All Jobs Singing skill +3
String Earring icon.png String Earring Rare.gif 035String_Earring_+0_____________14780}}35 All Jobs String instrument skill +3
Summoning Earring icon.png Summoning Earring Rare.gif 035Summoning_Earring_+0__________14777}}35 All Jobs Summoning magic skill +3
Wind Earring icon.png Wind Earring Rare.gif 035Wind_Earring_+0_______________14781}}35 All Jobs Wind instrument skill +3
Wing Earring icon.png Wing Earring  035Wing_Earring_+0_______________13322}}35 All Jobs AGI+2 Element: Air+4
Bull Earring icon.png Bull Earring  037Bull_Earring_+0_______________13367}}37 All Jobs HP+5 Evasion-2
Geist Earring icon.png Geist Earring  038Geist_Earring_+0______________14766}}38 All Jobs MP+5 MND+1
Nemesis Earring icon.png Nemesis Earring Rare.gif 039Nemesis_Earring_+0____________13404}}39 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM Enmity+1
Affinity Earring icon.png Affinity Earring Rare.gif 040Affinity_Earring_+0___________16031}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Enhances pet attack
Ardent Earring icon.png Ardent Earring Rare.gif 040Ardent_Earring_+0_____________16017}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+1
Ataraxy Earring icon.png Ataraxy Earring Rare.gif 040Ataraxy_Earring_+0____________16018}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Magic Accuracy+1
Booster Earring icon.png Booster Earring Rare.gif 040Booster_Earring_+0____________16029}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: HP+10 MP+10
Brawn Earring icon.png Brawn Earring Rare.gif 040Brawn_Earring_+0______________16021}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: STR+1
Chary Earring icon.png Chary Earring Rare.gif 040Chary_Earring_+0______________16016}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Enmity-1
Elan Earring icon.png Elan Earring Rare.gif 040Elan_Earring_+0_______________16026}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Evasion+4
Empire Earring icon.png Empire Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Empire_Earring_+0_____________16049}}40 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Enhancing Earring icon.png Enhancing Earring Rare.gif 040Enhancing_Earring_+0__________13405}}40 BLM BLU BRD GEO NIN PUP RDM RNG SCH SMN WHM HP+5 MP+5
Esse Earring icon.png Esse Earring Rare.gif 040Esse_Earring_+0_______________16015}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: HP+20
Fidelity Earring icon.png Fidelity Earring Rare.gif 040Fidelity_Earring_+0___________16022}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Enhances pet accuracy
Forte Earring icon.png Forte Earring Rare.gif 040Forte_Earring_+0______________16019}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: DEX+1
Impetus Earring icon.png Impetus Earring Rare.gif 040Impetus_Earring_+0____________16024}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Ranged Attack+1
Intruder Earring icon.png Intruder Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Intruder_Earring_+0___________14806}}40 All Jobs DEF:6 DEX+1 AGI+1 In areas outside own nation's control: Converts 40 MP to HP
Muffle Earring icon.png Muffle Earring Rare.gif 040Muffle_Earring_+0_____________16032}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: "Subtle Blow"+3
Mystique Earring icon.png Mystique Earring Rare.gif 040Mystique_Earring_+0___________16023}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: CHR+1
Norg Earring icon.png Norg Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Norg_Earring_+0_______________16047}}40 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Norg)
Psyche Earring icon.png Psyche Earring Rare.gif 040Psyche_Earring_+0_____________16028}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: MP+15
Rathe Earring icon.png Rathe Earring Rare.gif 040Rathe_Earring_+0______________16025}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: "Store TP"+1
Safehold Earring icon.png Safehold Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 040Safehold_Earring_+0___________16048}}40 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Tavnazian Safehold)
Seeker Earring icon.png Seeker Earring Rare.gif 040Seeker_Earring_+0_____________16027}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Accuracy+1
Soarer Earring icon.png Soarer Earring Rare.gif 040Soarer_Earring_+0_____________16030}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Ranged Accuracy+1
Stormer Earring icon.png Stormer Earring Rare.gif 040Stormer_Earring_+0____________16014}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: Attack+4
Survivor Earring icon.png Survivor Earring Rare.gif 040Survivor_Earring_+0___________16020}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: VIT+1
Sylph Earring icon.png Sylph Earring Rare.gif 040Sylph_Earring_+0______________16033}}40 All Jobs Latent effect: MP recovered while healing +1
Avenger's Earring icon.png Avenger's Earring  042Avenger's_Earring_+0__________13368}}42 All Jobs "Counter"+1
Curaga Earring icon.png Curaga Earring  042Curaga_Earring_+0_____________14759}}42 PLD WHM Enchantment: "Curaga"
Astral Earring icon.png Astral Earring Rare.gif 045Astral_Earring_+0_____________14782}}45 All Jobs Converts 25 HP to MP
Gold Earring icon.png Gold Earring  045Gold_Earring_+0_______________13315}}45 All Jobs Attack-3 Evasion+3
Gold Earring +1 icon.png Gold Earring +1  045Gold_Earring_+1_______________13372}}45 All Jobs Attack-4 Evasion+4
Tortoise Earring icon.png Tortoise Earring  045Tortoise_Earring_+0___________13324}}45 All Jobs Attack+3 Evasion-3
Tortoise Earring +1 icon.png Tortoise Earring +1  045Tortoise_Earring_+1___________13363}}45 All Jobs Attack+4 Evasion-2
Moldavite Earring icon.png Moldavite Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 047Moldavite_Earring_+0__________14724}}47 All Jobs "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Allure Earring icon.png Allure Earring  049Allure_Earring_+0_____________13396}}49 All Jobs HP+8 Element: Light+8
Allure Earring +1 icon.png Allure Earring +1  049Allure_Earring_+1_____________14711}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 HP+10 Element: Light+10
Aquamarine Earring icon.png Aquamarine Earring  049Aquamarine_Earring_+0_________13347}}49 All Jobs Element: Fire+6 Element: Water+6
Boroka Earring icon.png Boroka Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 049Boroka_Earring_+0_____________14763}}49 All Jobs INT+1 MP recovered while healing +1
