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Please be aware that Dynamis received major revisions in the May 2011 version update. Be sure to read the correct section below depending on which area of Dynamis you are visiting.

The Shrouded Land of Dynamis is a parallel dimension that is separated from Vana'diel, and cannot be entered by normal means. It is a dreamworld created by the terrestrial avatar Diabolos, ruler of dreams, to escape from Vana'diel's fate. The Shadow Lord (known as the Dynamis Lord here), the Dark Kindred, the Forlorn Vanguards, Hydra Corps, and several others were all transported to or entered the realm at some point.


[edit] Dynamis Areas

[edit] Original Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - Windurst Dynamis - San d'Oria Dynamis - Bastok
Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine Dynamis - Xarcabard

[edit] Dreamworld Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim
Dynamis - Tavnazia


[edit] Entering

[edit] All Dynamis Areas

The following prerequisites apply to all Dynamis areas:

  • To enter these areas, the Key Item Prismatic Hourglass is needed in addition to the Vial of Shrouded Sand.
  • Additionally, maps of the dynamis areas can be purchased from these same NPCs, if you so choose.
  • Check the Trail Markings for the option to enter the Dynamis area
    • You will also have the option to view information regarding entering, reentering, and battling monsters in the area.
  • You may enter the area with up to 18 people (a full alliance), even if other groups are present in the area.
  • Upon leaving regardless of how and/or why, you must wait until the next day (Earth time, changing at Japanese midnight) to reenter.

[edit] Beaucedine and Xarcabard

Access to Dynamis - Beaucedine requires successful completion of:

Dynamis - Xarcabard requires the successful completion of:

[edit] Dreamworld Areas

[edit] Tavnazia

Dynamis - Tavnazia requires the successful completion of:

[edit] Exploring Dynamis

[edit] Time

Initial time limit is 60 minutes, extendable to 120 minutes by obtaining temporary key items within the area. Only one of each individual key item may be possessed at a given time and these items are lost upon exiting.

Players are informed of the amount of time remaining at 45, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute marks, as well as at 30 and 10 seconds, with a final countdown from 5 to 1 second after which the player characters are expelled from the area.

[edit] Monsters

Lesser monsters are found roaming within their designated territories, behave, and are claimed as any regular monsters would outside Dynamis. They do have a rather short respawn time compared to the usual.

Boss monsters are spawned by trading trigger items obtained from the Notorious Monsters in the area to specific ??? targets. These fights are in Confrontation format which excludes any non-alliance player characters as well as other monsters from being able to be interacted with for the duration of the battle. All alliance members will obtain the reward key item upon defeat of the monster.

Battling attestation- and fragment-yielding NMs works like any standard battle in which a maximum of 18 players face a single foe.

[edit] Treasure Distribution

The treasure pool is specific to the party/alliance, as is in regular field and dungeon areas.

[edit] Leaving

Leaving the area by any means will render the character(s) unable to reenter the original Dynamis areas until the next day (Earth time), changing at Japanese midnight.

[edit] Reentering

To reenter, a character needs to simply wait until the next day (Earth time), changing at Japanese midnight.

[edit] Experience Points

Experience Points are lost upon defeat as they normally would be.

Defeating monsters, excluding certain NMs, will reward players with Experience Points. The following items may also be obtained from them and they will grant a random amount within certain range when used.

[edit] Triggering Weaknesses

Triggering weaknesses increases treasure spoils and has other effects on the monsters. A prerequisite for triggering a weakness seems to be you must have acquired some or all of the time extensions in the area. Blue, yellow and red !! become possible depending on how many time extensions you have obtained in the area. Each appear to correspond to its usual Weakness Targeting effect but simply makes more items drop in general, rather than dropping specific groups of items.  Verification Needed

The method of triggering weakness varies by the enemy's job:

Enemy's Job Method of Triggering
  • Note: Nightmare monsters in Dreamworld areas appear to proc in one of the three categories depending on the time of day, rather than the monster's job. More information is needed.

A wide range of effects appear to be able to trigger these weaknessees- but known triggers will be listed below. Spellcasting and 2-hour animations do not seem to prevent proc from taking effect.

[edit] Job Abilities

Most job abilities which target an enemy can trigger, except non-blood pact pet commands and possibly Ventriloquy. This list may not be complete.