Celerity Earring icon.png Celerity Earring  049Celerity_Earring_+0___________13389}}49 All Jobs Element: Air+8 Element: Earth+8
Celerity Earring +1 icon.png Celerity Earring +1  049Celerity_Earring_+1___________14704}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Air+10 Element: Earth+10
Genius Earring icon.png Genius Earring  049Genius_Earring_+0_____________13391}}49 All Jobs Element: Ice+8 Element: Air+8
Genius Earring +1 icon.png Genius Earring +1  049Genius_Earring_+1_____________14706}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Ice+10 Element: Air+10
Grace Earring icon.png Grace Earring  049Grace_Earring_+0______________13392}}49 All Jobs Element: Thunder+8 Element: Water+8
Grace Earring +1 icon.png Grace Earring +1  049Grace_Earring_+1______________14707}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Thunder+10 Element: Water+10
Green Earring icon.png Green Earring  049Green_Earring_+0______________13343}}49 All Jobs Element: Air+6 Element: Earth+6
Harvest Earring icon.png Harvest Earring Rare.gif 049Harvest_Earring_+0____________14804}}49 All Jobs DEX+1 AGI+1 MND+1
Heims Earring icon.png Heims Earring Rare.gif 049Heims_Earring_+0______________14805}}49 All Jobs STR+1 VIT+1 INT+1 CHR+1
Mana Earring icon.png Mana Earring  049Mana_Earring_+0_______________13395}}49 All Jobs MP+8 Element: Dark+8
Mana Earring +1 icon.png Mana Earring +1  049Mana_Earring_+1_______________14710}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+10 Element: Dark+10
Moon Earring icon.png Moon Earring  049Moon_Earring_+0_______________13350}}49 All Jobs HP+6 Element: Light+6
Night Earring icon.png Night Earring  049Night_Earring_+0______________13349}}49 All Jobs MP+6 Element: Dark+6
Purple Earring icon.png Purple Earring  049Purple_Earring_+0_____________13346}}49 All Jobs Element: Thunder+6 Element: Water+6
Serenity Earring icon.png Serenity Earring  049Serenity_Earring_+0___________13393}}49 All Jobs Element: Fire+8 Element: Water+8
Serenity Earring +1 icon.png Serenity Earring +1  049Serenity_Earring_+1___________14708}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+10 Element: Water+10
Sun Earring icon.png Sun Earring  049Sun_Earring_+0________________13344}}49 All Jobs Element: Fire+6 Element: Ice+6
Victory Earring icon.png Victory Earring  049Victory_Earring_+0____________13390}}49 All Jobs Element: Fire+8 Element: Ice+8
Victory Earring +1 icon.png Victory Earring +1  049Victory_Earring_+1____________14705}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Fire+10 Element: Ice+10
Vigor Earring icon.png Vigor Earring  049Vigor_Earring_+0______________13394}}49 All Jobs Element: Earth+8 Element: Thunder+8
Vigor Earring +1 icon.png Vigor Earring +1  049Vigor_Earring_+1______________14709}}49 All Jobs DEF:1 Element: Earth+10 Element: Thunder+10
Yellow Earring icon.png Yellow Earring  049Yellow_Earring_+0_____________13348}}49 All Jobs Element: Earth+6 Element: Thunder+6
Zircon Earring icon.png Zircon Earring  049Zircon_Earring_+0_____________13345}}49 All Jobs Element: Ice+6 Element: Air+6
Amorph Earring icon.png Amorph Earring  050Amorph_Earring_+0_____________14748}}50 All Jobs Enhances "Bird Killer" effect Weakens "Amorph Killer" effect
Antivenom Earring icon.png Antivenom Earring Rare.gif 050Antivenom_Earring_+0__________15971}}50 All Jobs MP+15 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect MP recovered while healing +1
Aquan Earring icon.png Aquan Earring  050Aquan_Earring_+0______________14750}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Aquan Killer" effect Enhances "Amorph Killer" effect
Arcana Earring icon.png Arcana Earring  050Arcana_Earring_+0_____________14745}}50 All Jobs Enhances "Undead Killer" effect Weakens "Arcana Killer" effect
Beast Earring icon.png Beast Earring  050Beast_Earring_+0______________14752}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Beast Killer" effect Enhances "Lizard Killer" effect
Bird Earring icon.png Bird Earring  050Bird_Earring_+0_______________14747}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Bird Killer" effect Enhances "Aquan Killer" effect
Demon Earring icon.png Demon Earring  050Demon_Earring_+0______________14753}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Demon Killer" effect Enhances "Dragon Killer" effect
Dragon Earring icon.png Dragon Earring  050Dragon_Earring_+0_____________14754}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Dragon Killer" effect Enhances "Demon Killer" effect
Insomnia Earring icon.png Insomnia Earring Rare.gif 050Insomnia_Earring_+0___________15972}}50 All Jobs HP+15 MP+15 Enhances "Resist Sleep" effect
Lizard Earring icon.png Lizard Earring  050Lizard_Earring_+0_____________14749}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Lizard Killer" effect Enhances "Vermin Killer" effect
Nashmau Earring icon.png Nashmau Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Nashmau_Earring_+0____________16050}}50 All Jobs Enchantment: "Teleport" (Nashmau)
Rebel Earring icon.png Rebel Earring Rare.gif 050Rebel_Earring_+0______________11042}}50 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR STR+2 DEX-1 AGI-1
Stoic Earring icon.png Stoic Earring Rare.gif 050Stoic_Earring_+0______________15970}}50 All Jobs HP+20 Enhances "Resist Stun" effect HP recovered while healing +1
Storm Earring icon.png Storm Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Storm_Earring_+0______________15969}}50 All Jobs Assault: MP+15 Enmity-4
Storm Loop icon.png Storm Loop Rare.gifExclusive.gif 050Storm_Loop_+0_________________15968}}50 All Jobs Attack+5 Assault: Attack+10
Undead Earring icon.png Undead Earring  050Undead_Earring_+0_____________14744}}50 All Jobs Weakens "Undead Killer" effect Enhances "Arcana Killer" effect
Velocity Earring icon.png Velocity Earring Rare.gif 050Velocity_Earring_+0___________15974}}50 All Jobs Evasion+4 Enhances "Resist Slow" effect
Vision Earring icon.png Vision Earring Rare.gif 050Vision_Earring_+0_____________15973}}50 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+2 Enhances "Resist Blind" effect
Refresh Earring icon.png Refresh Earring  051Refresh_Earring_+0____________14755}}51 All Jobs Garrison: Adds "Refresh" effect
Accurate Earring icon.png Accurate Earring  052Accurate_Earring_+0___________14756}}52 All Jobs Accuracy+2
Melody Earring icon.png Melody Earring  052Melody_Earring_+0_____________14725}}52 All Jobs CHR+1 Latent effect: Evasion skill +5
Melody Earring +1 icon.png Melody Earring +1  052Melody_Earring_+1_____________14726}}52 All Jobs CHR+2 Latent effect: Evasion skill +6
Eris' Earring icon.png Eris' Earring  054Eris'_Earring_+0______________13417}}54 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM Enmity+2
Eris' Earring +1 icon.png Eris' Earring +1  054Eris'_Earring_+1______________13418}}54 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM Enmity+3
Hospitaler Earring icon.png Hospitaler Earring Rare.gif 054Hospitaler_Earring_+0_________14807}}54 PLD DEF:3 "Cure" potency +5%
Belinky's Earring icon.png Belinky's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Belinky's_Earring_+0__________14793}}55 All Jobs HP+10 DEX+1 VIT+1
Desamilion's Earring icon.png Desamilion's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Desamilion's_Earring_+0_______14795}}55 All Jobs MP+15 INT+2
Fang Earring icon.png Fang Earring  055Fang_Earring_+0_______________13325}}55 All Jobs Attack+4 Evasion-4
Feyuh's Earring icon.png Feyuh's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Feyuh's_Earring_+0____________14800}}55 All Jobs STR+1 VIT+2
Gayanj's Earring icon.png Gayanj's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Gayanj's_Earring_+0___________14802}}55 All Jobs MP+10 INT+2
Melnina's Earring icon.png Melnina's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Melnina's_Earring_+0__________14796}}55 All Jobs DEX+2 AGI+1
Morukaka's Earring icon.png Morukaka's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Morukaka's_Earring_+0_________14798}}55 All Jobs HP+35
Plantoid Earring icon.png Plantoid Earring  055Plantoid_Earring_+0___________14751}}55 All Jobs Weakens "Plantoid Killer" effect Enhances "Beast Killer" effect
Quantz's Earring icon.png Quantz's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Quantz's_Earring_+0___________14794}}55 All Jobs MP+10 INT+1 MND+1
Ryakho's Earring icon.png Ryakho's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Ryakho's_Earring_+0___________14799}}55 All Jobs HP+10 MND+2
Spike Earring icon.png Spike Earring  055Spike_Earring_+0______________13369}}55 All Jobs Attack+5 Evasion-5
Vermin Earring icon.png Vermin Earring  055Vermin_Earring_+0_____________14746}}55 All Jobs Enhances "Plantoid Killer" effect Weakens "Vermin Killer" effect
Waetoto's Earring icon.png Waetoto's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Waetoto's_Earring_+0__________14797}}55 All Jobs STR+2 VIT+1
Zedoma's Earring icon.png Zedoma's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 055Zedoma's_Earring_+0___________14801}}55 All Jobs MP+30
Bitter Earring icon.png Bitter Earring Rare.gif 056Bitter_Earring_+0_____________13400}}56 All Jobs DEF:5 Element: Dark+4 Curse: Ranged Accuracy+5
Bat Earring icon.png Bat Earring  057Bat_Earring_+0________________13416}}57 All Jobs MP+5 Element: Dark+3 While blinded: Evasion+15
Assault Earring icon.png Assault Earring Rare.gif 058Assault_Earring_+0____________13403}}58 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR Accuracy+2 Attack+5 Evasion-2 DEF-3
Knightly Earring icon.png Knightly Earring Rare.gif 059Knightly_Earring_+0___________14758}}59 PLD Spell interruption rate down 9% "Weapon Bash"+10 "Shield Bash"+10
Altdorf's Earring icon.png Altdorf's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Altdorf's_Earring_+0__________16035}}60 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+1 Set: AGI+8
Busker's Earring icon.png Busker's Earring Rare.gif 060Busker's_Earring_+0___________15977}}60 All Jobs Latent effect: Guarding skill +5
Cassandra's Earring icon.png Cassandra's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Cassandra's_Earring_+0________16038}}60 All Jobs MP+5 Set: Magic Accuracy+5 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Elusive Earring icon.png Elusive Earring  060Elusive_Earring_+0____________14761}}60 All Jobs DEF:1 Evasion+5
Helenus's Earring icon.png Helenus's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Helenus's_Earring_+0__________16037}}60 All Jobs HP+5 Set: Magic Accuracy+5 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Immortal's Earring icon.png Immortal's Earring Rare.gif 060Immortal's_Earring_+0_________15975}}60 All Jobs Latent effect: Blue Magic skill +5
Kocco's Earring icon.png Kocco's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Kocco's_Earring_+0____________15998}}60 All Jobs Enchantment: "Reraise II"
Phantom Earring icon.png Phantom Earring  060Phantom_Earring_+0____________14727}}60 All Jobs MP+8 INT+1
Phantom Earring +1 icon.png Phantom Earring +1  060Phantom_Earring_+1____________14728}}60 All Jobs MP+10 INT+2
Pirate's Earring icon.png Pirate's Earring Rare.gif 060Pirate's_Earring_+0___________15976}}60 All Jobs Latent effect: Ranged Attack+5
Platinum Earring icon.png Platinum Earring  060Platinum_Earring_+0___________13316}}60 All Jobs Attack-4 Evasion+4
Platinum Earring +1 icon.png Platinum Earring +1  060Platinum_Earring_+1___________13397}}60 All Jobs Attack-5 Evasion+5
Sangha Earring icon.png Sangha Earring Rare.gif 060Sangha_Earring_+0_____________14784}}60 All Jobs CHR+1 Enhances "Resist Charm" effect
Silver Fox Earring icon.png Silver Fox Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Silver_Fox_Earring_+0_________15966}}60 All Jobs Ranged Attack+2 Campaign: Ranged Attack+20
Silver Fox Earring icon.png Silver Fox Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Silver_Fox_Earring_+0_________15966}}60 All Jobs Ranged Attack+2 Campaign: Ranged Attack+20
Temple Earring icon.png Temple Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Temple_Earring_+0_____________15967}}60 All Jobs Light Elemental Magic Accuracy+1 Campaign: Light Elemental Magic Accuracy+15
Wilhelm's Earring icon.png Wilhelm's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 060Wilhelm's_Earring_+0__________16036}}60 All Jobs Ranged Attack+1 Set: AGI+8
Counter Earring icon.png Counter Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Counter_Earring_+0____________14786}}61 MNK Enchantment: "Counter"+5
Deadeye Earring icon.png Deadeye Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Deadeye_Earring_+0____________14787}}61 RNG Enchantment: Ranged Attack+20
Gamushara Earring icon.png Gamushara Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Gamushara_Earring_+0__________14788}}61 SAM Enchantment: Attack+22