Job Triggers
Warrior Provoke, Tomahawk
Dancer Steps, Animated Flourish, Desperate Flourish, Violent Flourish
Dragoon Spirit Jump, Soul Jump, Angon
Scholar Libra
Thief Steal, Mug, Bully
Samurai Hamanoha, Blade Bash
Corsair Any Quick Draw attack
Summoner Any physical Blood Pact: Rage attack Verification Needed
Beastmaster Any offensive Ready move Verification Needed
Black Mage Enmity Douse

[edit] Magic

Most enemy-targetable magic from a given school can trigger !!, Cures and Odin may be an exception but needs verification. Magical Blood Pact: Rage attacks also work.

[edit] Weapon Skills

Any weaponskill that targets an enemy can be used to trigger !!, as well as enemy-targeting Automaton abilities.

[edit] Boss Monster Rematches

When certain conditions are met/items obtained, it is possible to fight a special version of an Original Dynamis's Mega boss. These updated boss NMs have new attacks/abilities and are more difficult than the originals. These bosses are designed for level 90+ characters and have drops befitting this.

[edit] Exploring the Dreamworld Areas

As of the September 2011 version update, Dreamworld Dynamis now follows the same rules as the Original areas following the Dynamis revamp, with the following notes.

  • As you enter the Dreamworld areas, players may elect to have a SJ Restriction effect applied to them. This allows white procs to occur.
  • White !! procs have a chance of ~1%, and drop a 100 currency. You will need all 5 time extension key items.Verification Needed
  • If the player elects to have the support job restriction, they may choose to remove the restriction at any time by examining the Somnial Threshold located at the entry point for the area. However, once the effect has been removed, it cannot be reapplied.
  • If the player chooses to enter without the restriction, it cannot be applied after entry.

[edit] Experience Points

Experience Points are lost upon defeat as they normally would be. Experience points will be earned as normal based on the level and size of the party and the strength of the monster.

[edit] Rewards

[edit] Ancient Currency

The information below is likely out of date. Please verify. 100 Pieces In the Original Dynamis areas: 100 pieces only drop from Statues (including the city mega-bosses), Vanguard Eyes, Vanguard Dragons, the NMs killed to spawn Dynamis Lord, and Dynamis Lord himself. Dynamis Lord is very likely to drop one 100, the type of which is random. The Demon NMs used to pop Dynamis lord also have an extremely low chance of dropping a random 100 piece. Statues drop 100 pieces according to their nation of origin, Yagudo drop Jadeshells, Orcs drop Silver pieces, and Quadav drop 100 Byne Bills. Goblin statues, Vanguard Eyes, Vanguard Dragons and Dynamis lord may all drop any of the 3 types.

100 Pieces In CoP Dynamis areas: 100 pieces are again able to drop from Statues and Vanguard Eyes, but the mega bosses of the given area may also rarely drop up to 4 currency of any type at one time once defeated.

[edit] Equipment

Shadow Accessories: These items may be obtained if your are able to defeat Dynamis Lord

Relic Armor In the Original Dynamis areas: Relic armor drops from all mobs excluding Statues, Vanguard Eyes and Bosses. Enemies can drop more than one piece of armor of different types at a time. No matter what the job, any enemy may drop any class' armor. (Excluding the Demon NMs in Xarcabard needed to spawn Dynamis Lord, which drop pieces in accordance to their job.)

Relic Armor In CoP Dynamis areas: all NQ AF is obtainable throughout the CoP, Valkurm dropping the lvl 71 armor pieces, Buburimu dropping the lvl 72 pieces, Qufim dropping the lvl 73, and Tavnazia dropping both the lvl 74 (2nd floor) and lvl 75 (3rd floor). NQ armor only drops from Beastmen mobs. in addition to NQ AF, -1 upgrade items can also be attained from any monster in the areas and be used to upgrade the NQs into HQs when traded to Sagheera with the corresponding items and Ancient Currency. Relic accessories drop only from Nightmare creatures and drop according to a specific drop table in each zone.

Also See: Relic Armor +1.
Also See: Relic Accessories.

Hydra Armor: In addition to relic armor and -1 items, Tavnazia also drops Hydra armor as an additional reward for your efforts.