Janizary Earring icon.png Janizary Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Janizary_Earring_+0___________14785}}61 WAR Enchantment: DEF+32
Minuet Earring icon.png Minuet Earring Rare.gif 061Minuet_Earring_+0_____________14764}}61 All Jobs STR+1 DEX+1 Minuet: Accuracy+3
Naruko Earring icon.png Naruko Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 061Naruko_Earring_+0_____________14789}}61 NIN Enchantment: Enmity+10
Pennon Earring icon.png Pennon Earring  061Pennon_Earring_+0_____________16009}}61 All Jobs HP+15 AGI+2
Pennon Earring +1 icon.png Pennon Earring +1  061Pennon_Earring_+1_____________16010}}61 All Jobs HP+17 AGI+3
Titanis Earring icon.png Titanis Earring Rare.gif 061Titanis_Earring_+0____________14765}}61 All Jobs VIT+1 AGI+1 Minne: Enmity+4
Magnifying Earring icon.png Magnifying Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 062Magnifying_Earring_+0_________15980}}62 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+1 HP recovered while healing +1 MP recovered while healing +1
Coral Earring icon.png Coral Earring  063Coral_Earring_+0______________13312}}63 All Jobs Attack+5 Evasion-5 Magic damage taken -1%
Merman's Earring icon.png Merman's Earring  063Merman's_Earring_+0___________13406}}63 All Jobs Attack+6 Evasion-4 Magic damage taken -2%
Diabolos's Earring icon.png Diabolos's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Diabolos's_Earring_+0_________14814}}65 All Jobs Accuracy+3 Dark weather: Accuracy-3 Magic Accuracy+2
Ladybug Earring icon.png Ladybug Earring  065Ladybug_Earring_+0____________15996}}65 All Jobs Daytime: Ranged Attack+3
Ladybug Earring +1 icon.png Ladybug Earring +1  065Ladybug_Earring_+1____________15997}}65 All Jobs Daytime: Ranged Attack+4
Relaxing Earring icon.png Relaxing Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Relaxing_Earring_+0___________14792}}65 All Jobs MP recovered while healing +2
Sanative Earring icon.png Sanative Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 065Sanative_Earring_+0___________14791}}65 All Jobs HP recovered while healing +4
Adroit Earring icon.png Adroit Earring  067Adroit_Earring_+0_____________13410}}67 All Jobs DEX+2 Element: Thunder+11 Element: Water+11
Adroit Earring +1 icon.png Adroit Earring +1  067Adroit_Earring_+1_____________14715}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 DEX+2 Element: Thunder+12 Element: Water+12
Angel's Earring icon.png Angel's Earring  067Angel's_Earring_+0____________13357}}67 All Jobs HP+10 Element: Light+10
Celestial Earring icon.png Celestial Earring  067Celestial_Earring_+0__________15992}}67 All Jobs MP+22 MND+3 Element: Fire+12 Element: Water+12
Communion Earring icon.png Communion Earring  067Communion_Earring_+0__________13411}}67 All Jobs MND+2 Element: Fire+11 Element: Water+11
Communion Earring +1 icon.png Communion Earring +1  067Communion_Earring_+1__________14716}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 MND+2 Element: Fire+12 Element: Water+12
Crimson Earring icon.png Crimson Earring  067Crimson_Earring_+0____________15993}}67 All Jobs HP+20 Element: Fire+10 Element: Ice+10
Death Earring icon.png Death Earring  067Death_Earring_+0______________13356}}67 All Jobs MP+10 Element: Dark+10
Diamond Earring icon.png Diamond Earring  067Diamond_Earring_+0____________13353}}67 All Jobs Element: Ice+10 Element: Air+10
Emerald Earring icon.png Emerald Earring  067Emerald_Earring_+0____________13351}}67 All Jobs Element: Air+10 Element: Earth+10
Hades Earring icon.png Hades Earring  067Hades_Earring_+0______________13413}}67 All Jobs MP+11 Element: Dark+11 Enmity+1
Hades Earring +1 icon.png Hades Earring +1  067Hades_Earring_+1______________14718}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 MP+12 Element: Dark+12 Enmity+2
Harmonius Earring icon.png Harmonius Earring  067Harmonius_Earring_+0__________15994}}67 All Jobs HP+25 STR+2 Element: Fire+11 Element: Ice+11
Heavens Earring icon.png Heavens Earring  067Heavens_Earring_+0____________13414}}67 All Jobs HP+11 Element: Light+11 Enmity-1
Heavens Earring +1 icon.png Heavens Earring +1  067Heavens_Earring_+1____________14719}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 HP+12 Resist Vs. Light+12 Enmity-2
Nimble Earring icon.png Nimble Earring  067Nimble_Earring_+0_____________13407}}67 All Jobs AGI+2 Element: Air+11 Element: Earth+11
Nimble Earring +1 icon.png Nimble Earring +1  067Nimble_Earring_+1_____________14712}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 AGI+2 Element: Air+12 Element: Earth+12
Omniscient Earring icon.png Omniscient Earring  067Omniscient_Earring_+0_________13409}}67 All Jobs INT+2 Element: Ice+11 Element: Air+11
Omniscient Earring +1 icon.png Omniscient Earring +1  067Omniscient_Earring_+1_________14714}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 INT+2 Element: Ice+12 Element: Air+12
Robust Earring icon.png Robust Earring  067Robust_Earring_+0_____________13412}}67 All Jobs VIT+2 Element: Earth+11 Element: Thunder+11
Robust Earring +1 icon.png Robust Earring +1  067Robust_Earring_+1_____________14717}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 VIT+2 Element: Earth+12 Element: Thunder+12
Ruby Earring icon.png Ruby Earring  067Ruby_Earring_+0_______________13352}}67 All Jobs Element: Fire+10 Element: Ice+10
Sapphire Earring icon.png Sapphire Earring  067Sapphire_Earring_+0___________13355}}67 All Jobs Element: Fire+10 Element: Water+10
Spinel Earring icon.png Spinel Earring  067Spinel_Earring_+0_____________13354}}67 All Jobs Element: Thunder+10 Element: Water+10
Star Earring icon.png Star Earring  067Star_Earring_+0_______________15991}}67 All Jobs MP+20 MND+2 Element: Fire+11 Element: Water+11
Topaz Earring icon.png Topaz Earring  067Topaz_Earring_+0______________13318}}67 All Jobs Element: Earth+10 Element: Thunder+10
Triumph Earring icon.png Triumph Earring  067Triumph_Earring_+0____________13408}}67 All Jobs STR+2 Element: Fire+11 Element: Ice+11
Triumph Earring +1 icon.png Triumph Earring +1  067Triumph_Earring_+1____________14713}}67 All Jobs DEF:1 STR+2 Element: Fire+12 Element: Ice+12
Vampire Earring icon.png Vampire Earring  067Vampire_Earring_+0____________14783}}67 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR Nighttime: STR+4 VIT+4
Brilliant Earring icon.png Brilliant Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Brilliant_Earring_+0__________16006}}69 All Jobs Set: Increases Evasion and HP recovered while healing Reduces Enmity
Chaotic Earring icon.png Chaotic Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Chaotic_Earring_+0____________15983}}69 All Jobs DEF:1 Latent effect: Attack+7
Dragoon's Earring icon.png Dragoon's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Dragoon's_Earring_+0__________16000}}69 DRG Chance to use angon without depleting Enhances wyvern's "Breath" accuracy
Guignol Earring icon.png Guignol Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Guignol_Earring_+0____________15999}}69 PUP Enhances "Repair" potency
Haten Earring icon.png Haten Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Haten_Earring_+0______________15981}}69 All Jobs DEF:1 Latent effect: "Store TP"+2
Paramount Earring icon.png Paramount Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Paramount_Earring_+0__________16005}}69 All Jobs Set: Increases HP, VIT, Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy
Priest's Earring icon.png Priest's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Priest's_Earring_+0___________15982}}69 All Jobs DEF:1 Latent effect: DEF:8
Supremacy Earring icon.png Supremacy Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 069Supremacy_Earring_+0__________16004}}69 All Jobs Set: Increases STR, Attack, Ranged Attack, "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Aptus Earring icon.png Aptus Earring  070Aptus_Earring_+0______________16008}}70 All Jobs
Attila's Earring icon.png Attila's Earring  070Attila's_Earring_+0___________14762}}70 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR "Store TP"+1
Carline Earring icon.png Carline Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Carline_Earring_+0____________15995}}70 BLM BLU BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM DEX+1 INT+1 "Conserve MP"+1 Set: Increases CHR
Conjurer's Earring icon.png Conjurer's Earring Rare.gif 070Conjurer's_Earring_+0_________13433}}70 SMN Latent effect: Damage taken -20%
Drake Earring icon.png Drake Earring Rare.gif 070Drake_Earring_+0______________13432}}70 DRG Latent effect: "Double Attack"+5%
Fencer's Earring icon.png Fencer's Earring Rare.gif 070Fencer's_Earring_+0___________13423}}70 RDM Latent effect: Magic damage taken -30%
Fenrir's Earring icon.png Fenrir's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Fenrir's_Earring_+0___________13399}}70 All Jobs Daytime: Attack+10 Nighttime: Ranged Attack+10
Fowling Earring icon.png Fowling Earring Rare.gif 070Fowling_Earring_+0____________15979}}70 DRG DRK PLD SAM WAR STR+1 Accuracy+3 Enhances "Bird Killer" effect
Guardian Earring icon.png Guardian Earring Rare.gif 070Guardian_Earring_+0___________13425}}70 PLD Latent effect: Spell interruption rate down 30%
Kampfer Earring icon.png Kampfer Earring Rare.gif 070Kampfer_Earring_+0____________13420}}70 MNK Latent effect: "Counter"+5
Medicine Earring icon.png Medicine Earring Rare.gif 070Medicine_Earring_+0___________13421}}70 WHM Latent effect: Damage taken -30%
Minstrel's Earring icon.png Minstrel's Earring Rare.gif 070Minstrel's_Earring_+0_________13428}}70 BRD Latent effect: Physical damage taken -30%
Musical Earring icon.png Musical Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Musical_Earring_+0____________15961}}70 All Jobs Evasion+5 String instrument skill +5 Wind instrument skill +5
Pixie Earring icon.png Pixie Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Pixie_Earring_+0______________13415}}70 All Jobs DEX+3
Rapture Earring icon.png Rapture Earring Rare.gif 070Rapture_Earring_+0____________15978}}70 All Jobs MP+10 MP recovered while healing +1
Rogue's Earring icon.png Rogue's Earring Rare.gif 070Rogue's_Earring_+0____________13424}}70 THF Latent effect: Evasion+15
Ronin Earring icon.png Ronin Earring Rare.gif 070Ronin_Earring_+0______________13430}}70 SAM Latent effect: Magic damage taken -20%
Shinobi Earring icon.png Shinobi Earring Rare.gif 070Shinobi_Earring_+0____________13431}}70 NIN Latent effect: Haste+20%
Slayer's Earring icon.png Slayer's Earring Rare.gif 070Slayer's_Earring_+0___________13426}}70 DRK Latent effect: Physical damage taken -20%
Soldier's Earring icon.png Soldier's Earring Rare.gif 070Soldier's_Earring_+0__________13419}}70 WAR Latent effect: DEF+20%
Sorcerer's Earring icon.png Sorcerer's Earring Rare.gif 070Sorcerer's_Earring_+0_________13422}}70 BLM Latent effect: Damage taken -30%
Stealth Earring icon.png Stealth Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Stealth_Earring_+0____________14815}}70 All Jobs Ninjutsu skill +5 Enhances "Resist Silence" effect
Stellar Earring icon.png Stellar Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Stellar_Earring_+0____________16013}}70 All Jobs Ranged Attack+1 Throwing skill +1
Tamer's Earring icon.png Tamer's Earring Rare.gif 070Tamer's_Earring_+0____________13427}}70 BST Latent effect: Increases "Tame" success rate
Tracker's Earring icon.png Tracker's Earring Rare.gif 070Tracker's_Earring_+0__________13429}}70 RNG Latent effect: Physical damage taken -30%
Volunteer's Earring icon.png Volunteer's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 070Volunteer's_Earring_+0________15984}}70 All Jobs Enhances "Resist Charm" effect Besieged: Adds "Recycle" effect
Arete Del Sol icon.png Arete Del Sol  071Arete_Del_Sol_+0______________13401}}71 All Jobs Element: Light+12 Enhances "Resist Stun" effect Enhances "Resist Bind" effect Enhances "Resist Gravity" effect
Abyssal Earring icon.png Abyssal Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Abyssal_Earring_+0____________14741}}72 All Jobs INT+2 Scythe skill +5 Dark magic skill +5
Beastly Earring icon.png Beastly Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Beastly_Earring_+0____________14742}}72 All Jobs CHR+2 Evasion+5 Axe skill +5
Crapaud Earring icon.png Crapaud Earring Rare.gif 072Crapaud_Earring_+0____________16001}}72 All Jobs HP+5 MP-5 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2
Ethereal Earring icon.png Ethereal Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Ethereal_Earring_+0___________15965}}72 All Jobs HP+15 Attack+5 Evasion+5 Converts 3% of damage taken to MP
Hollow Earring icon.png Hollow Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Hollow_Earring_+0_____________15964}}72 All Jobs DEX+2 Accuracy+3 Ranged Accuracy+3 Sword enhancement spell damage +3