Other Items may also drop that are used for various things including relic weapon upgrades, crafting, and the Strange Apparatus quests.

Also See: Dynamis Items.

[edit] Multiple Relic Drops

It is possible to obtain two pieces off the same monster. However there are some restrictions as to how this works:

The newer "AF2" - COR, BLU, PUP, DNC, SCH all drop differently to the regular AF2. They have a separate drop slot compared to regular AF2 and so it is only ever possible to get an old AF2 (example: WAR SAM DRK) and a new AF2 (example: COR BLU) but NEVER possible to get two old AF2 (example cant get WAR WAR). Because the newer AF2 only comes from the 2nd drop slot it therefore impossible to get two new AF2 off the same monster.

In laymen's terms, any one (1) monster has two drop slots. It can drop any combination of the original 15 jobs in slot 1, and any combination of the new jobs artifact armor in slot 2, but cannot drop two of the original 15 at once, and cannot drop 2 of the new 5 armors at once.

[edit] Major Changes

  • May 10, 2011 (JST)
    • The following areas receive revisions:
      • Dynamis - San d'Oria / Dynamis - Bastok / Dynamis - Windurst / Dynamis - Jeuno / Dynamis - Beaucedine / Dynamis - Xarcabard
    • Reservations no longer be required to enter the above areas.
      • New key items replaced the "Timeless Hourglass" and "Perpetual Hourglass" items needed for entry.
      • The key items need only be obtained once.
      • Time restriction for entry changed to once per Earth day (resetting at Japanese midnight).
      • Duration of stay initially set to 60 minutes, extendable to a maximum of 120 minutes.
        • Time extensions granted via key items obtainable by defeating certain monsters.
        • Only one of each individual key item may be possessed at a given time, and they are lost upon leaving the area.
      • Leaving the area rendering player characters ineligible for reentry, regardless of time remaining.
    • Monster distribution received drastic revisions.
      • Not all enemies within these areas detect by True Sight or True Hearing anymore. It is now possible to use Invisibility and to Sneak past them.
      • Standard monsters respawn at set time intervals after being defeated.
      • Each monster group is assigned to a specific home territory. Enemies lured outside these designated regions will despawn should they go to a passive state, and respawn back in their home territory after a short time as they would outside Dynamis.
        • For example if character A attacked monster X and additionally has the monsters Y and Z attacking him or her, and characters B and C only attack monster X, if player A is defeated, the monsters Y and Z will despawn as long as they are far enough from their spawn territory.
        • Be aware that while monsters might not wander far out of their spawn range, anything they link will likely be closer to their own home territory. (For example, goblins in Dynamis - Jeuno).
      • Trigger items will were introduced as a new spawn condition for certain notorious monsters (NMs).
      • Battling attestation-, and fragment-yielding NMs format changed to standard battles in which a maximum of 18 players face a single foe and these NMs no longer use Warp.
      • Battling boss NMs changed into a Confrontation format, with a maximum of 18 players able to participate.
        • Key items obtained from boss monsters will be awarded to all alliance members.
      • Monster claim and item drops changed to work the same way as in regular fields and dungeons.
      • Monsters yield experience points (excluding certain NMs).
        • There are tiers of difficulty in these zones, with lowest tier being Easy Prey to level 90, to the strongest being Incredibly Tough. Naturally, the easier monsters appear near the entrance of the area, while the more powerful ones can be found deeper within.
        • Even though regular enemies in these zones are no longer Notorious Monsters, they are still able to use their job's respective Two Hour Ability.
      • For greater spoils, weaknesses can be triggered upon the monsters by using weapon skills, job abilities, and magic (see Weakness Triggers for details).
    • Along with the reduction of the entry time restriction, the amount of Ancient Currency earned per session was lowered, though overall, this change should increase the Ancient Currency distributed across the Worlds.
  • September 20, 2011
    • The above changes are now applied to all Dynamis areas.
    • The subjob restriction in Dreamworld Dynamis is now voluntary, with benefits available if the restriction is taken.

[edit] Historical Background

"Dynamis" is the Greek word which means the "will to fight". It was used to refer to the willpower that kept Greek soldiers in the military formation known as a "phalanx". If the soldiers broke this defensive formation, they would be much more vulnerable to defeat. "Dynamis" is also the "secret" name of the angel Metatron.

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