Knight's Earring icon.png Knight's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Knight's_Earring_+0___________14740}}72 All Jobs VIT+2 Shield skill +5 Divine magic skill +5
Lycopodium Earring icon.png Lycopodium Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Lycopodium_Earring_+0_________16011}}72 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+1 Sword enhancement spell damage +2
Magnetic Earring icon.png Magnetic Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Magnetic_Earring_+0___________15963}}72 All Jobs MP+20 "Conserve MP"+5 Spell interruption rate down 8% MP recovered while healing +1
Mamool Ja Earring icon.png Mamool Ja Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Mamool_Ja_Earring_+0__________16012}}72 All Jobs MND+3 Enchantment: "Reraise III"
Sarabande Earring icon.png Sarabande Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Sarabande_Earring_+0__________16034}}72 BLU COR DNC MNK NIN PUP RNG RUN SAM THF CHR+2 Accuracy+2
Static Earring icon.png Static Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Static_Earring_+0_____________15962}}72 All Jobs MND+2 "Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Bonus damage added to magic burst
Suppanomimi icon.png Suppanomimi Rare.gifExclusive.gif 072Suppanomimi_+0________________14739}}72 All Jobs AGI+2 Enhances "Dual Wield" effect Sword skill +5
Roundel Earring icon.png Roundel Earring Rare.gif 073Roundel_Earring_+0____________16002}}73 BLM DNC DRG PUP RDM RUN SMN WHM DEF:1 "Cure" potency +5% "Waltz" potency +5%
Aesir Ear Pendant icon.png Aesir Ear Pendant Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Aesir_Ear_Pendant_+0__________16057}}75 All Jobs Attack+7 "Conserve TP"+3 Dark weather: "Conserve TP"+6
Beta Earring icon.png Beta Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Beta_Earring_+0_______________15988}}75 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+2 Salvage: Haste+1%
Brutal Earring icon.png Brutal Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Brutal_Earring_+0_____________14813}}75 All Jobs Enhances "Double Attack" effect "Store TP"+1
Choreia Earring icon.png Choreia Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Choreia_Earring_+0____________16055}}75 All Jobs Element: Light+10 Increases "Step" accuracy
Colossus's Earring icon.png Colossus's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Colossus's_Earring_+0_________16058}}75 All Jobs HP+10 MP+10 Physical damage taken -1% Light weather: Physical damage taken -2%
Delta Earring icon.png Delta Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Delta_Earring_+0______________15990}}75 All Jobs DEX+2 CHR+2 Enmity-3
Epsilon Earring icon.png Epsilon Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Epsilon_Earring_+0____________15987}}75 All Jobs CHR+3 Salvage: Enhances "Aquan Killer" effect Enhances "Plantoid Killer" effect
Eta Earring icon.png Eta Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Eta_Earring_+0________________15986}}75 All Jobs VIT+3 Salvage: Enhances "Jump" effects
Gamma Earring icon.png Gamma Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Gamma_Earring_+0______________15989}}75 All Jobs MP+15 Salvage: Avatar perpetuation cost -1
Hirudinea Earring icon.png Hirudinea Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Hirudinea_Earring_+0__________16054}}75 BLM DRK GEO SCH HP-5 MP-5 Enhances effect of "Drain" and "Aspir"
Incubus Earring icon.png Incubus Earring  075Incubus_Earring_+0____________16052}}75 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM Magic Accuracy+2 Enmity+1
Incubus Earring +1 icon.png Incubus Earring +1  075Incubus_Earring_+1____________16053}}75 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM Magic Accuracy+3 Enmity+1
Loquac. Earring icon.png Loquac. Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Loquac._Earring_+0____________14812}}75 All Jobs MP+30 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Novia Earring icon.png Novia Earring Rare.gif 075Novia_Earring_+0______________14809}}75 All Jobs Evasion+7 Enmity-7
Novio Earring icon.png Novio Earring Rare.gif 075Novio_Earring_+0______________14808}}75 All Jobs "Magic Atk. Bonus"+7
Orichalcum Earring icon.png Orichalcum Earring  075Orichalcum_Earring_+0_________13329}}75 All Jobs Attack-5 Evasion+5
Pagondas Earring icon.png Pagondas Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Pagondas_Earring_+0___________16056}}75 All Jobs DEF:10
Sigma Earring icon.png Sigma Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 075Sigma_Earring_+0______________15985}}75 All Jobs Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect Salvage: "Weapon Bash"+10 "Shield Bash"+10
Triton Earring icon.png Triton Earring  075Triton_Earring_+0_____________13434}}75 All Jobs Attack-6 Evasion+6
Apollo's Earring icon.png Apollo's Earring  076Apollo's_Earring_+0___________11692}}76 All Jobs HP+20 Element: Light+16 Enmity-3
Aqua Earring icon.png Aqua Earring  076Aqua_Earring_+0_______________11683}}76 All Jobs MND+2 Element: Fire+15 Element: Water+15
Aquilo's Earring icon.png Aquilo's Earring  076Aquilo's_Earring_+0___________11690}}76 All Jobs INT+3 Element: Ice+16 Element: Air+16
Auster's Earring icon.png Auster's Earring  076Auster's_Earring_+0___________11689}}76 All Jobs AGI+3 Element: Air+16 Element: Earth+16
Breeze Earring icon.png Breeze Earring  076Breeze_Earring_+0_____________11681}}76 All Jobs AGI+2 Element: Air+15 Element: Earth+15
Darkness Earring icon.png Darkness Earring  076Darkness_Earring_+0___________11685}}76 All Jobs MP+15 Element: Dark+15 Enmity+1
Flame Earring icon.png Flame Earring  076Flame_Earring_+0______________11678}}76 All Jobs STR+2 Element: Fire+15 Element: Ice+15
Jupiter's Earring icon.png Jupiter's Earring  076Jupiter's_Earring_+0__________11687}}76 All Jobs DEX+3 Element: Thunder+16 Element: Water+16
Light Earring icon.png Light Earring  076Light_Earring_+0______________11684}}76 All Jobs HP+15 Element: Light+15 Enmity-1
Neptune's Earring icon.png Neptune's Earring  076Neptune's_Earring_+0__________11691}}76 All Jobs MND+3 Element: Fire+16 Element: Water+16
Pluto's Earring icon.png Pluto's Earring  076Pluto's_Earring_+0____________11693}}76 All Jobs MP+20 Element: Dark+16 Enmity+3
Snow Earring icon.png Snow Earring  076Snow_Earring_+0_______________11682}}76 All Jobs INT+2 Element: Ice+15 Element: Air+15
Soil Earring icon.png Soil Earring  076Soil_Earring_+0_______________11680}}76 All Jobs VIT+2 Element: Earth+15 Element: Thunder+15
Terra's Earring icon.png Terra's Earring  076Terra's_Earring_+0____________11688}}76 All Jobs VIT+3 Element: Earth+16 Element: Thunder+16
Thunder Earring icon.png Thunder Earring  076Thunder_Earring_+0____________11679}}76 All Jobs DEX+2 Element: Thunder+15 Element: Water+15
Vulcan's Earring icon.png Vulcan's Earring  076Vulcan's_Earring_+0___________11686}}76 All Jobs STR+3 Element: Fire+16 Element: Ice+16
Graiai Earring icon.png Graiai Earring Rare.gif 077Graiai_Earring_+0_____________16059}}77 All Jobs Converts 45 HP to MP
Volley Earring icon.png Volley Earring Rare.gif 081Volley_Earring_+0_____________11695}}81 BST COR RNG THF Ranged Accuracy+4 "Store TP"+2
Bloodgem Earring icon.png Bloodgem Earring Rare.gif 082Bloodgem_Earring_+0___________11694}}82 All Jobs DEF:3 HP+35 MP+15
Kemas Earring icon.png Kemas Earring Rare.gif 082Kemas_Earring_+0______________11696}}82 DNC DRG MNK PUP RUN SAM THF STR+2 VIT+2 Accuracy+4
Apollo's Pearl icon.png Apollo's Pearl  086Apollo's_Pearl_+0_____________11028}}86 All Jobs HP+24 Element: Light+17 Enmity-4
Aqua Pearl icon.png Aqua Pearl  086Aqua_Pearl_+0_________________11019}}86 All Jobs DEX-1 MND+3 Element: Water+15
Aquilo's Pearl icon.png Aquilo's Pearl  086Aquilo's_Pearl_+0_____________11023}}86 All Jobs INT+4 Element: Ice+17 Element: Air+17
Auster's Pearl icon.png Auster's Pearl  086Auster's_Pearl_+0_____________11024}}86 All Jobs AGI+4 Element: Air+17 Element: Earth+17
Breeze Pearl icon.png Breeze Pearl  086Breeze_Pearl_+0_______________11016}}86 All Jobs AGI+3 INT-1 Element: Air+15
Centaurus Earring icon.png Centaurus Earring Rare.gif 086Centaurus_Earring_+0__________11702}}86 BST DRK NIN PLD SAM WAR Attack+10 Evasion-5
Darkness Pearl icon.png Darkness Pearl  086Darkness_Pearl_+0_____________11021}}86 All Jobs HP-7 MP+20 Element: Dark+15
Flame Pearl icon.png Flame Pearl  086Flame_Pearl_+0________________11014}}86 All Jobs STR+3 MND-1 Element: Fire+15
Jupiter's Pearl icon.png Jupiter's Pearl  086Jupiter's_Pearl_+0____________11026}}86 All Jobs DEX+4 Element: Thunder+17 Element: Water+17
Light Pearl icon.png Light Pearl  086Light_Pearl_+0________________11020}}86 All Jobs HP+20 MP-7 Element: Light+15
Neptune's Pearl icon.png Neptune's Pearl  086Neptune's_Pearl_+0____________11027}}86 All Jobs MND+4 Element: Fire+17 Element: Water+17
Phrygian Earring icon.png Phrygian Earring  086Phrygian_Earring_+0___________11725}}86 All Jobs Attack-6 Evasion+6
Phrygian Earring +1 icon.png Phrygian Earring +1  086Phrygian_Earring_+1___________11726}}86 All Jobs Attack-7 Evasion+7
Pluto's Pearl icon.png Pluto's Pearl  086Pluto's_Pearl_+0______________11029}}86 All Jobs MP+24 Element: Dark+17 Enmity+4
Reverie Earring icon.png Reverie Earring  086Reverie_Earring_+0____________11723}}86 All Jobs MP+5 CHR+2
Reverie Earring +1 icon.png Reverie Earring +1  086Reverie_Earring_+1____________11724}}86 All Jobs MP+10 CHR+3
Snow Pearl icon.png Snow Pearl  086Snow_Pearl_+0_________________11015}}86 All Jobs STR-1 INT+3 Element: Ice+15
Soil Pearl icon.png Soil Pearl  086Soil_Pearl_+0_________________11017}}86 All Jobs VIT+3 AGI-1 Element: Earth+15
Terra's Pearl icon.png Terra's Pearl  086Terra's_Pearl_+0______________11025}}86 All Jobs VIT+4 Element: Earth+17 Element: Thunder+17
Thunder Pearl icon.png Thunder Pearl  086Thunder_Pearl_+0______________11018}}86 All Jobs DEX+3 VIT-1 Element: Thunder+15
Vulcan's Pearl icon.png Vulcan's Pearl  086Vulcan's_Pearl_+0_____________11022}}86 All Jobs STR+4 Element: Fire+17 Element: Ice+17
Clearview Earring icon.png Clearview Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 087Clearview_Earring_+0__________11699}}87 All Jobs Ranged Accuracy+4 Ranged Attack+4
Flock Earring icon.png Flock Earring Rare.gif 087Flock_Earring_+0______________11727}}87 All Jobs DEX+3 Latent effect: Bonus to Evasion
Gifted Earring icon.png Gifted Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 088Gifted_Earring_+0_____________11700}}88 BLM BLU BRD GEO RDM SCH SMN WHM MP+45 "Conserve MP"+3 "Blood Boon"+3
Mujin Stud icon.png Mujin Stud Rare.gif 088Mujin_Stud_+0_________________11032}}88 BLU BRD BST COR DNC MNK NIN RDM RNG RUN SAM THF WHM "Magic Def. Bonus"+2 "Subtle Blow"+4
Oneiros Earring icon.png Oneiros Earring Rare.gif 088Oneiros_Earring_+0____________11030}}88 BRD COR DRG DRK NIN PLD PUP RNG SAM THF WAR HP+15 Potency of "Cure" effect received +5%
Oneiros Pearl icon.png Oneiros Pearl Rare.gif 088Oneiros_Pearl_+0______________11031}}88 RNG Ranged Attack+3 Enmity-2
Skald Breloque icon.png Skald Breloque Rare.gif 089Skald_Breloque_+0_____________11701}}89 BLM BLU BRD COR DNC DRK GEO MNK PUP RDM RNG RUN SCH SMN THF WHM MP+10 CHR+3
Aoidos' Earring icon.png Aoidos' Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Aoidos'_Earring_+0____________11712}}90 BRD CHR+4 Song spellcasting time -2%
Bale Earring icon.png Bale Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Bale_Earring_+0_______________11710}}90 DRK STR+4 Attack+8
Caller's Earring icon.png Caller's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Caller's_Earring_+0___________11717}}90 SMN MP+30 "Blood Pact" ability delay -1
Charis Earring icon.png Charis Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Charis_Earring_+0_____________11721}}90 DNC "Subtle Blow"+3 "Conserve TP"+2
Cirque Earring icon.png Cirque Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Cirque_Earring_+0_____________11720}}90 PUP Automaton: Attack+2 Ranged Attack+2 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2
Creed Earring icon.png Creed Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Creed_Earring_+0______________11709}}90 PLD HP+30 Shield skill +3
Estoqueur's Earring icon.png Estoqueur's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Estoqueur's_Earring_+0________11707}}90 RDM Magic Accuracy+3 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Ferine Earring icon.png Ferine Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Ferine_Earring_+0_____________11711}}90 BST Enhances "Reward" effect Pet: Accuracy+3
Goetia Earring icon.png Goetia Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Goetia_Earring_+0_____________11706}}90 BLM Magic Accuracy+3 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+3
Hecate's Earring icon.png Hecate's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Hecate's_Earring_+0___________11698}}90 All Jobs "Magic Atk. Bonus"+6 Magic critical hit rate +3%
Iga Mimikazari icon.png Iga Mimikazari Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Iga_Mimikazari_+0_____________11715}}90 NIN Evasion+5 Enhances "Dual Wield" effect
Lancer's Earring icon.png Lancer's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Lancer's_Earring_+0___________11716}}90 DRG Accuracy+4 Wyvern: HP+20
Mavi Earring icon.png Mavi Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Mavi_Earring_+0_______________11718}}90 BLU HP+20 MP+20 Magic Accuracy+2
Moonshade Earring icon.png Moonshade Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Moonshade_Earring_+0__________11697}}90 All Jobs
Navarch's Earring icon.png Navarch's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Navarch's_Earring_+0__________11719}}90 COR Ranged Accuracy+3 Magic Accuracy+2
Orison Earring icon.png Orison Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Orison_Earring_+0_____________11705}}90 WHM "Cure" potency +2% Enmity-3
Raider's Earring icon.png Raider's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Raider's_Earring_+0___________11708}}90 THF Evasion +3 "Triple Attack"+1%
Ravager's Earring icon.png Ravager's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Ravager's_Earring_+0__________11703}}90 WAR Attack+3 "Double Attack"+1%
Savant's Earring icon.png Savant's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Savant's_Earring_+0___________11722}}90 SCH Enhances "Sublimation" effect
Sylvan Earring icon.png Sylvan Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Sylvan_Earring_+0_____________11713}}90 RNG AGI+4 Enmity-2
Tantra Earring icon.png Tantra Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Tantra_Earring_+0_____________11704}}90 MNK HP+10 "Kick Attacks"+1
Unkai Mimikazari icon.png Unkai Mimikazari Rare.gifExclusive.gif 090Unkai_Mimikazari_+0___________11714}}90 SAM "Store TP"+1 Enhances "Zanshin" effect
Brachyura Earring icon.png Brachyura Earring Rare.gif 091Brachyura_Earring_+0__________11039}}91 All Jobs MP+20 Enhances effect of Protect and Shell spells cast on wearer
Liminus Earring icon.png Liminus Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 091Liminus_Earring_+0____________11041}}91 All Jobs MP+10 Increases magic skill gain rate
Terminus Earring icon.png Terminus Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 091Terminus_Earring_+0___________11040}}91 All Jobs HP+10 Increases combat skill gain rate
Bruiser's Earring icon.png Bruiser's Earring Rare.gif 092Bruiser's_Earring_+0__________11033}}92 All Jobs Hand-to-Hand skill +3 "Subtle Blow"-10
Evergreen Earring icon.png Evergreen Earring Rare.gif 092Evergreen_Earring_+0__________11034}}92 All Jobs Accuracy+3 Evasion+3 "Subtle Blow"+3
Earthcry Earring icon.png Earthcry Earring Rare.gif 093Earthcry_Earring_+0___________11037}}93 All Jobs Element: Earth+10 Enhances "Stoneskin" effect
Enchanter's Earring icon.png Enchanter's Earring Rare.gif 094Enchanter's_Earring_+0________11036}}94 All Jobs CHR+4 Magic Accuracy+2
Dragonkin Earring icon.png Dragonkin Earring Rare.gif 095Dragonkin_Earring_+0__________11038}}95 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR Attack+7 Wyvern: Physical damage taken -2%
Strophadic Earring icon.png Strophadic Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 095Strophadic_Earring_+0_________11035}}95 All Jobs INT+3 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+4 Elemental magic skill +4
Belatz Pearl icon.png Belatz Pearl Rare.gif 096Belatz_Pearl_+0_______________11047}}96 All Jobs DEX+2 Accuracy+3 Legion: Haste+2%
Corybant Pearl icon.png Corybant Pearl Rare.gif 096Corybant_Pearl_+0_____________11044}}96 All Jobs STR+2 Attack+4 Legion: Potency of "Cure" effect received +10%
Cytherea Pearl icon.png Cytherea Pearl Rare.gif 096Cytherea_Pearl_+0_____________11048}}96 All Jobs CHR+2 Enmity-4 Legion: Enmity-20
Hearty Earring icon.png Hearty Earring Rare.gif 096Hearty_Earring_+0_____________11051}}96 All Jobs Increases resistance to all status ailments
Myrddin Pearl icon.png Myrddin Pearl Rare.gif 096Myrddin_Pearl_+0______________11049}}96 All Jobs MND+2 Magic Accuracy+2 Legion: MP recovered while healing +10
Ouesk Pearl icon.png Ouesk Pearl Rare.gif 096Ouesk_Pearl_+0________________11046}}96 All Jobs AGI+2 Evasion+3 Legion: "Subtle Blow"+10
Puissant Pearl icon.png Puissant Pearl Rare.gif 096Puissant_Pearl_+0_____________11050}}96 All Jobs DEF:7 VIT+2 Legion: Physical damage taken -2%
Saviesa Pearl icon.png Saviesa Pearl Rare.gif 096Saviesa_Pearl_+0______________11045}}96 All Jobs INT+2 Magic Accuracy+2 Legion: Magic Accuracy+5
Aredan Earring icon.png Aredan Earring Rare.gif 099Aredan_Earring_+0_____________11055}}99 BLM BRD GEO PUP RDM SCH SMN WHM INT+3 MND+3 Magic Accuracy+2
Choleric Earring icon.png Choleric Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Choleric_Earring_+0___________11053}}99 All Jobs Magic Accuracy+2 Magic critical hit rate +10% Increases magic critical hit damage Enmity-3
Esper Earring icon.png Esper Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Esper_Earring_+0______________11052}}99 SMN "Blood Pact" ability delay +5 Avatar: Increases "Blood Pact" damage
Evader Earring icon.png Evader Earring  099Evader_Earring_+0_____________11060}}99 All Jobs Attack-7 Evasion+7
Evader Earring +1 icon.png Evader Earring +1  099Evader_Earring_+1_____________11061}}99 All Jobs Attack-8 Evasion+8
Ghillie Earring icon.png Ghillie Earring  099Ghillie_Earring_+0____________11056}}99 All Jobs Accuracy+2 Attack+8 Evasion-5
Ghillie Earring +1 icon.png Ghillie Earring +1  099Ghillie_Earring_+1____________11057}}99 All Jobs Accuracy+3 Attack+9 Evasion-6
Kokou's Earring icon.png Kokou's Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Kokou's_Earring_+0____________10295}}99 BST DRG DRK PLD WAR STR+4 Accuracy+4 "Store TP"+1
Matanki Earring icon.png Matanki Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Matanki_Earring_+0____________28468}}99 All Jobs AGI+3 Accuracy+3 Ranged Accuracy+3
Pensee Earring icon.png Pensee Earring Rare.gifExclusive.gif 099Pensee_Earring_+0_____________11054}}99 All Jobs MND+3 Magic Accuracy+4
Sabong Earring icon.png Sabong Earring Rare.gif 099Sabong_Earring_+0_____________10299}}99 BST Pet: "Double Attack"+2%
Sortiarius Earring icon.png Sortiarius Earring Rare.gif 099Sortiarius_Earring_+0_________10297}}99 All Jobs "Magic Attack Bonus"+6 Enmity-2

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